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Magix Vegas Pro 18, 17, 16 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • A useful trick to avoid making extra email addresses: With gmail, if you take your account name and add "+something" to it, it will still come to you.

    So assuming your address were, you could use Most websites aren't smart enough to detect the difference.

  • @Vitaliy If I can make the Hate video in HDR. So, checking out Vegas Pro 16 HDR capability:

    1. You use the ACES system (OK).

    2. There are input color spaces for all the usual suspects, including Slog2/Sgamut, by temperature (just like on the Sony FS5/FS7)!

    3. The HDR templates for HEVC are HDR10 only. But you can make a 10bit HEVC HDR video with REC2020 color space. Good.

    4. The HEVC template uses hardware encoding if you have an Intel chipset (newer one). Good.

    5. The rendered HDR10 HEVC video has the correct metadata recognized by YouTube. Good.

    In fact, DaVinci Resolve Studio 15 has no 10bit HEVC option or even an H264 10bit option. The only 10bit option in Resolve is Avid HXNHC HQ (whose name I can never remember or spell), which is humongous in size for no good reason except it has an inefficient codec.

    So, Vegas is actually better than Resolve for producing easily HDR10 videos!

  • @markr041

    Well, I am all for HDR video.

    And it actually will help us a lot if make it good, can help us to get detailed interview of Vegas product lead. :-) Won't hurt, don't you think?

  • Here is my first 4K HDR test/trial video made using Vegas 16. It works - from, in this case, Sony Slog2/SGamut->REC2020 HDR10, using ACES in Vegas:

    Notice the Vegas watermark, presumably a result of using trial software.

    Oh, you also get to see the performance of the Sony RX100 V in really low light.

  • The good news, great 4K HDR10:

    The bad news: this 1:41 minute video took 12 hours, yes, 12 hours, to render in HEVC using a computer with 16GB RAM, i3 8th generation (no hardware rendering). And, no, this is not my main computer.

  • My last HDR test video (the free version limits videos to 2 minutes):

    This one took only two hours to render. So I am not sure what is going on.

    The only HDR10 rendering option is HEVC, and my attempts to change the default bitrate from 40 Mbps to anything else from the drop-down menu resulted in an instant crash.

  • @markr041

    Well, idea to render 4K HEVC in software on i3 is not good one.

  • Sure, but

    1. I cant have supercomputer wherever I travel.
    2. DaVinci Resolve does fine on the same computer, though it does not render hevc.
  • @markr041

    You certainly can afford yourself six core note. :-)

    As for Resolve - it is HEVC that makes the difference, as well as 10bit and more. Vegas is faster compared to Resolve, at least it was on all notebooks I tried.

    Check PM.

  • I have a Intel i7-4770K CPU, 16 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX680 4GB gfx card.

    All editing is done on a Intel 750 series SSD /(read 2200 MB/s, Write (up to) 900 MB/s.)

    Does it make sense to do any of the following:

    Upgrade to 32 GB RAM?

    Upgrade Gfx card to a newer model i.e. GeForce 9xx-series or 10xx-series?

  • Upgrade Gfx card to a newer model i.e. GeForce 9xx-series or 10xx-series?

    May be only upgrade to GTX 1050 Ti - 1070, can get using from mining even :-)

    If memory is not hurdle - it won't help at all.

    Check CPU load/GPU load and ask on Vegas forum people who use same features.

  • For the first time in many years I found the "task manager"!

    GPU usuage never goes above 70 per cent..

    This was rendering 4K footage from GoPro with lens correction effects plug in for fisheye dewarping. So a heavy render for me.

    Also memory still shows 4 GB available (There as a lot of web pages and other prgs open.)

    So basically no need to upgrade anything? Besides for a new 8 core CPU. :-p

    666 x 593 - 38K
  • @EspenB

    Can go with AMD route getting 2700-2700X + mid line motherboard on BF sales.

    Also make sure to look on encoder profiles and use hardware accelerated ones.

  • VEGAS Pro 16 Edit for $249

    with Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit

  • While I don't excpect to do much HEVC encoding I tried it for fun.

    The edit encodes in 9 minutes in AVC with the previously mentioned PC.

    The HEVC encode time quickly elapsed to over 1,5 hrs remaining! And there was no activity in the "encoder" section of the GPU at all.

    So I let the PC run overnight. Only to discover an out of memory message in the morning.

  • @EspenB

    Check your OS and GPU. Lot of editors require Windows 10 to avoid HEVC decoder/encoder payments. And since some version even Windows 10 require separate installation (due to same thing).

    With proper setting H,264 and HEVC encoding times do not differ, at all.

  • Apparently there is no GPU support for HEVC encoding with Vegas16.

    There is only Intel QSV which my Haswell based CPU doesn't have for HEVC (only for AVC).

    So, edit is 8 mins worth of 4K GoPro Hero6 footage. Lens correction for fisheye removal.

    AVC render with GPU: 00:09:08 (almost real time)
    AVC render without GPU: 00:21:56
    HEVC render with no GPU: 01:40:06!!! (basically 4,5 time as slow as AVC)

    And if I drop the dewarping the clip renders in just 00:07:25 in AVC with GPU. So the lens correction (which seems to always use the 3D section of the GPU) doesn't significantly add to the render time.

  • Oki. So we are back to my previous question about upgrading the graphics card. :-p

    The answer is YES if I want hardware encoding on HEVC. :-p

  • @EspenB

    Well, yes.

    Can get used 1060 / 1050 Ti from miners, cheap. Or get on sales.

  • Until December 11, you can upgrade from an earlier version to the latest (16) for just $149. I think Vegas is really good especially in ingesting ProRes and even H265 and H264 10bit video clips. Moreover, the ACES transforms include Slog2/SGamut, Slog3, V Log, and even GoPro Protune flat with native color. So, without LUTs you can go from log gammas and wide color gamuts to either REC709 or HDR10 from many cameras. And the transforms are really good.

    Here is a 4K test video shot in 10bit 422 H264 Vlog, transformed to HDR10 (HEVC 10bit) with no color grading, just the ACES transform:

    And here is a 4K (60P) video shot in HEVC using Protune flat and WB native transformed to REC709 (HEVC 8bit), with no grading (ACES only):

    Note how decent the GoPro dynamic range is, when you use Protune flat.

    And here is a 4K video shot in Slog2/SGamut transformed to HDR10 (HEVC10bit) using ACES only:

    All of these were produced on a small laptop - rendering took forever, but the editing was smooth and fast. I have other things to do, so I don't care how long rendering takes.

  • @Markr401 Magix are most times giving such offers. I had an email from them on 5/11/18 saying that the offer of £109/£164 for Vegas Edit/Pro was available until 1/1/19. Their Black Friday offer and subsequent offers were the same price (but with much earlier cut-off dates). IMHO it's a good program but I wonder if they will be able to maintain their price points against competition from DaVinci Resolve .

  • I use Resolve. It does not provide 10bit output in either H264 or H265. Or any output in in H265. It still is designed as an intermediate grading program if you have another editor for final output. I do worry that Vegas Pro won't survive, and I dislike paying hundreds of dollars for what are marginal enhancements and bug fixes.