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Magix Vegas Pro 18, 17, 16 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • VEGAS Movie Studio 16 (build 158)

    Bug Fixes

    • Now allow 3, 4 or 5 channel audio files to be read into the application
    • Missing "Record" button in preview display has been restored (VMS Classic only)
    • Template description will no longer be clipped in some cases
    • Application will no longer crash if the user has too many bins in Project Media (VMS Platinum only)
    • Improvement to the stability of the screen capture utility

    Only bug fixes in this release, may be due to very few developers still working on Vegas.

  • I do not know how many "developers" are still working on Vegas, but I do know they are soliciting advice from users on what new features are most wanted.

  • New update

    Build 387

    New Features

    • Trials of VEGAS POST
    • Auto-update mechanism for VEGAS POST
    • HDR-specific Intel QSV templates for HEVC renders
    • Option to select color histogram for White Balance tools
    • Render template for 360 5.7k projects
    • Webcam video capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility
    • Mouse cursor capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where some Video FX parameters that use a text field could not contain more than 4000 characters
    • VEGAS POST can now be activated on systems running Windows 10 Home without running as an administrator
    • Change mechanism for activating VEGAS POST to be more user friendly
    • Saturation and Luminance controls in the Color Grading Panel now match the HSL plugin
    • Issue where some media had low playback performance after video stabilization analysis has been fixed
    • Issue where some CPUs were not properly identified has been resolved
    • Resetting the mesh in Mesh Warp will no longer clear animation data
    • Problem with stepping through frames on projects with high frame rates has been resolved
    • The time display will no longer go blank when cancelling out of the custom color selection dialog
    • Window layout will return properly to previous state when exiting Color Grading mode
    • WMV files will preview properly when using hardware decoding
    • Mesh will properly adjust when preview resolution has changed
    • Will no longer crash when Mesh Warp is handling an empty frame
    • Fix to help prevent crash when editing an event
    • Fix to prevent crash on startup when some third party scripts are read in at opening of the application
    • Korean characters are properly handled in the RenderAs dialog and Insert Subtitles dialog
    • Fix for crash when Warp Flow Transition is applied to some events
    • Motion Tracker will no longer crash for some older CPUs
    • Project Location button in the Render As dialog is now grayed out when the project has not been saved
    • Audio and Video tracks imported from VEGAS Capture will now be more accurately synchronized
    • Various stability fixes for VEGAS Capture
  • Some day it might not crash continuously by it's own will.

  • @EspenB

    But it is big question if this day will be before this project closure or after :-)

  • Training webinars

  • VEGAS Pro 18

    • Dedicated Motion Tracking Panel
    • Tracking information for position-aware OFX plug-ins
    • Artificial intelligence: Style Transfer
    • Artificial intelligence: Colorization
    • Dockable Color Grading Panel
    • More efficient Color Grading Panel UI
    • Logarithmic exposure tool in Color Grading panel
    • Improved auto-contrast in Color Grading panel
    • Skin tone line for Vectorscope 
    • Combined RGB display for RGB Parade video scope
    • Redesigned Plug-in windows
    • Powerful plug-in search
    • Third-party plug-in filtering
    • Plug-in favorites
    • Hardware encoding for Intel HDR presets
    • Metadata-based selection of HDR IDTs
    • Support for full range colors in 8 bit projects
    • Automatic GPU driver detection
    • Auto GPU configuration for hardware acceleration
    • Video Noise reduction 
    • Flicker removal filter
    • M4V and M4A format support
    • Configurable Capture Folder for VEGAS Capture
    • Improved Video Engine performance
    • Performance and stability improvements for VEGAS Capture
    • Project location persistence
    • Exportable/importable Preferences
    • Detailed render progress dialog
    • Incremental project save
    • Event Trim handles
    • Modern Kinetic Titles and Text presets
    • Black Bar Filler filter
    • 30 unique Fonts

    VEGAS Effect 2.0

    • New mask shapes allow you to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks.
    • The new Auto Stabilizer effect provides easy smoothing of motion in handheld video clips.
    • Added a Motion Track effect, for easily attaching a timeline object to a specific element in the scene.
    • The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect allows you to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown.
    • Added the Color Adjustment effect to allow a range of selected colors to be shifted.
    • Added the GoPro FX Reframe effect, for fully customizing the framing of your 360º footage.
    • The Text tool now allows multiple customizable outlines.
    • Added the ability to export audio using the WAV format.

