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Magix Vegas Pro 17, 16, 15 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • Resolve full version's $300 price tag isn't problem to me. It's huge advantage if I can do everything inside one software, as I have now used Resolve anyway in the last step to grade the shots.

  • @tonalt

    Issue with Resolve for now is specially crippled H.264 operation in free version, lack of NVENC support that Vegas has now.

    As I understand they have plans to cripple free version more with each release.

  • I think the new features sounds good. But Resolve's new NLE and DAW features makes me want to switch to it.

  • If only they made it $49 for all existing customers of 14 and 13.

  • And note - no bug report from Magix, no new build fixing this, no web site warning - nothing. Someone in the Vegas Pro Community Forum posted the fix. But you had to look for it, and then dig deep into the innards of the program to disable the new encoder.

    You want too much, they released software very short time ago. And working on update.

    Where else you have product development head and developers talking on product forum with people and reading all angry reports? They'll improve.

  • Incredible bug in Vegas Pro 15

    One of the few new features in Vegas Pro 15 is the ability to decode those GH5 422 avc clips. Well, it turns out that this feature results in the disabling of the ability to play audio in many if not all avc clips! H264 clips that play fine in Vegas Pro 14 play on the timeline with no audio at all in 15.

    I spent many hours trying to figure out what was going on. I coincidentally switched to 15 from 14 just after I started using a new camera. So, naturally I though there was something odd about the camera clips. That is until I imported them in 14 and they worked fine.

    What's the fix? Disabling the brand new avc decoder that was installed as the default, which plays the GH5 files! This may also disable hardware rendering. So, essentially one of the key new features in 15 cripples normal use.

    And note - no bug report from Magix, no new build fixing this, no web site warning - nothing. Someone in the Vegas Pro Community Forum posted the fix. But you had to look for it, and then dig deep into the innards of the program to disable the new encoder.

  • @Tron

    Well, you can always find some other approach :-)

  • I'm moving completely over to Davinci and not looking back. End of the road after 10 yrs of use. The upgrade pricing just isn't worth it, IMO.

  • Better list of new features

    • A new MAGIX AVC/AAC codec significantly accelerates encoding on machines that utilize Intel® Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology
    • A new MAGIX AVC/AAC codec significantly accelerates encoding on machines equipped with modern NVIDIA graphics card GPU technology
    • The user can now select from the list of attributes of a copied timeline clip event to specify which attributes will be pasted into a target event
    • ACES 1.0 support enable users to work with the expanded color spaces and dynamic range of modern cameras.
    • More efficient handling of AVC files on the timeline through Intel QSV technology
    • Picture-in-picture OFX plug-in enables the user to perform size and position adjustments of video at any of the four effects levels (including track and event) through parameter adjustment controls and direct interaction with the Video Preview window
    • Crop OFX plug-in enables the user to quickly crop out portions of a video at any of the four effects levels (including track and event) through parameter adjustment controls and direct interaction with the Video Preview window
    • The user can specify which track header buttons and controls appear on tracks and set these (separate for audio and video tracks) as project defaults for all new tracks in the current and new projects. Controls that have been hidden can be accessed through a new "hamburger button" menu
    • LUT Filter OFX plug-in enables the user to apply LUTs to their project at any of the four supported FX levels (event, track, media, and video bus)
    • Redesigned timeline clip events now contain headers to hold important information and buttons and can be customized through the hamburger button/menu system.
    • The user can specify which controls appear in the transport area of both the Trimmer Window and the Video Preview window as project defaults for the current and new projects. Controls that have been hidden can be accessed through a new "hamburger button" menu
    • A simple "one-click" option creates a freeze frame on all selected events touched by the timeline cursor
    • Users can specify one of four options for the shading of the VEGAS Pro interface ranging from very bright to a dark interface
    • Users can define the amount (strength) of color they want shown in their buttons
    • Modern controls enable logical docking and undocking of windows and maximizing windows within a dock
    • A user-friendly and intuitive Render As dialog box makes it easy to understand and specify render options
    • The Share Online option now provides direct render-and-upload operations for YouTube, FaceBook, and Vimeo
    • Optimized default user layout to reduce visual clutter
    • Non-selected timeline clip events are now the same color as the corresponding track header while selected events are white. This (while directly opposite previous behavior) reduces visual "clutter" and the harsh appearance of events, particularly in large projects
    • New layout option enables user to switch back to the VEGAS Pro 14 default layout, including revealing all buttons in the hamburger menu system
    • The default Pan type has been changed to Constant Power which is the most logical and expected type
    • Audio notification alerts you when your render is complete for all format types
    • Panasonic GH5 10-bit 422 footage now opens correctly
    • The video stream of JVC YUV 4:2:2 footage now decodes correctly
    • iPhone/iPad footage now opens correctly (without requiring Quicktime)
  • @rheinpirat

