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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • GH2 hacked with Sedna Q20. 12-35 f2.8, 7-14 f4.0 & Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95

  • I´m still amazed abou how it works the old Canis Majoris Night under extremely low light conditions. Here at 1000 ISO without Neat Video or Denoiser.

    This with the Canon FD 50mm f1.4 inside a basement.

    1920 x 1080 - 950K
  • @Driftwood @all

    One question regarding the CM day/pm setting: I use this as my main setting for almost everything I shoot. How big negative impact does this setting have when shooting with it in dark scenes? Will this day / pm setting give more noise and artifacts in low light situations than lets say the default matrix or the night setting?

    Thank you for all your great work!

  • @Driftwood @all Between Cluster 6 Drewnet and Cluster 7, which one would you recommend for short films and narratives? In camera playback is important for me.

  • @Adde, in my very personal opinion Canis Majoris Days is great, Canis Majoris Night I think that just works better the blacks and dark areas of the shoot in low light. The great thing about Canis Majoris set of hacks is that you can use them for any kind of shoots you need. I use to bring all of them in the laptop and I go changing between shoots.

    For All purpose I still trust Sedna (AQ1/Q20).

    My favourite patch.

    Of course I'ts just my experience, probably the rest of geniuses of this forum can help you a lot better.

  • @dgf there´s no way that you don´t have any chroma noise in that shot! how its possible? i see the channels in PS and humm... no noise reduction at all? maybe NR in-camera?

  • Of course heradicattor! In camera it was -2. But not in Photoshop. I will get you if you want the clip with the Mojo and Denoiser and you can see the difference.

  • Here it is...

    1920 x 1080 - 457K
  • @Aashay DREWnet Cluster6 is perfect for your needs. 7 is experimental.

  • Some Manual lenses DOF tests SEDNA Q20 (A)

  • Quick screen grab from the first night scene of our PSA using CM Night. 1600 ISO, Rokinon 35mm at 1.4 or 2.0 I believe, straight out of the camera.

    Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 9.13.36 PM.png
    916 x 522 - 547K
  • Thinking about trying Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' 6 GOP Nebula '444 Soft matrix'. I'm doing some documentary work/interviews. Need spanning, reliability and play back in Cam. Also want the SOFT because I'm used Panasonic Lumix Lens. Also Long GOP kinda scares me. Any thoughts?

  • damn, since when 6gop has bacome long enough to scare people? lol. trust me, nobody's gonna notice anything. hell, even here, at pixelgop-peep-fest most people can't tell the difference between 1-12 gop. btw, it is an amazing patch, so just use it and shoot something! :D

  • @brudney I meant longer than 6gop. Sorry. Can you point me to where the hack is? Tough to find on this site. Thanks!

  • @driftwood and @others

    Sorry to be asking a stupid question but I have some seriously difficult conditions to shoot in tomorrow... I need settings with reliable spanning @50i and @HBR(25psf) with as little banding as possible and pleasant grain (it should also work reliably with 12-35mm f2.8). It´s an 80 minute dance performance, white background, black sides, and very difficult lighting and props which easily induces moire, even with the gh2. I think I´ll be forced to put the gh2´s as chasing cams to (hopefully) avoid moire hell on the props.

    I have 64gb 95mb/s cards so it can be a high end setting, as long as it´s RELIABLE.

    Some of the cluster versions might be a possibility but I don´t know which. I shot some tests today with factory settings and it looks goddamn awful at times.

  • @RRRR Try Cluster 6 DREWnet out before you go.

  • We will move on GH3 soon...Can someone tell me if Is there any new setting from master ND (last 2 mounts I was not here) which will span 1080p 25 to be use as a second camera without checking if still rolling? Or it safer use cake? How the gh3 matrices works in Pal?

  • GH3 matrix settings work well but havent been tested for spanning. Try out the Cluster DREWnet GH3onaGH2 setting on page 1.

  • Thanks @driftwood I will try Cluster DREWnet GH3onaGH2 which i think ii on page 1 of other tread However I found Competition there :).... It never happened or I missed lens??:)

  • Last thing I need and I'll stop annoying you guys. Can someone direct be to the latest and greatest ptools? Thanks!