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Magix Vegas Pro 17, 16, 15 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • Vegas 15 render settings (with hardware acceleration)

    Video in Russian:

  • Thanks Vitaliy, I actually found this thread when looking for information on the topic. I actually very much need to upgrade my main rendering PC- still running a 2nd gen i7 2600k, which has held up surprisingly well over the years, but I think just barely met the cutoff for QSV support. I think actually it only supported QSV if you had a certain type of motherboard, and I'm under the impression mine isn't that one. I'm not sure if the speed improvements would be noticeable on my setup, and for the price of Vegas15 I could just as buy some upgraded computing hardware which would speed up everything across the board.

    Also, Whoa on that humble bundle deal! But its only for version 14. If 15 is worth getting, should I bother with 14? Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask these questions, as usual I very much respect your opinion on things like this.

  • @dishe

    This topic and their own pages have a lot.

    if you have modern PC new version have much faster export and rendering overall.

    Also note - today last day of Vegas 14 deal + lot of good other soft

  • I've been using Vegas since they were still Sonic Foundry. I own CS6 for AE and tried switching to Premiere multiple times, but I keep coming back to Vegas. Its just a more efficient UI. Towards the end of Sony, however, they started to clearly let it go. I'm excited to see Magix is trying to revive it, but I've been afraid to move on past version 13 from Sony.

    I keep getting pop up windows to try 15, and part of me wants to find something worth upgrading for. Is there any reason I should consider upgrading from 13? If the old version is still running fine for me, what are the major reasons someone might?

  • The last patch introduced a resource leak that caused several users problems. We immediately started working on a bug fix with high priority. This lead to today's patch – Update 4 (build 321)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a UI resource leak that could lead to sluggish performance and/or application crash
    • The Color picker no longer inadvertently moves the VEGAS window to the background on Windows 10

    We apologize for any inconvenience the behavior of VEGAS Pro have caused after build 311.

  • VEGAS Pro 15 Update 3 (build 311)

    New Features

    • Updated support for RED Epic Dragon, Raven, Scarlet, and Weapon files
    • The LUT OFX filter now taps into graphics card GPU for faster performance
    • Reduce memory footprint of so4compoundplug and improve load performance for very large projects
    • Preview framerate during crossfades when using the So4 Compound Reader has been improved

    Bug Fixes

    • Stereo tracks from certain file types which were improperly imported as multiple mono tracks are now properly imported to stereo tracks
    • Audio from Xiaomi Yi 4k or greater files now plays correctly with so4compoundplug
    • DJI Spark files with variable frame rate files are now properly supported
    • Fixed an issue with not being able to delete media file used in Vegas Project even after closing project
    • Video from the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
    • Video event buttons no longer disappear when entering expanded edit mode or expanded track mode
    • The Active Take Information (and other event text items) no longer react to the Button Highlight Color preference
    • The audio in ProRess 422 files created through Convergent Design hardware is now handled properly
    • XAVC now properly shows up as an option in the Prerender Video format list
    • The Render As dialog's Name field no longer locks after rending to a Panasonic P2 file
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on exiting the software when the project uses interlaced files and you close it without saving
    • AVC files created by MP4 Creator no longer crash when not using the QSV decoder
    • Audio from HEVC video shot with the GoPro HERO6 is now properly supported
    • Improved stability of the Defocus and Starburst effects when running with an AMD GPU
    • Video created with unusual aspect ratios are now properly handled
    • AVC/PCM audio files no longer distort during playback
    • AVC/MOV 29.97 files from the iPhone 6s are now handled properly
    • The LUT FIlter is now handled properly in 8bit pixel format projects with GPU acceleration of video processing set to off
    • The Border plug-in now properly recognizes when a frame size has been changed with GPU active
    • Video form the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
    • It is now possible to render 10-bit HEVC files using SkyLake or older processors with QSV
  • Rental plans available also now

    January 18th – VEGAS Creative Software adds a first-of-its-kind video and audio production package to the award-winning VEGAS Pro product line. The subscription-based-offering VEGAS Pro 365 is priced from $16.67/month.

    Focused on the first-time users, this new version offers a complete video and audio editing solution with all the features of VEGAS Pro 15 and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12, along with online training courses to learn VEGAS Pro.

    The existing versions and 30-day trial version of VEGAS Pro continue to exist.

    "With VEGAS Pro 365, we want to make it easier for aspiring video creators and enthusiasts to access professional video and audio production software. With flexible terms and additional services, we seek to fulfil a long-standing demand of our VEGAS Pro fan base" says Gary Rebholz, Product Owner.

    For video editors, the new software package includes all the latest features of VEGAS Pro with high-end plug-ins and online training courses to learn to use VEGAS Pro. Users now also have full access to the audio editor SOUND FORGE Audio Studio to add high quality sound to their projects. Video projects can be edited offline within the subscription just like with the perpetual license. Projects also remain fully accessible to users even after expiration and can be easily imported and edited by other versions of VEGAS Pro. All components of the package stay up-to-date with the latest feature and product updates.

