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Magix Vegas Pro 18, 17, 16 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • Just downloaded trial version , one main issue for me is a 2-3 seconds lag between hitting play button and the clip actually starting to play, never had this issue on other vegas programs. anyone had this? the system im testing it on is older 920 i7 with gtx 1060 lots of ram (32 gb)

  • @Tron which one does the 4K upconvert, and how long does it take? Tx.

  • @DrDave '4K Smart Upscaling' is in the effects plugin list. Drag it onto an HD clip. The default properties are 2x, which I believe is for upconverting 1080P to 2160P. The 4x setting is probably for upscaling 720P (still need to confirm that though). The effect adds a slight amount of grain or noise over the image but it's not very noticeable, it just looks like fine film grain to me. It's worth mentioning, if the native HD file is not very sharp to begin with this effect does not help to sharpen the image, it will however increase the resolution without introducing any perceptible aliasing artifacts.

  • One thing I want to ask is if Vegas Pro 14 has audio based sync for clips/audio ala PluralEyes (that does not work with V14)?

    I'd be very curious to know the answer to this as well...

  • Apparently it is reported that Plural Eyes needs to be updated to work with VP14.

    Part of the issue is in the structure of the plugin programming. It requires the naming to strip "Sony" out of the handshake between application and plug, Even if this is not seen by the user. So unfortunately there will be a lot of plugins that need to be updated to work with VP14. Some plugins do work (Magic Bullet Looks has been reported to work).

  • Im having audio trouble also not just delay in playback..I think its all related to the audio using a ur44 audio interface in my studio, and sound dont work at all when i assign vegas thru interface ..thru the windows audio , the audio plays for couple seconds and cuts off ..

  • @sammy

    You can try other options, depends on editor, can be DirectSound.

  • If you know Russian this video really delivers.

  • As much as I have been a fan of Vegas Pro over the years, But it gets to a point where they got to make changes and fast.. Pro res 4k really very hard to deal with on timeline even with the 16core system I have now (7-10 fps preview even in medium quality).If I drop the same file in resolve 12 I get smooth playback , no skipped frames etc..

  • @sammy, yes, Vegas Pro certainly has fallen behind some of its competitors as far as GPU acceleration and smooth playback go. That's one of the trade-offs for its ease of use.

    You might try using proxies in Vegas Pro. Vegas Pro 13 and 14 will generate them on demand and use them automatically. They are 720p MPEG-2. They help a lot if you are doing multicam editing or dealing with very high resolution videos.

    Also, try reducing the preview resolution to half or quarter. Reducing the preview quality doesn't really do much if you're not using proxies. You can also bypass FX when you don't need them.

  • I was shocked to find out they did not improve rendering time in Pro 14. The 4K MP4 rendering time is so bad comparing to Premiere or Final Cut.

  • The 4K MP4 rendering time is so bad comparing to Premiere or Final Cut.

    As I understand in real scenery Premiere rendering is worse than FCP X.

    And about Sony - I think they did not cared last years at all.

  • VK, you think with time Magix will improve vegas pro ? as your correct sony the last 3-4 releases did not add anything ... as balazer stated its one of the easiest editing program to learn and workflow is great, its just the codec and smoothness of it is really bad .

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev And Premiere is much faster than Sony Vegas, imagine that...

  • @sammy

    VK, you think with time Magix will improve vegas pro ?

    Most probably they will. But slow and more towards consumer side.

    Yet, I think that centralization will continue. More and more people will focus on Premiere, Davinci and FCP X. I mean in low end segment of video editing.

  • Guys, how to preview video in full screen on Vegas 14 Pro, without external monitor? I am using GeForce GTX 560 Ti. On Vegas 13 it was the matter of clicking small "display" icon on upper left corner in a preview panel. On new Vegas 14 it seems no go... Preview Device Preferences tab opens window with probably something missing there - see pic attached.

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  • They have -25% sale (choose your country)

  • -25% off? So 25% higher than normal?

    They have even cheaper "upgrade" pricing of $149/199/299 (Edit/standard/Suite) through November 30:

    As before, no previous serial number is required to take advantage of this upgrade pricing. It's open to everyone.

    Recent updates to Vegas Pro 14 include the ability to read ProRes 4444, the ability to export ProRes, and bug fixes.

  • -25% off? So 25% higher than normal?


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Nitpicking, but if you interpret the lowest price as normal that should read -25% so %50 higher than normal. But more seriously with Resolve Lite being free how can the higher price of Vegas be sustained especially with its very limited support for modern GPUs.

  • But more seriously with Resolve Lite being free how can the higher price of Vegas be sustained especially with its very limited support for modern GPUs.

    What exact you want to do on modern GPU except complex color grading?

    Encoding is done using Intel QuickSync.

  • Magix pro stuggles with pro res 4K files on timeline ..I compared few files on a friends workstation who has magix ,resolve ,and hitfilm .. editing the 4K pro res from ursa mini with resolve and hitfilm is very smooth on timeline and has full frame rate playback while editing .. same pro res 4K file on latest magix build 211 struggles on timeline without any plugins ,basically gets 10 frames to playback out of the 24 .. not sure what's the deal with magix ,and if this will ever get to the level of hitfilm and resolve with regards to play back timeline performance of 4K pro res

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev When you have a Xeon cpu, there is no QuickSync.