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Magix Vegas Pro 18, 17, 16 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • Resolve full version's $300 price tag isn't problem to me. It's huge advantage if I can do everything inside one software, as I have now used Resolve anyway in the last step to grade the shots.

  • @tonalt

    :-) Resolve is most common destination for people leaving Vegas.

    One thing I do not like in Resolve is what they want to put as much as it holds in it, while having small team.

  • Note what Vegas 15 does not support NVDEC for now, but it is in plans.

    If you have NVidia card and AMD CPU most load will fall on CPU during editing.

    Vegas still much prefer Intel desktop CPUs with QSV (not HEDT!).

  • VEGAS Pro 15 Update 1 (build 216)


    • It is now possible to "heal" or "join" two events that hold the same media back into a single event
    • From the Render As dialog box, you can now swap all of your project media video files for video files with the same names (but potentially different file extensions) enabling you (for example) to work with proxy files on your timeline and switch to the full-resolution files to render. After the render completes, the files are swapped back.
    • A new option in the Project Media window enables you to swap all of your project media video files for video files with the same names (but potentially different file extensions) at any time
    • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins now show different mouse icons depending upon which handle you point to in the Video Preview interacts
    • Added a button to events that enables the user to hide/show the new event headers
    • You can now set a preference to reverse the color of selected events so that it matches the behavior in version 14 and earlier where none selected events are white and selected events are colored
    • 4K, 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC files from the Panasonic GH5 camera are now supported

    Bug Fixes

    • Interlaced presets now function properly in the QSV encode option for files rendered with the MAGIX AVC/AAC plug-in
    • Picture-in-Picture help button now opens the proper help
    • VEGAS now automatically switches to the correct version of ACES based on the project settings when opening an existing project
    • ProRes audio and video now sync properly when added to the timeline
    • Optimized the code used for reading AVC, HEVC, and other file types so that it utilizes less system memory
    • Optimized the reading of MP4 files in the Explorer window
    • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-in interacts now behave correctly at Good Full and Best Full
    • Saved projects now properly retain media markers and regions for MP4 files even if the project is closed and reopened
    • The fade-in offset in the event header is now properly available for crossfades
    • The Red Eye Reduction process now works properly
    • Fixed several broken interactive tutorials
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering into Expanded Edit mode
    • Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins now correctly handles all pixel aspect ratios
    • The event indicators now properly show up on a collapsed group track
    • Audio bus tracks now use the correct icon
    • Rendering HEVC CBR now properly produces CBR output
    • HSL Adjust plug-in no longer causes color banding in 8bit GPU or 32bit CPU projects
    • Media markers are now much easier to see in non-selected events
    • NV Encoder render no longer fails with template rename/new template selection
    • Various display issues have been fixed in Windows 7 running in High DPI setups
    • Certain MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 templates no longer crash upon selective prerender
    • Long HEVC files no longer cause a playback crash
    • Empty entries no longer appear in the main toolbar customize dialog
    • The hit area of timeline markers has been tightened up so that it is once again possible to drag above the markers to create a time selection
    • Can again properly read the text when you hover over files in the Explorer window
    • The ToolTip has been fixed for the Output Buss on audio track headers
    • Added the inadvertently omitted MainConcept AAC encoder back in as a render format
    • The Shift+Ctrl+C shortcut key once again properly hides just the event buttons without affecting active take information visibility
    • Reverted the default pan type back to Add Channels instead of Constant Power so that users no longer experience a 3dB volume attenuation in tracks panned to center
    • Fixed an occasional crash when building thumbnails in the Explorer window
    • Combining footage of some formats along with Panasonic P2 footage no longer causes the P2 footage to appear as green frames
    • Fixed a problem where opening the Render As dialog when the save folder is set to a network location could result in an error
    • The Titles and Text cursor is now more visible when using the dark background scheme
    • The offline media info text is now more readable
    • The Freeze Frame at Cursor operation now works properly when the cursor is at the first frame of the event
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from successfully creating blu-ray image files
    • Fixed a problem that could cause some MP4/AVC files to be displayed in the file explorer and properties windows with the wrong file type
    • ProRes 29.97 render templates no longer incorrectly shift the audio by 0.006 seconds
    • Audio is now more properly synchronized with the video when rendering to ProRes and HEVC formats
    • Fixed a crash when reading specific MP4 AVC/AAC files with so4 HW decoding enabled
    • Video preview for MP4 files now works properly with so4 HW decoder enabled
  • New update - Build 261

