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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Copy that. Like I said, I had no frame of reference for where you were coming from. My gear earns me $, as well. I have the BMCC on "order". I'm thinking of waiting it out or bailing for a year or more and getting the GH3. That is my reason for wanting to see something. Shian did his shoot out, but was too heavy on the all i codec. He knows that and added a little extra accordingly. 60p is tempting, but not a deal breaker for me (obviously with the BMCC I'd like to someday receive).

    As to testing and your not wanting to "bother" with it. Every DP that is worth their salt tests cams/codecs/media/film stocks. They have done it for years when approaching a project. They do it extensively.

  • @FilmingArt second that. I've been using two GH1 for the past 4 years, going 5th and have decided to grab the GH3 when it is out. Now it has arrived, and all i know is that the overall handling is much superior, the 1080p 60p is a beautiful addition. sadly, i got a pal version.

    for 1300 a GH3 is definitely worth every penny regardless some flaws it has, for instance unusable ALL-I settings, or the blurry EVF. but no camera is perfect. It is just whether it suits your workflow and makes it easier for you to shoot better films.

  • @filmingart It's surprising that you are on more of a professional level and use a gh3 instead of a mkIII (with magic lantern, ninja 2) or a c100/300 with a ninja 2, or a RED, or ANYTHING other than a gh3. lol Don't get me wrong, gh3 is a great camera, but I really don't think I would show up to a video shoot and present myself as a professional holding a gh3, although YOU know it's abilities, i'm surprised clients aren't like "you kidding me?"

  • @GravitateMediaGroup If you are going to be ashamed of using cheaper gear then why bother with it?

  • Gh3 is something I will mess around with on my own time, for a client, I'll rent or be more presentable. You completely misunderstood the whole point of my comment. You, he, and I are well aware of the gh3s ability, a client may find it hard to take him serious. I've heard stories of people showing up to a gig with a 5dII and pretty much got told to leave.

  • From a judging-a-book-by-the-cover perspective, the GH3 is leagues ahead of the GH2. As much as I love my GH2. Great camera, but the chrome accents, plastic, writing, and small size make the GH2 look decidedly non-pro.

    In contrast, the only thing that makes the GH3 look less serious is the slightly smaller size. Fully rigged with a cage, lights, microphone, monitor, barn doors, etc., I doubt anyone would look down their nose at it due to its appearance.

  • @adamt gh3 smaller in size compared to what? I hope you're not saying 3 is smaller than 2.

  • trying too hard to impress clients with bigger rigs and set ups is pretty superficial. I think as long as your client loves your work and put trust in you by the preproduction you prepared, it doesn't matter what gear you use.

  • @all

    Please keep looking at topic title from time to time :-)

  • Sorry VK Last thing I'm gonna say about this

    @motherly I TOTTALLY agree, what I'm saying is based on 1st time clients. But in the end, renting a really nice camera will give your client better results, and you a better resume, and less of a chance of losing a client because they will assume "that camera was small, and the ones used to shoot the NFL look nothing like that, so I want to find the person with the bigger rig" no pun intended lol

    You have to be honest. If you are hired by BMW to shoot a commercial, is a GH3 gonna do the job, and will they take you serious?

  • As I say, if the client wants BIG he must pay BIG, you wont take a EPIC to a 3000/6000 dll production, is just a waste of time an money, take a GH3 and a good PR that can convince the client that the GH3 is way better for the job than an Epic. :-)

    If the client say what is that the "camera" you say yes is the same size of the budget.... They always shut up.

    If you go BMW way well that's another world, you rent an ALEXA or similar along with de DP, and tell him what you want to see is safer.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup @leonbeas

    Check my soft warning above. I won't be making next one.

  • @FilmingArt. This discussion is running in circles. Sometimes somebody wants to believe he spent his money in the right place. To me plastic vs.magnesium does not count, 1080/60 does not count, wifi etc. My camera runs on battery a whole day with my DIY rig and I can even adapt XLR to it. So no really benefits to me. What I really would like to see is a proof, true comparison in 1080/24. Look at Adam Wilts review. To him, diference is negliable. But hastily made and never a in dephth follow up made. Do not get me wrong. I would uy a GH3 at once, if somebode proofed this to me with comparable images

  • @GravitateMediaGroup
    I meant smaller than a Canon 5D.

    Maybe someone should market a big, impressive-looking chasis that we can mount our GH's in to impress the uninitiated. Lots of fake knobs and flashing lights. ;-)

  • @Frame

    I understand. My opinion though of the GH2 was/is a very nice camera with the Hack and you can achieve great professional results as I have done. GH3 imo is like GH2 Hack but more reliable as you do not have to worry about anything going wrong.

    To me as I always upgrade my gear ( Gear Head) it was only natural. For someone maybe looking for a specific tests that shows GH2 vs GH3 in many scenarios and why one is better than the other might never find one. I spend my time shooting and editing, not really doing such specific tests as I know there are many more professional technicians in that field. I'm more into creating Art....

    I will say though the GH3 is a great camera and I really like it a lot. I still use my GH2 but not as much.

    ** Off topic post. I have worked with F3, Red, Canon, etc. A camera is not really that 100% important all of the time. If you have 10-15k for a budget you need to make the decision where your money goes. Spend 3k+ on a red then more time in post? Or spend 1k on more lighting, 1k in art department and another 1k and shoot the project on 2 rigged out GH2's/3's with some nice glass in the front.......


  • I've had my GH3 for about a week now - LOVING IT! - However I've stumbled on to a particular issue where I can't figure what may be causing it - Shooting 50Mbps - Sandisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s card - I've had 5 instances where I push start record and it stops after exactly one sec. No rhyme or reason - have had it do it 1/3 way through a card, halfway through a card and just now at the beginning of a newly formatted card - haven't tested another card yet but have had zero issues with this one to date -


  • @chenopup I've also run across this a few times, using the same codec and SD cards. I don't know what's causing it.

  • @SuperSet - I may chime in on the Pany twitter feed and see if they've heard of it.

  • I want to buy a body lumix gh3 but I need to know if you have solved the problem of the EVF is definiately a problem?

  • French TV documentary that I made with the GH3 :

  • @ehmeddie Picked up my GH3 body today. Pal version. My EVF is not as good an the GH2. I think it is fine to compose your shots if you have time. But when I do some live documentation of theater I think I will find it harder. It is a big shame re the EVF. I have kept my GH2's and if it is a problem I will use the GH2 for live work. But I am sure the camera has other positive attributes.

  • @From_Paris

    It is best to post this in Showcase, not here.

  • @From_Paris Started to watch the film only for the GH3 image quality - but almost at once became fully involved in the stories being told. Had to watch until the end! Very nice narration, too. Great job!

  • @chenopup Sandisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s cards are not brilliantly reliable. Use 95Mbps cards or HD Video Extreme 30Mbps 8/16/32 cards.

  • @driftwood - Thanks for the heads up - I'm picking up a 95Mbps but I'll dig out the 30's as well and test those - Something with the card or write speed at 45MB/s?