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Pentax K-01 Digital Mirrorless
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  • Why shorter ffd = less sharp corners? It's not true.

    Nex system (and m4/3 too) has got a very large mount, compared to the sensor size, which helps in designing lenses with good corners performance.

    Only Leica had such a problem, during the transition to digital, because of its relatively small mount.

  • But where are CDAF lenses? What about AFC?

    Video oriented lenses are exactly the point why Canon and Nikon are so afraid to make APS-C mirrorless cameras. As people instantly realise that their current lenses are no longer suitable and they need new ones :-)

    What about AF speed? Even if AF sucks, MF video might be great on this system...

    Especially considering that even old KA lenses (Vivitar, for example) are all auto including aperture except focus. But AF will suck :-)

  • That doesn't sound bad at all for Pentax K-01. Initially AF (albeit slow), then MF. Definitely not for candid video. But good for indie film.

  • I like it. Really who cares what it looks like, everything is hated until it becomes the norm, then the masses pretend they loved it from the beginning (iphone, blah blah)

    Is it known yet if it can output mjpeg? If you can hack it to do 4:2:2 1080, I´d buy one without a doubt.

  • Haha. I like.

    640 x 424 - 112K
    424 x 640 - 107K
    640 x 424 - 116K
    424 x 640 - 120K
  • This combo looks good.image

    1000 x 667 - 161K
  • Looks even nicer in videos than in pictures.

  • I guess you either love or hate the design - I love it, very much.

  • 720p60. Not 1080p60.

  • first video sample, i need to see more as im really considering this.

  • @namtot wow that looks good for a random vid. Can't wait to see more.

  • I was really considering this when I got my GH2 a few weeks ago. Its only a tiny bit more expensive and I have a bunch of Pentax glass but the main reason I want a digital camera is for video and the GH2 is a safe choice with all the hacking now.

    If Vitaliy had announced he would hack the K01 I would have bought the K01.

    I personally love the look of it. It has a sort of vintage vibe in the "pentaprism". Love the old Pentax logo too.

    Pentax are really pumping out some quality products now and I really hope they keep going.

  • Design that is polarizing can be good design! If it's accepted by the masses right from the start it's just bland.

    When Braun came out with their design for home entertainment all the others were still 'baroque'. Most people said: What the hell is this? Now these objects are design classics…

    Plus, with the yellow one, I'm sure nobody will come up to you and ask for your permit for commercial shooting in public places ;-)

  • hmmm, this is where pentax frustrates me sometimes...the camera is already in stores but all we got here is one random video sample. not much pic samples either. anyone else has any luck finding sample vids from the K-01.

  • Proper camera must look like this:


  • Sexy! Love the lens cap and the number of aperture blades!

  • yellow is the new black...hope the guy who unboxed does a thorough review.

    wonder why pentax doesnt do wht canikon does n hand some pre-pro cameras to some guys to shoot films to showcase.

    the 5d mk3 has 3 films to tell us it doesnt have moire anymore.

  • Hi, i wrote an email to Pentax Support and asked them about the Mbps. Here is the original answer:

    "Sehr geehrter Herr/Frau,

    vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

    Die erfragte Video rate liegt bei ca. 21 Mbps.

    Wir hoffen Ihnen mit unserer Antwort behilflich gewesen zu sein.

    Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns bei Rückfragen erneut zu kontaktieren.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jan Pentax Support Team"

    At least better than 17. But never heard of 21. I know Sony does 24/28. But what is 21 Mbps?


  • Vitaliy, I'm glad to hear you are as well a Pentax fan :)

    chrischtili , actualy it apreas to be 24.

  • 24 is what i would at least expect from that camera. So somebody has to tell that to the Pentax Guys ;-)

  • Does someone know how to use old Pentax glass with it? Does it support AF on old lenses?

    This looks like a really interesting camera, although the video seems to have some aliasing issues. Picture quality is better than with most cameras though.

  • Does someone know how to use old Pentax glass with it?

    Get the lens, mount it on the body and use :-)

    Does it support AF on old lenses?