    Available now at:


    • The Picture-In-Picture OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
    • The Crop OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
    • It is now possible to enter a custom frame rate for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format
    • More noticeable default highlight color for buttons in the active state
    • User definable custom highlight color for buttons in the active state

    Bug Fixes

    • HEVC files produced by iPhone7 and iPhone8 are now properly supported and no longer show black frames
    • 5K and 6K HEVC files from the Panasonic GH5 are now correctly scaled down to 4K so that they appear and can be edited (although potentially with limited preview performance) on the VEGAS Pro timeline
    • The Picture-In-Picture and Crop OFX plug-in interact controls alignment has been optimized so that it more exactly matches the video frame under normal circumstances
    • Fixed a crash caused by a specific XAVC-S 4K file with QSV decoding disabled
    • Custom frame rates are now properly rendered with the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 plug-in
    • Multiply (Mask) compositing mode now works correctly with GPU on
    • Footage from the Mavic Pro drone is now properly supported
    • Audio from footage shot on the Xiaomi Yi 4k is now properly supported
    • The Quick Blur FX now works properly when GPU acceleration is turned off
    • Render As properly honors Constant bit rate mode or custom values when rendering to HEVC or using Intel QSV templates
    • VEGAS now displays iPhone movies with the proper orientation
    • Interlaced files from the Nikon D5200 are now correctly recognized and supported
    • Rotation information embedded in HEVC files is now displayed correctly
    • Repaired drawing problems in Win 7 that affected the usability of buttons/controls in the Batch Render script
    • The Color Match (and other) plug-ins no longer create unwanted color shifts during fades in 8-bit pixel format projects with the "GPU acceleration of video processing" preference enabled
    • Files rendered using QSV presets in the MAGIX AVC/AAC codec are now properly recognized in Adobe products
    • Buttons created via scripting no longer disappear or change in various scenarios
    • Pixel aspect ratio field values are now properly visible after being changed
    • The media frame rate for iPhone 7 files is now correctly reported
    • Keying numeric values into an OFX numeric field under certain circumstances no longer crashes
    • Audio effects applied to certain media no longer continue to affect the audio after they have been disabled or removed
    • Audio recorded through Xsplit Broadcaster is now properly supported
  • Is Vegas 15 now fully supportive of the GPU in my PC?

  • Is this a guessing game ? Which GPU is in your PC?

  • LOL. I should have written "Is Vegas 15 now fully supportive of the GPU in the PC?".

    Alas, before I was rather dismayed to find out that the Vegas software did not use the GPU at all - at least for rendering. Despite some references to it on the Sony Vegas website back in the days (4-5 years ago). Missing CUDA drivers/support or whatever. But they still have the "use cuda/open CL" in the render menu despite it apparently doing nothing.

    Alas, I forked out like 200 euro for the 13+14 package last year. And now they are a making a fuzz about the GPU and QSV engines (or whatever it's called). So I guess I'm after a confirmation that Vegas 15 indeed gives a significant performance upgrade on the same hardware versus CPU only.

    (I have an i7-4770K intel and Nvidia GeForce GTX680 btw.)

    I can't say I am very happy about the upgrade price either. It's 200 euro for Vegas Pro, the same as I shelled out for Vegas 14 last year. Its basically buying it again. It should have been more like 50 bucks for an upgrade in my view.