    Upgrade is expensive. Interface changes are minimal, clearly not major. Looks more like 14.1.

  • @Glenn7 why? Can you explain it? Some details please.

  • I used to love this editor.

    But v15 is really dissapointing release.

  • VEGAS Pro 15 build 177 has been released

    • Major user interface innovations
    • Hardware acceleration from modern graphics cards and Intel QSV
    • Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
    • Lookup Table (LUT) OFX plug-in
    • Powerful hardware acceleration technologies
    • Instant Freeze Frame
    • Crop OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
    • ACES 1.0 support
    • Selectively paste event attributes
    • User definable visible button sets
    • Redesigned track headers and timeline clip events
    • Instant freeze frame
    • Selectable background shade
    • Logical, modern docking window controls

    VEGAS Pro has always been an innovator. Version 15 carries on this legacy and delivers a completely customizable interface that provides ultimate flexibility. Filled with new features, both inside and out, VEGAS Pro powers your creativity. Whether you work in HD or 4K, VEGAS Pro stands ready to be your creative partner. Video/Audio production and DVD/Blu-ray disc authoring all in one powerful package.

    A better way to edit, author, and deliver
    VEGAS Pro provides all the tools you need to edit your video fast. Encode for 4K delivery or publish to your favorite streaming outlet. Or, author and deliver your production in HD with Dolby Digital sound on a Blu-ray disc. Whatever your final destination, VEGAS Pro takes you there faster than ever.

    Work fast. Deliver faster.
    Work more efficiently than ever before with a customizable user interface and precise, fast editing tools. Drag-and drop editing and authoring make quick work of production and delivery. Mix, match and edit popular formats, including HEVC, ProRes, AVC, and more, directly on the timeline without waiting for a re-wrap or transcode. Powerful hardware acceleration takes advantage of NVIDIA and Intel QSV technologies to shorten the rendering process. Designed and built specifically to save you time and enhance your creativity.

    Work like never before with creative interaction
    New Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins open up endless creative possibilities. Position, re-size, and animate picture-in-picture effects using controls directly on the Preview window and get instant feedback as you make adjustments. Use the same in-Preview controls to crop video or stills for creative effects.

    Enhance your project with NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate ($299 value)
    Filters 5 Ultimate from NewBlueFX gives you the power to fix or enhance your color scheme, apply creative lighting effects, change the color of a particular object in your video, add a warm glow or diffusion, and more. This collection of eight color-correction video filters and effects gives you incredible power to enhance your footage way beyond the ordinary.

    DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc authoring With its drag-and-drop workflow, DVD Architect, included with VEGAS Pro, makes it easy to author a professional-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc. Drag your media onto the workspace to automatically create custom navigation for feature videos, director’s notes, sound track music and more. Create custom keyframe-compatible graphic animation and overlays by importing multi-layer Photoshop files. A simple settings re-set enables you to burn an SD DVD and then switch and burn a HD Blu-ray disc.

  • Some more things

    • Modern, efficient user interface
    • Preview window:
      • Picture-in-picture OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video
      • Crop OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview window
    • Powerful hardware acceleration through Intel QSV and graphics card GPU
    • Lookup table (LUT) OFX plug-in
    • Powerful generators, effects, and titling
    • Modern color science
    • ACES 1.0 support
    • Selectively paste event attributes
    • Instant freeze frame video creation
    • Requires an OpenCL-enabled GPU such as HD Graphics 4000.
      • Intel Skylake or newer processor required for QSV accelerated 8-bit HEVC/AVC decoding and encoding, Intel KabyLake or newer processor required for QSV accelerated 10-bit HEVC encoding and decoding
  • As most of you know, VEGAS Pro has always relied on your computer hardware for everything it does. In fact, VEGAS Pro was the first NLE to allow you to run on virtually any modern PC. You didn’t need any special hardware to edit your projects, and you still don’t. But VEGAS Pro 15 also taps into additional hardware that you may already have in your system. For example, more and more machines support Intel® Quick Sync Video (QSV), and VEGAS Pro 15 leverages that technology to significantly accelerate both reading and writing certain file types. With that and other hardware (as well as software) optimizations, you’ll see more robust timeline performance and faster render times for certain formats.

