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Pentax K-01 Digital Mirrorless
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  • Can you hack it Vitaliy?

  • AF Perfomance

    Of course, it is not extra ideal testing conditions, but it is really slow.

    With good modern lenses and latest Panasonic and Oly bodies you become too spoiled with AF perfomance.

  • Any members who preordered got their, yet?

  • Cool camera. Hope to get some hmdi OUT reports soon enough here.

  • What i have seen on youtube etc., the video-quality is really disappointing. K-5, k-x, k-r are far superior. What a pity!

  • I went through this:

    So close yet so far...

    Before realizing this:

    At this point, IQ aside, the Panasonic GH2 is a much more usable camera. Alas.

  • So long K01~

  • @Vitaliy_Kisekev

    Thanks for posting that last link! I really like this camera ...and the images are quite stunning. Folks with bias seem to not want to look at it objectivity, they dog it because it is different ...dpreview, included.

    Awesome camera, though. Great DR. I really like the "seeing into the future" feature...

    Here it records the Asteroid entering the earth's atmosphere

    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • This could be the perfect cam for my needs: The ability to shoot videos with full manual control and having the features I like a photo camera to have. The only things missing are: Continuous auto focus while filming, a pivoted screen and higher Bitrate along with 1080p60. So that's why I'm writing here. Someone posted a shot of a K-01 showing "hacked" on it's screen somewher - so to me it seems the cams firmware is hackable. Also I know you @Vitaliy_Kiselev are owning a K-01 (read it somewhere).

    So what I'd like to know is: Is someone currently doing something with the firmware? Are you Vitaliy? If only the cam could do higher mbps and 60fps it was great. Is this even possible? I'd do it myself but I have no experience in reverse engineering software. ANY update on the subject is highly appreciated!

  • Nobody cares? At least a "currently no one is working on it" was some helpful information.

  • @K01

    What do you mean? I still did not get my K-01. May be will never get, as Amazon did not shipped orders.

  • I guess this was a misunderstanding as I thought I read your wrote you got yours in another thread. Thanks for the reply/update! From what it looks right now (to me), the D5200 (due to its articulating screen, continuous autofocus, HDMI out and a few other things) is the better option anyways - unfortunately it's almost twice as expensive as the K-01.

  • Has anyone tried K-01 battery on GH3? I heard from some forum that it can power up GH3, though you have to charge the battery using pentax charger though.

  • So the K-01 has now been discontinued.

    I stole this from Reddit:

    This is what transpired at Pentax HQ 2 years ago:

    CEO - After our last debacle with the Q system we need to come back strong with a killer product. pin drop silence

    CEO - Did we fire the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to call our optics 'toy lenses'? silence continues

    CEO - Well, I've just about had it with you suits. You are all out of touch with what the market needs. We need some fresh inspired thinking! Someone who can think "digital". Where's that intern we hired from that Hippie School of Design?

    intern is led into the board room bewildered and weary

    CEO - Turn around and show me the label on your jeans. examines label

    CEO - "Seven for all mankind", never heard of it. You'll do. What do you think you designer jeans wearing types would want in a camera?

    Intern - Ummmm... uh... dunno.

    CEO - For god's sake man, think! Apply yourself!

    Intern - Well... it'd be cool if Lady Gaga designed it. I'd buy it. No wait! Marc Newson. He's a cool chap, you should totally get him to design a camera.

    CEO - Who's Marc Newson?

    Intern (gushing) - He's like the most awesome designer ever, man! He like, makes these cool furniture and bicycles and shit.

    CEO - Has he ever designed a camera before? Intern - Man, he can design anything! He's done aircrafts and shit man. He even has his stuff in MOMA dude.

    CEO - What's a moma?

    Intern - Museum of Moh-dun art dude! Like totally rad.

    CEO (suitably impressed) - Go call Marc Newson... and stop calling me dude.

    Intern (perking up) - Awesome dude... I mean, man, sir.. right away.

    Three months later at Marc's first presentation, the suits are not happy. The camera looks like a colourful bar of soap with buttons and strange protrusions.

    Marc - I have this vision of the world, where everything is 'designified' by adding primary colours to boxes.

    CEO (glancing at intern to make sure the denim crowd is suitably impressed) - Right, right.

    Marc - One button needs to be red, and the other green... hmmm... we need yellow to complete the set and make it look like a traffic signal... Hey, I know what! Let's make the camera body yellow!

    CEO - For God's sake Marc! Don't be ridiculous we can't have a serious photographic tool that looks like a something an African bee will try mating with when shooting outdoors!

    Marc - Ok ok. Maybe you're right, hmm... lets just have ONE variant in yellow then, and all the people who agree with my world view will buy that. Just you wait and see. It'll outsell the other variants.

    CEO - Marc, how about adding a viewfinder?

    Marc - Never use it.

    CEO - But ummm... people do... you know...

    Marc - Pah! It ruins the fluid lines of the ridge. No viewfinder.

    CEO - It's also kind of umm... big.

    Marc - This is precisely why we need to develop the right shade of yellow for the camera body! Distract the users from figuring out that its the same size as the K5.

    CEO (still stealing sideways glances at the ecstatic intern standing at the back of the room) - You might be right. We'll highlight the yellow camera in all our press shots.

    Meeting ends with congratulations all around. Everyone leaves the board room but for the CEO and his Chief Engineer Yamamoto.

    Eng. Yamamoto (coughs discreetly) - CEO-san, I have humble idea as backup plan.

    CEO - What is it?

    Eng. Yamamoto - CEO-san We should make sure this new camera can use our entire back catalogue of lenses. Just in case the yellow is not as big a distraction as we think it'll be.

    CEO - Hmmm...

    camera launches

    In the meanwhile, the intern has already quit Pentax in anticipation of his next job as a core team member at Apple's ideation team, now that he has a beefed up resume and has proved his chops by recommending Marc to Pentax he's sure he's snagged it.

    Unfortunately for him, Apple has seen what the camera looks like.

  • @ahbleza

    So the K-01 has now been discontinued.

    Did you see official annoucment?

    K-01 is most understated camera of last year.

    And I have yellow one coming to me soon :-)