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GH2 v1.1 new firmware with 25p discussion topic
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  • or HBO Mode :) One thing that is better on Canon is the way video modes are named, + this ability to switch between PAL and NTSC framerate without going through a hack !
    Yet I really prefer to shoot on GH2 than 7D.
  • @kazuo FW Update worked fine with the Nokton 25mm (I didn't even consider mounting the Pana Lens)
  • Has anyone done a test on the high Iso noise improvement. Looking at the video below it seems to be very good for a stock bitrate for the v1.1. Now a test with someone who is going to do the hack with the same subject at night with the same lighting would be very nice. If there is some improvement we could at least see it.

  • Guys, just a word of warning about updating with various manual lenses attached because occasionally I get a warning from my GH2 (when using manual lenses) that "The lens is not attached". This seems to appear randomly when using my various manual lens mounts (possibly one particular one, but it doesn't happen often enough for me to work out if it's associated with a specific mount). It goes away if I fiddle with the mount.

    I tend to keep the camera somewhere very stable and safe and keep well away from it when it's updating, but until @Clermond @valdi99 and @Matt started talking about the various lenses they've had on the camera while updating, I never thought about this potential danger. I'm sure if I got this random "the lens is not attached" issue during a firmware update it would be serious / fatal for the camera (I guess because the camera might think I've pressed the lens release button).

    It might be just my camera, but worth letting you know about in case you've ever seen a similar warning when using manual lenses on your GH2. @Vitaliy Am I right in thinking this would turn my GH2 into a very expensive doorstop if this happened during firmware upgrade?

    EDIT: Just did a search on that message, and it appears it's to do with the adaptor not having a deep enough hole at one point for the GH2 to detect that it's locked into place. I'll look into that - and will keep them away from my camera during updating!!
  • Do you have the "shoot without lens" option set to "YES"....just a thought
  • hey guys, thank you all for the heads up :)
  • @britco - yes, that is set. Looking at one adaptor (don't know if it's the iffy one) there's a little hole that engages with the pin next to the lens release on the GH2 body. I think it's that hole that's not deep enough on one of my adaptors, which is making the GH2 think the lens isn't properly attached. So I'll attack it with a drill (the hole, not the GH2!!).
  • Wow! It seems that after fw upgrade, GH2's external mic sensitivity is finally correct. Fed from H2n headphone/line-out works fine at Audio Level set to 2. Previously (before fw update) I had problems with same settings on GH2 and H2n, as described there:
  • that would be cool. i noticed it was a bit hot, even at the lowest level with just a self-powered stereo microphone plugged straight in (AT822). I'll test this too.
  • Not sure if it's been mentioned here, yet. Has anyone tested to see if the latest firmware fixes the horizontal band issue that seems to occur at higher ISOs and low light?
  • @arvidtp - It was way too hot for my H2n! Even with volume turned down to about 20% there were clipping and distortions. Now it is OK.
  • @5thwall - I've red somewhere that horizontal band issue still occurs when underexposing.
  • @Mark_the_Harp That shouldn't happen during a firmware update at all but to be safe ensure camera is ok first (turned on) leave for a few seconds then hit the play button to update.
  • It's ok to take a photo before pressing the play button.
  • @valdi99 not that it makes me wonder, but if i may ask, where did you get that info from?
  • if anyone intrested, clipwrap's creator has a newer version for correcting new HBR format.
    25p (wrapped in 50i) appears as interlaced in most nle programs.
    Even if you declare it as progressive in the program, when you put the footage to a progressive timeline , it needs render.

    I tried avid 6, premiere 5.5 and FCPX.

    NOt anymore, if you want to try out the newer beta version (PAL) , contact Colin at and ask for beta version for GH2.

    I tried and it worked nice.

    No re encoding , just transcode from mts to a more friendly mov file.
  • Good news - I'm a registered ClipWrap user. Hopefully NTSC soon'ish for 30p?
  • i see in video:
    and i see new firmware has bad JPG and RAW High Isos that old firmware.
    How is possible?
  • @toxotis70

    I emailed the ClipWrap team about 30p NTSC, here is their response:

    Nobody has sent us any 30p clips from the new firmware, so we're not sure. It definitely works for 25p. If you've got 30p footage we'd love a short MTS or two (along with 60i from the same firmware):
    If you're willing to send a file, you can use our file submission website:

    I don't have time this weekend, but if anybody else does have time to upload clips, thank you! Remember, they just need a short 30p (or two) and also short 60i footage.
  • @cocute it's not worse the JPG and RAW at NR +2 are better at high ISO. there is more detail, less spotching, finer noise. There use to be a bug that when you took a photo at NR +2 even the RAW was modified, I don't think that is the case now as it should be.
  • @Hallvalla ... yes, they need 2 small clips from ntsc users.
    Someone can send them , it takes only a couple of minutes.
  • @Hallvalla

    I will try to send them the footage.
  • @Mark_the_Harp this warning I have always discovered is caused by my inadvertently depressing the lens release button. I used to wonder why the heck I was getting that warning, then one day I realized that it was every time I was touching the button (needn't be all the way depressed, even light pressure on it can cause this warning).
  • @Dazza i think photo test jpg and raw not correct.
    The focus is not on the same site.
    In 1.0 pillow is in focus, in 1,1 not pillow in focus.
  • @Hallvalla

    Uploading 1080p @ 30 FPS and 1080i clips now.