  • The GPU and CPU (especially QSV) situation in Vegas Pro is complicated. In short: AMD was favoured up to Vegas 14. Now Nvidia is (temporarily) favoured in Vegas 15. Best is to download the trial and test it. Note that the GPU counts for both timeline playback and rendering. Best price lately for upgrade was $149 for Vegas Pro EDIT version. If you got a new install for $200, then you got a good deal.

  • @kinvermark

    First, they had sale recently.

    Second, on your place I'll focus on NVidia 1xxxx cards. They'll be adding video decoding and encoding acceleration for them.

    Btw you can post any of questions here, we plan to do some long interview with developers.

  • Great to hear about interview vk! I have said it before Vegas will always be an option for me because of daw like workflow .. I think it’s still lacking behind with playback smoothness compared to davinci in my case 4K footage (by a lot) .. a good question is why is that (that’s the case on multiple machines ) ? And how are they looking to improve coloring side of Vegas ,it’s still lacking with the tools (compared say davinic also)

  • @sammy

    Can you be more specific? 4K file format, filters tc?
    Also can you add that you want from coloring side?

    By idea H.264 playback without heavy filters must be better in Vegas compared to Resolve Free, as QS is not artificially throttled.

  • Vk I’m talking prores files, I use studio version of resolve . With coloring,just the ability to better isolate specific colors ,with pickers ,and do mutiple things to the isolated colors. Resolve has this “mids” tab that I love ,it usually good for soften skin tones or sharpening them .

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I look forward to the interviews. I am a long term Vegas user and plan to continue to be. I am more active on the Vegas forum than here.

    FYI, I think you will find that Vegas 15 added a lot of Nvidia support that was previously missing and now they are working on adding the same kind of hardware acceleration for AMD cards - but they have not done this yet (V15, build 261).

    @Sammy Prores is not a great intermediate for Vegas, so if you don't HAVE to use it, I would suggest cineform, or Xavc-intra, or MagicYUV. I can play back cineform 4k files smoothly on a 7 year old pc.

    For cc, there are lots of third party plug-in choices. Not quite as good as resolve, but for 90% of users, will do nicely.

  • Rendering is much faster now with a Pascal Nvidia card. Preview still need to be smoother than it is now. Talking about 4K mp4/mov files. Once you add some FX filters, it starts lagging.

  • Once you add some FX filters, it starts lagging.

    What filters are affecting smoothness most? And what ones you think are easy to improve?

  • One thing I feel is seriously missing in Vegas is some sort of automatic lens correction profiles for some common cameras like GoPro. I.e. an automatic lens profile setting for de-warping/correcting the fisheye effect on Gopro. This can be found in Gopros own software as well as Adobe Premiere (which seems to be used by the GoPro media team).

    I have no clue how to do that Gopro de-fishing in current Vegas. I know there is a deform function, but have not found suitable settings so far. (Alas, I have read that deform can not correct for "parabolic splines" and as such can not do the trick needed.)

    EDIT: Seems like to Borris Continuum effects plug in has a function for this lens correction. However the plug in costs a fortune separately (USD 300 and up) and lens correction should really be an original function on Vegas.

  • Vegas Pro 14 Edit and a bunch of other stuff for $20:

    (@Vitaliy_Kiselev, don't know if this could fit in some deal / discount topic)

  • @MarcioK INSANE DEAL!!! 20 dollars via paypal got the entire lot, confirmed. I just designated Magix as the recipient for 100% of the proceeds.

    PS: What I did was copy the serial, register at, and register the serials there, rather than using the web installation files provided.. I can instead download directly from magix

  • @robertGL

    Also suggest to get another bundle with Photo & Graphics Designer + Music mater and Photo Story.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev they will give the buyer all bundles if they pay a minimum of 20$$ dollars - that's what they did for me anyway

  • The sold total 163k bundles. Not bad for Vegas, really wish new users to help them.