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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @driftwood thanks a bunch! will do.

  • Here's a new problem. I just realized that CM Night will not record longer than the 4 min limit. I have two 64gb 95mbs cards and two GH2s and it does the same on both. If I load another patch, this doesn't happen. Tried it with Boom and it's fine.

  • @vicharris There is a setting at the bottom of Ptools Patchers for testers>Extra>Recording Limit. IIRC Nick set that to 4 minutes on the CM Night setting, so just uncheck that and then try again.

  • @Stray is right. Just uncheck the record limit and you will be just fine.

  • CM, all of them, are great hacks all the way.

  • @stray @dgf Well shit. Can't believe I missed that one. I just took for granted that the limit was removed. Thanks guys.

  • @driftwood sir a request, is it possible to release canis majoris Day AM anytime soon?? i have a ad shootout in western ghats this month, i am still shooting with sedna AQ1 for outdoor and Canis Night for indoor, if this release is possible i would take all canis series patch instead of sedna. Am Pm and night, sedna A AQ1 is so good, but canis grades better. anyway on u r will sir. this isnt just for me infact many pv members are waiting for this.

  • Really got to challenge the Apocalypse Now patch with extreme lowlight(candle light) conditions and Film Convert. All I can say is that this patch is insanely good even in challenging situations!

  • Very nice and love FC!

  • @efonius .. amazing work dude. Can you tell me more about your workflow? Did you denoise the clip first and then added filmconvert? Or Was everything converted using FC before editing even began?

  • Hello guys, sorry if I ask a question you've heard a thousand times, but I need your actual experience. For Sedna AQ1 or Cluster v7 Apocalypse Now Sharp II (which should be the best hacks, right?), The sd card by sandisk have to be a 95MB/s, or a 45mb/s is fine?

    Maybe it depends on how we are "lucky"?

    INFINITE thanks.

  • Always go for the 95mb/s if you can afford it. I have three now!

  • Hey all. Just a little lighthearted piece I shot for the local playhouse to promote their rendition of Driving Miss Daisy.
    Sedna AQ20.

  • driftwood, Sorry, I did not even hack my GH2 because really your orientation helped me make several shots and decide what I want to get as a result after doing the hack on my GH2, I serve good desire to shots weddings and I intend to make short films. Then I will spend most of the time doing very few light shots and require few noise. What do you recommend the hack? Thank's for your help.

  • @Bueller- I find that a very nicely put together promo! I liked your shot selection and angles, and particularly appreciated your tight editing. Nothing worse than watching 3 seconds of someone fumbling with keys, etc. VERY nicely done!

  • @efonius, great work man, I am downloading a trial version of Fim Covert to try it on some sedna A q20 I have. Love the mood and also the sound...

  • @Bueller really really nice man. What lens/iso/post/filter adjustments did you do? Looks very filmic and not videoy at all.

  • Thanks for watching PV Community. Driving Miss Daisy was done with the stock 14-140 on iso 200. Then in post I played around with Crumplepop's Finisher and colored in Davinci Resolve. I really liked what Finisher did and it gives great bang for the buck. I have not tried Film Convert yet but look forward to trying it on future projects.

  • @Bueller That's the 14-140!!!! Holy crap. Whatever you did in post makes that lens look great. Maybe the best non-doc or non-eng stuff I've seen with it.

  • Hi guys, sorry if it's off topic, but I've decided I want a stable hack that does not give me problems, and I know that the choice is between FM2.02 and Cluster v6 drewnet, correct? I would like to try this last one. I make this choice also because I do not want to spend so much for a 95MB / s, are too expensive! I would like to get a card cheaper, and I saw the sandisk 64gb 64gb 45mb/se the Lexar 400x (60mb / s). At the same price. The lexar is faster and costs the same: you say? Can I take that? Lexar is reliable? Thanks to all!

  • I edit my previous message: in the end i bought the 64gb 95mb/s sandisk, to try the best hacks! Now, which are the best hacks? Can you help me, please?

  • @efonius Wich hack version of Apocalypse now did you use? It's FANTASTIC. Is it reliable?

  • Thanks driftwood! shot with Quantum. Camera only locked up a few times. that 8 bit color sometimes becomes a problem with the blue skies. I did color correct some of the shots.

  • Shot with Cluster v6