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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @plasmamp How upconverts to 4K that footage?

  • Some Canis Majoris Night footage anamorphic up to f1.4. Watch in original which is 4k. This is a combo of the Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1,5 and the Olympus 50mm 1.4. Nothing else comes close. There are no cropped shots, the anamorphot is capable of resolving well over 4k, but you still get a nice soft flaring from not having Multicoating.

  • @driftwood Thanks for the reply. Yup the files do work in my NLE even though in cam playback did not.

  • @driftwood...Amen. I just got my first GH2 last month, big thanks to all you guys you're brilliant. It's an amazing tool, especially with the patches. Im using V6 Nebular and I love it. Wish I can show you guys what I shot but I'm on an older iMac (07) the playback is just horrendous. The good news is the SD extreme pro 32GB card is flawless. Wish I can say the same for the Mac, however I'm building a new system (pc) in the very near future. I'll be happy to share my footage and if may say, I was very happy to donate here too. Money well spent, I'm learning so much, it's a fantastic community...Thanks again

  • password: green Shot this with SednaQ20. Used a Jupiter 9 85mm, Kowa 16H Anamorphic adapter with Redstan Clamp and a Cokin +2 P Series Diopter. Smooth Setting all at 0. Daylight WB. 160-ISO. No ND. f-stop b/n 5.6-16.

  • @jshzr @wigginjs You may well experience problems such as non spanning on high static detail or in-camera playback when the bitrate surges up because of the neccessity to decode to target Q. Try the DREWnet version of Cluster v6 if you really need in-camera playback to work more consistently and spanning as its using standard GOPs.

    Can I repeat this one last time. STUTTERING PLAYBACK IN CAMERA/ or on a Panasonic TV, or on a computer with incorrect codecs (or just simply a slow computer) IS NOT telling you the mts files are bad. On the NLE and a decent pute they will come over and edit/play fine.

    I am not prepared to drop the level of quality any lower just because a decoder can't keep up with the data rate - or you may as well use stock.

  • @Sangye: Yeah, the most obvious is around and at the bottom of that water fountain. And the amount of detail resolved by the hack is significant with the background blades of green shrubs. The motion is much better as well (less macroblocking). Thanks for sharing your stills..

    @proaudio4: Yeah, my site is better then vimeo. But i still can see some difference even on Vimeo. I'm realizing (i'm new to hacking) how much more a big screen environment would totally magnify these flaws.

  • @onionbrain That is brilliant. Reminds me of my time in Loudon County, Hot, humid, fire flies, Goose Creek and a few beers.

  • Testing how far I can push shadows in post, from Sedna A AQ1 [Smooth -2,-2,-2,-2]. These are identical frame grabs from the same footage, one straight out of the camera, the other with extensive adjustment in Magic Bullet Looks. Exposure raised +.5 stops, fill light added, shadows raised, warmed white balance, blue gradient in sky, exposure gradient in sky, saturation 110%, blacks returned to black, strong diffusion filter added.

    Obviously it got a little muddy, but frankly I'm just amazed I could pull that much detail out of the thistles in the foreground, which on my screen looked like black silhouettes. Note that this is without any noise reduction. Noise reduction could bring this into the realm of usability.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @proaudio4 Yes Vimeo compression makes comparisons silly, but see the link he included below the embed. Not original .mts, but appears to have substantially less compression.

  • @Sangy It's really not easy to see the difference since you're looking at vimeo compression.

    A real comparison would be comparing the original mts files.

  • @gib beautiful! best sunrise I've seen posted in this thread so far.

    @pvjames thanks for sharing that. The big benefit that's obvious here is macroblocking, especially in the first ocean shots. Sedna has some macroblocking, but nothing like the muddy mess that is stock!

  • @wigginsjs i've been having problems with nebula as well. In-camera playback was glitchy. Sometimes files would play and sometimes it would say "this option image cannot be played." i'm using Sandisk Extreme 16gb 95mb/s

  • First-time comparing Sedna AQ1 and unhacked.

    Download or go here for best viewing!i=1988022359&k=bS5MRhK

  • A sunrise from yesterday morning

    The sun was late popping up, due to some low cloud out to sea, but some nice golden reflections on the water.

    25th July 2012, GH2 with Driftwood VY Canis Majoris 'Night' patch

  • Did a test with Cluster v6 Nebular in 24P mode with a 32GB SanDisk 35MB/s card. Failed to span with a fairly static outdoor scene. The image looked beautiful, but back to Cake I suppose.

  • @MattRobertson7 Bro i love this Guy work, Great Job friend Bless.

  • Sedna B Aq1. Voigtlander 25mm, Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8, Olympus 9-18mm, Olympus 45mm

  • This is my experience with Sedna A patch last month. If somebody works like me on Avid Mediacomposer 5.5, there is absolutly no problem for import MTS files in Avid ( by DNxHD or AVC INTRA option codec ...)

  • Hi @flaschus, still fine tuning inbetween a very busy editing week finishing off a live Turin Brakes concert of 1 hour 30 minutes long with seven camera angles. :-)

  • yoo... whats cookin ya'll?

    when's the new patches being released?

  • All entries will be judged accordingly by all visitors here. So please, please upload. There is no foregone conclusion until its over.

  • I don't think i will enter mine after seeing @onionbrain 's entry. Where is that place? Is it heaven?

    Or will my entry still be useful to you even if it's not the very best of sunsets entered @driftwood ?