    VEGAS Image 2.0

    • The text system has been rebuilt from the ground up, allowing you to have different font styles within the same block of text. We've also added new font options including text outline, subscript, superscript, margins, and more.
    • A new integration with VEGAS Pro has been added, which allows VEGAS Pro load VEGAS Image projects. 
    • A "Healing Brush" effect has been added, which lets you quickly heal areas of your image using a source point and a brush.
    • A "Clone Stamp" effect has been added, which enables you to clone parts of your image using a brush.
    • A "Dynamic Contrast" effect has been added, which allows you to selectively apply contrast to the small, medium, and large details of your image. 
    • A "Split toning" effect has been added, with a bespoke UI, which allows you to rapidly apply two colors to the highlight and shadow tones in your image.
    • A "Gradient Map" effect has been added, which allows you to blend a gradient across the tones in your image.

    Download Links

  • Minor updates. Moving over to DaVinci Resolve Studio, as I am tired of spending $199 for trivial updates, new fonts (!), and bug-fixes to what is still crash-prone software. I have used Vegas Pro since version 11.

  • VEGAS Pro 18 Update 1 (Build 334)

    New Features

    • Support for HEVC HDR presets available for NVENC
    • AMD support for Driver Update dialog
    • NVidia Quadro support for Driver Update dialog
    • Smart proxy generation based on GPU capabilities
    • Greater ability to move the Region of Interest for Video Stabilization
    • Interface to VEGAS Image
    • Direct control of Motion Tracking from within the Bezier Masking FX
    • Progress bar on the Motion Tracking panel is now clickable

    Bug Fixes

    • Better handling GPU auto selection
    • Fixed crash on startup related to some Intel GPU drivers
    • Flicker Control FX thumbnail now displays properly in Plugin window
    • Colorization FX thumbnail now displays properly in the Plugin Window
    • Auto update for VEGAS Image and VEGAS Effects now functions
    • VEGAS Pro 17 projects that have the Slow Motion FX will no longer cause a crash
    • Grids in Expert mode on the Video Stabilization FX now work properly
    • Style Transfer and Colorization plugins now work on all supported hardware
    • Motion Tracking icon in the timeline toolbar correctly opens the Motion Tracking panel
    • Render progress dialog now remains in focus when open
    • VEGAS no longer freezes when clicking into another application while the Render Progress dialog is open
    • Proxy generation and use of Proxy files now work as expected
    • Motion data now properly applied to 2D parameters
    • Fixed problem where some Notebook GPUs are not detected by the Driver Update dialog
    • Exposure control in the Color Grading panel no longer clips in full-range projects
    • Fixed crash when reading in a file that was rendered from a 360 project with a non-hardware accelerated template
    • Improved performance of Plugin window thumbnail generation
    • Some iPhone files will no longer appear inverted in the Explorer window
    • Clicking on a Panasonic P2 template in the Render As dialog and then clicking a different format now allows editing of the file name
    • Fixed crash on shutdown
    • Adding Motion Tracking to a Lens Flare FX will no longer cause a crash
    • Picture in Picture FX now works properly in Free Form mode
    • Pan and Crop will no longer crash if "Collapse loop region" option is enabled in preferences
    • Hide the Third Party tab in the plugin window if no third party plugins are installed
    • Default format for Save Snapshot feature is now PNG
    • HDR templates now displayed when they should be available in the Render As dialog
    • Change the default render format in the Render As dialog
    • Video Stabilization no longer causes VEGAS to hang on playback with some AMD GPUs
    • Interlaced templates now available in the MAGIX AVC/AAC render plugin
    • Fixed problem with selection of animation keyframes that are not aligned with frame boundaries
    • Crash when clicking on the Creative Tab in the Video FX plugin window is fixed
    • Saving and loading of Favorites in the Plugin Windows now works as expected
    • Collapsing track groups with a fade applied to events no longer results in crash
    • Opening the Motion Tracking panel from an event's burger menu now properly selects the event
    • Fixed a crash when reading some MP4 files with an unusual AAC format

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