  • 15 version coming very soon

    Almost a full year has passed since the revival of VEGAS Pro, and what ride it's been! Your support and enthusiasm have been nothing short of amazing. You have given us fantastic feedback and ideas for the future. So now we're excited to announce that the future you helped create begins to unfold with the release of VEGAS Pro 15 on August 28.

    What can you expect from VEGAS Pro 15? Well, we can't list all the new features just yet, but here are a couple that we'll know you'll be interested in because they came directly from your feedback!

    A GUI for everyone

    From the moment you open the new software, you'll notice major UI changes which are not only designed to look pretty, but also bring innovative usability improvements to your workflow. Now more than ever, you can choose the GUI setup that works for you. For example, from in depth community discussion, we learned that some of you like a dark background, and some want to keep a lighter background. Some want monochromatic buttons, and some value buttons with color. Now those choices are up to you! And those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing your workspace so that it works most efficiently for your unique editing style and workflow.

    Editing speed efficiencies

    You supplied a number of great ideas on how VEGAS Pro could speed your editing even more. We've implemented a number of these features. For instance, you wanted a "one-click" way to create a freeze frame in an event, and so in VEGAS Pro 15, you have exactly such a tool. Now, instead of following a multi-step procedure to create a freeze-frame video, you can accomplish the task with far less clicking. And that's just one example of how we've made editing faster and more intuitive.

    Hardware accelerated Encoding/Decoding

    VEGAS Pro 15 leverages modern hardware for accelerated encoding and decoding, including support for Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) and other technologies.

    We don't want to spoil all the surprises, but you'll only have to wait a little longer to get to know the other features and improvements of VEGAS Pro 15. We hope you are as excited as we are!

  • Some educational videos by MAGIX, pretty basic

  • Correct I noticed that ..Yea I'm. It really sure what quick sync does for Vegas users ,but same machine resolves does an amazing job playing back and editing 4K pro res amwith luts .. I can drop box a pro res 4K files for you and let me know how many frames you can playback in your machine without any plugins and at best resolution ,at 4K pro res it doesn't seem to help Vegas much changes the resolution preview for some weird reason

  • As for Magix Vegas, I edit H.264 MOV and XAVC-S and 4K is OK until you add LUT or other effects in timeline so preview stops playing smoothly :-(

  • @sammy If your CPU has got 8 physical cores, than is not listed in VK link, it belongs to another series, without Intel QuickSync.

  • liork, I made a pc based on those xeons Vk listed a while back , the 2670 , dual , 16 cores total @ 2.6 . rendering is much faster than my older workstation i7, did not do any scientific test,.But also in my system magix struggles with prores (better at hd, but bad at 4k prores) when I Tried out the latest version with regards to playback and editing in time line.. resolve seems to be very very smooth with this new system, 4k prores is no issue..I just got so used to vegas editing workflow , as im an audio guy coming from pro tools and cubase , it seemed very close to how you edit in DAW thus I kept using it. Have you tried editing 4k prores on your workstation with latest build of vegas> and how did that go with regards to time line playback and smoothness ?

  • You are right, quality with GPU is not always the best. For me, it is best for draft use along the editing process, for final video I don't mind waiting more time to get the best results. Since launch, Magix released 4 updates which is quiet nice, hope they will add it soon. MP4 need it the most.

  • @liork

    You just need to be more accurate in statements, if you knew this :-).

    Anyway, all major video editing software support GPU while exporting if you want that. Vegas stopped supporting modern GPU models since 3-4 years ago which is a shame.

    With various results :-) Only effective approach here is usage of fixed logic encoder API provided by manufacturer. I am sure Vegas regain such support quite soon for both AMD and NVidia. Intel QuickSync is just most popular one and with less trouble. All Xeons take only tiny portion of the market in video editing.