    After taking over the video editing software VEGAS Pro from Sony Creative Software in 2016, MAGIX has since then released two new versions, VEGAS Pro 14 and 15. The additional offer of VEGAS Pro 365 now makes the product even more accessible. "We will continue to offer and update perpetual licenses of VEGAS Pro. What we want is an additional complete package customized to the needs of first-time users" says Rebholz.

    More detailed information can be downloaded here:

  • The sold total 163k bundles. Not bad for Vegas, really wish new users to help them.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev they will give the buyer all bundles if they pay a minimum of 20$$ dollars - that's what they did for me anyway

  • @robertGL

    Also suggest to get another bundle with Photo & Graphics Designer + Music mater and Photo Story.

  • @MarcioK INSANE DEAL!!! 20 dollars via paypal got the entire lot, confirmed. I just designated Magix as the recipient for 100% of the proceeds.

    PS: What I did was copy the serial, register at, and register the serials there, rather than using the web installation files provided.. I can instead download directly from magix

  • Vegas Pro 14 Edit and a bunch of other stuff for $20:

    (@Vitaliy_Kiselev, don't know if this could fit in some deal / discount topic)

  • One thing I feel is seriously missing in Vegas is some sort of automatic lens correction profiles for some common cameras like GoPro. I.e. an automatic lens profile setting for de-warping/correcting the fisheye effect on Gopro. This can be found in Gopros own software as well as Adobe Premiere (which seems to be used by the GoPro media team).

    I have no clue how to do that Gopro de-fishing in current Vegas. I know there is a deform function, but have not found suitable settings so far. (Alas, I have read that deform can not correct for "parabolic splines" and as such can not do the trick needed.)

    EDIT: Seems like to Borris Continuum effects plug in has a function for this lens correction. However the plug in costs a fortune separately (USD 300 and up) and lens correction should really be an original function on Vegas.

  • Once you add some FX filters, it starts lagging.

    What filters are affecting smoothness most? And what ones you think are easy to improve?

  • Rendering is much faster now with a Pascal Nvidia card. Preview still need to be smoother than it is now. Talking about 4K mp4/mov files. Once you add some FX filters, it starts lagging.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I look forward to the interviews. I am a long term Vegas user and plan to continue to be. I am more active on the Vegas forum than here.

    FYI, I think you will find that Vegas 15 added a lot of Nvidia support that was previously missing and now they are working on adding the same kind of hardware acceleration for AMD cards - but they have not done this yet (V15, build 261).

    @Sammy Prores is not a great intermediate for Vegas, so if you don't HAVE to use it, I would suggest cineform, or Xavc-intra, or MagicYUV. I can play back cineform 4k files smoothly on a 7 year old pc.

    For cc, there are lots of third party plug-in choices. Not quite as good as resolve, but for 90% of users, will do nicely.

  • Vk I’m talking prores files, I use studio version of resolve . With coloring,just the ability to better isolate specific colors ,with pickers ,and do mutiple things to the isolated colors. Resolve has this “mids” tab that I love ,it usually good for soften skin tones or sharpening them .

  • @sammy

    Can you be more specific? 4K file format, filters tc?
    Also can you add that you want from coloring side?

    By idea H.264 playback without heavy filters must be better in Vegas compared to Resolve Free, as QS is not artificially throttled.

  • Great to hear about interview vk! I have said it before Vegas will always be an option for me because of daw like workflow .. I think it’s still lacking behind with playback smoothness compared to davinci in my case 4K footage (by a lot) .. a good question is why is that (that’s the case on multiple machines ) ? And how are they looking to improve coloring side of Vegas ,it’s still lacking with the tools (compared say davinic also)

  • @kinvermark

    First, they had sale recently.

    Second, on your place I'll focus on NVidia 1xxxx cards. They'll be adding video decoding and encoding acceleration for them.

    Btw you can post any of questions here, we plan to do some long interview with developers.

  • The GPU and CPU (especially QSV) situation in Vegas Pro is complicated. In short: AMD was favoured up to Vegas 14. Now Nvidia is (temporarily) favoured in Vegas 15. Best is to download the trial and test it. Note that the GPU counts for both timeline playback and rendering. Best price lately for upgrade was $149 for Vegas Pro EDIT version. If you got a new install for $200, then you got a good deal.

  • LOL. I should have written "Is Vegas 15 now fully supportive of the GPU in the PC?".

    Alas, before I was rather dismayed to find out that the Vegas software did not use the GPU at all - at least for rendering. Despite some references to it on the Sony Vegas website back in the days (4-5 years ago). Missing CUDA drivers/support or whatever. But they still have the "use cuda/open CL" in the render menu despite it apparently doing nothing.

    Alas, I forked out like 200 euro for the 13+14 package last year. And now they are a making a fuzz about the GPU and QSV engines (or whatever it's called). So I guess I'm after a confirmation that Vegas 15 indeed gives a significant performance upgrade on the same hardware versus CPU only.

    (I have an i7-4770K intel and Nvidia GeForce GTX680 btw.)

    I can't say I am very happy about the upgrade price either. It's 200 euro for Vegas Pro, the same as I shelled out for Vegas 14 last year. Its basically buying it again. It should have been more like 50 bucks for an upgrade in my view.

  • Is this a guessing game ? Which GPU is in your PC?

  • Is Vegas 15 now fully supportive of the GPU in my PC?