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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • being that I have the worst internet on earth, can you narrow it down to 3 or 4 specific times that you notice it? and is it a possibility that maybe it's the TV bouncing colors off the wall? I was watching a basketball game while doing this lol

  • Its is really noticeble in 1:15 to 1:18 when you change the F I believe is banding due to youtube compression, and if is not that it can only be grading or render. (i hope)

  • no grading, and MAY be the render. it's .wmv 1080/24p highest detail I could possibly export for the most part. bitrate at 6 or 8 mbs via Vegas 12

  • @jfilmmaker did anyone address your question about noise reduction? because i shot tests from +5 to -5 NR on the GH3 and evaluated them with a friend who works at CBS and sees lots of cameras in a well-tweaked engineered environment. we noticed that the noise reduction has unpleasant effects on the details down to -3 or -4. at the lowest setting there is some unwanted noise. a notch or two higher seems to be a sweet spot. the difference is easy to spot, but you have to look at the whole image to catch it. it's not just a patch of pixels

  • @clyde_t

    so are you saying +2 3 or 4 orrrrr -2 3 or 4

  • screenshots GH3...

    New Film 2.jpg
    1919 x 1079 - 1M
    New Film.jpg
    1919 x 1079 - 843K
  • @GravitateMediaGroup

    i'm saying i have mine set to NR -4 and that's where it will live.

    so my normal settings are Standard -3, -3, -1, -4

    i tried Natural with similar settings and it's a little flatter. some might prefer that.

    also, i tested everything by locking down the shot and shooting 20 second clips changing just one parameter, so i could quickly cycle-through and examine tests back-to-back.


  • @clyde_t -3, -4 then... Thanks for the info! Still waiting on my GH3 from Adorama - btw, I'm in LA as well.

  • I'm really hating the GH3. I shot with it yesterday, and it's a little similar to the uncertainty of film as far as color temp and exposure. Every monitor looks different, the evf doesn't match the lcd, and neither match the hdmi out, you have to manually white balance and pray that it's the correct setting, cuz not one of the 3 monitoring options will give you an accurate idea of your color cast.

    Shooting a scene with light streaks coming in through the window, diffused light from window lighting the subject, and gelling tungsten lights to match - EVF looks warm, LCD looks fine, HDMI looks bluish. Director is complaining that it looks too blue, did a manual white balance with both white and gray cards to be sure, footage ended up looking fine. But it doesn't put you at ease on set.

  • Hey @shian, can you monitor video out via the HDMI while you are recording? Or, is the HDMI out only for playback?

  • i love the GH3 !!!, We had no probs on weekend....

  • @shian Hmm... Separate from shooting issues, how's the actual 50Mbps footage turning out for you? Further, in the general sense is white balance and or color balance presets turning out proper in the footage? Thx!

  • @jasonp, my GH3 arrives Wednesday. So, no. I can't. Thxs.

  • the 50M footage looks great. Very workable. but I don't like the cadence... it's a little "off" doesn't look right. More videoish than GH2. If it weren't for the DR i never would have used it yesterday, but I needed the extra DR to save me some time. I think I'm done with the GH3.

  • what do you mean by "cadense" ? Is there any video available to see the better - bigger DR of GH3 ? How did you measure it?

  • motion characteristics=cadence - it doesn't move like film in terms of motion. It moves like video. The DR comes from the fact that to see detail in the shadows with the same level of clarity and lack of noise that the GH3 has, I have to open up a stop and a half on the GH2 using the same ISO and same lens. And highlights blow at about 2/3 of stop over where they blow on the GH2 - same method used

  • @shian Hmmm... Perhaps I'll have to get a GH2 in addition for 24p mode... :/ did you ever get a chance to finish your side by side comparison? thx

    Wondering when @driftwood will put up his comparison of the 2 cameras.

  • @shian: "it doesn't move like film in terms of motion". Assuming you were shooting at 24fps and 1/50s, did you by chance try setting the shutter at either 1/40s or 1/60s? (I suppose that's possible on the GH3)

  • i made a quick test with my new gh3 and oly 12mm f/2. The lack of stabilization is obvious but the image is very nice. ISO 1600, 25p INTRA frame, FCPX editing , no post .

  • @shian I think you are expecting WAY too much from a consumer camera.

    @paddy I shoot 1/40 95% of the time with gh2 & gh3.

    @toxotis70 looks like it's time to get some gas lol

  • Used GH3 for a couple of jobs now, so impressed with it we have bought another one and selling larger camcorder.

    I'm not ruling out the possibility of variances between units, but IMO I am very happy with the look of the footage, the colours, sharpness, motion, and grad ability are all excellent. When we compare footage with the gh2 (hacked) we always prefer the gh3 shots. So if and when gh3 is hacked to allow 30 mins plus of shooting we will move our last camera to the gh3.

  • @shian are you saying that the GH3 has about 2 stops more DR (1.5 in the shadows, 2/3 more in the highlights)? This is huge, and would be the first time I hear a qualified and quantified statement concerning the DR increase. Very interesting, thanks!

  • @GravitateMediaGroup I agree with you... it's a consumer camera, a wonderfull consumer camera ;-) As an individual it's just perfect for my needs. (And better than my GH2 or 5D3).

    My last little piece of work (fun) :

    Lenses : 12-35 and 35-100 Settings Natural : -4-4-1-4 25p All-I A bit of color correction with Colorista 2

  • Another GH-3 still


    613 x 767 - 157K