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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @Frame Haha. Deja vu. After Gh2 was released, it took about a year to begin seeing some really nice works done by using it. Then people said, "Yeah let's get it!!". It was really last year spring when Gh2 began taking the spotlight. So give a year or so for Gh3. Let it ferment.

  • @Stonebat. I am not talking about "nice works". I am talking about a side by side comparisons between GH2/GH3 with corresponding picture profiles/same ISO/same lenses in controlled (means artificially lit) environment. Grey / colour charts. Scenes with high detail. Nobody did it yet. All GH2 must have evaporated when GH3 were carried over the doorsteps. GH3 vs D5MKIII - who needs that. My old anamorphic on my new GH3 - who cares? But I am open to conviction. Chase Jarvis was close, but oops, he chose a GH1 for comparison.

  • @frame, what do you hope to gain in such a tighly controlled comparison test?

  • @Frame It isn't possible to do such a 1:1 comparison because the GH2 and GH3 have different picture profiles and they handle sharpness, contrast, and noise reduction settings differently. I think the best you can do is try to adjust the settings so they look roughly equivalent, but that sort of defeats your purpose.

  • @AdamT So what´s the problem? Is the GH3 alien technology? Choose the picture profiles that resolves best DR (For GH2 Notalgic), after a first test you´ll probably have found out which sharpness settings match and from there you´ll start.

  • @AdamT, This is a lame excuse, man can always compare the camera on neutral profile with 0 settings on both cameras.

  • I'm just sayin', you can't do a same settings comparison because they don't have the same settings. Not lame -- just a fact. Even if you zero out all the adjustments, they have different base settings (e.g., I think the GH3 at -5 sharpening has less sharpening than the lowest setting for the GH2). As I said, that doesn't mean you can't do SOME sort of comparison.

    I'll see if I can put something meaningful together when I have time ... probably not until next week at the earliest.

  • Friday, I put on line (on Vimeo) the first TV documentary shot entirely with GH3. Mixing takes place tomorrow, Thursday calibration. What I can say for now: GH3 nice surprise this eventually.

  • Hey guys, is GH3 successfully compatible with Sandisk 128GB 95MB/sec memory card? I would guess yes, obviously, but I just want to double check there is no space limition that I would discover after the fact. Thanks!

  • @jfilmmaker

    not sure why it wouldn't be

  • @jfilmmaker I can verify that it works fine. Not tried any spanning though yet, ref this discussion, but I guess that's a GH2 hacking-specific issue.

  • @AdamT. Great, thank yuo. Can´t wait to see a direct comparison. Please do not forget to use nostalgic as one base setting. This setting has best gamma/least contrast. For finding comparable sharpening values, some cloth with fine patterns like unbleached jeans fabric might help. Read somewhere that with values over -2, the GH2 only adds artificial sharpening, so -2 is the "base settig". But I guess, DR is of most interest.

  • @Frame

    I still have a GH2 and I'm trying to shoot side-by-side comparisons, no hot lights though, about 80% of my work is available light and that's what I really need to test.

    I'm shooting the GH2 with fm2 hack, GH3 with 50m, both 24p, same iso (320), both cameras in standard 0000 and then GH2 at -2-2-2-2 and the GH3 at -5-5-5-5.

    The weather here has been abysmal, I need some contrast to shoot my skin tone test and high contrast daylight set ups, maybe by the weekend I can post something.

    The most apparent difference so far is the DR difference, its not huge but a significant improvement.

  • GH2 at -2-2-2-2 and the GH3 at -5-5-5-5 - time wasting

  • @konjow

    Then it sounds like you've already shot tests comparing both cameras, can you post them or give us a url?

  • Still try "nostalcic" besides "standard", because rendition of darker ateas is better. Will only be a take couple of minutes more. Also I would look for a GH3 eqivalent to nostalgic as comparison. Why? Because many of shoot with the flattest gamma setting and add contrast or crush blacks in post.

  • @Frame

    Instead of worrying about a GH2 vs GH3 test many people such as myself and others are shooting. All you need to know is GH3 is better, PERIOD / END of Discussion....

    If and when GH3 gets Hacked then these silly questions shall be no more.

  • @FilmingArt - And what is exactly your frame of reference for this claim? We're to just take your word for it? I've never seen anything that you have shot. Half of this site is built upon testing these cams and comparing them. Both cams have their pros and cons. Some people want to see the results side by side for themselves.

  • @rockroadpix

    It is much better to use PM for such messages.

  • @FilmingArts Better worth $1300 and narrower angle of view? Your comment is not very helpful...

  • The GH3 has the edge over the GH2 if we're talking about where each camera is starting from. This is much the same as it was with the GH2 vs. the GH1. The base cameras keep improving with each version. That's going to mean the upside for the GH3 is higher than the GH2 which we are seeing the limits of it's capabilities even tho there is still development going on with further Hack settings. Once the GH3 is hacked I would suspect it will surpass anything the GH2 can do. The GH3 is already a pretty impressive camera.

  • History repeating itself...

  • @halimecondor no I did not. Im selling my GH2 on ebay now. I did not want to heart anyone. I just want to say that if you use optimal settings of GH2 to compere with GH3, it would be good if GH3 has optimal setting also (does not mean the same). GH3 -5 is too much-that was proved already. Dont get me wrong but I prefer GH3 for my personal needs and I dont need to compere aspects of camera, from which i dont have benefits.

  • Oh noooo... another tester not testing. Maybe this is an undiscovered statistical phenomenon: The more GH2 owners get GH3s, the lesser the probability someone does a test.

  • @rockroadpix


    Two projects shot on GH2, 1 by myself (lil miss miss) and second project I edited,colored,etc for Sean Paul

    Also I have a New project I shot and edited on the GH3 releasing real soon. I work on a lot of Music Videos for unsigned + signed artists as it is something I love doing. The GH3 is better in every way than the GH2 and while I'm not into doing tests I just shoot projects and fortunate to make a living. Is it worth $1300, to me it is. Just not having to deal with the ugly Green Cast that is on GH2 was such a relief.

    Also the GH2 form factor is poor in comparison + several other things. I also love shooting 1080p 60fps, can't be done on the GH2. Overall if you're not making money with your camera maybe it might not make sense, but to me $1300 is little money when it comes to my tools and how I earn a living.

    I was considering purchasing a 5d Mark III which cost at least twice as much, GH3 imo is a better camera inside and out then the GH2. Amazing projects can be shot on most cameras, but what makes one better than the other regarding the GH2/3 is honestly the feel of the camera.

    GH3 feels more solid, performs better, is a better photo camera, can shoot 1080p 60fps, better codec , weather sealed, audio monitoring, LONGER ( at least 2-3x) better battery performance and the list goes on....

    GH2 with the Hack provides an excellent image, but requires a lot to make look right. GH3 out of the Box performs as good if not better than GH2 Hack + all of the better functions the GH3 has make it a no brainer..... Peace