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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @mee, the footage above, all shot at f.095, or you referring to the widest stop for the lens? Footage looks great, it seems the faster than standard 180 degre shutter speed helps. This footage reminds me of my times in Japan in the late 90's, shooting back to Tokyo between snowboard trips and observing similar events, like the Yoyogi Park rockabilly dancers on the weekend. So many cool GH2 patches, so little meta data stored to note this for historical reference. I have similar problems with remembering and/or noting ISO, f-stop, shutter and WB, which is important when testing or post analysis.

  • @white rabbit Pretty much all f.095 Thank you, and the Shutter speed was ridiculously high. Mostly 1/4000. I didn't have a proper ND filter at the time.

    @GravitateMediaGroup Boom, Cake, Flowmotion, Seaquake and Beautiful Buffers were the most recent patches I used. The three I mentioned earlier seem to be the only contenders.

  • throw boom back on and shoot some stuff outside in the daylight and see if it resembles I guess

    It's weird "to me" that you would shoot wide open like that in daylight. may be normal to some folks I guess

  • @mee I think I can safely say it was Cake. Thats the only setting with encoder 1 1080p/i = 2 and using p frames instead of b frames inside the GOP3.

  • @mee, the 1/4000 will generally make it look perhaps sharper/crisp and different to a standard shutter speed, even over 1/100 and things can look quite different/crisp compared to typical 1/48, 1/50. No ND filter(s), no choice. Without being to broad and general, I sometimes find the faster the shutter, the sharper the image can look. I noticed with the movie, Crank 2, that a lot of the narrative scenes were shot with a rather high shutter speed, and perhaps gave it a more sharp/crisp look, considering the consumer HD cams used and the compression issues they were facing. Such fast shutter would not suit for more general, subtle and dreamy stories. Comparing patches with different scenes, lighting and camera settings has been confusing for me. Not sure how you could compare 1/4000 against other patch unless similar rate. Your footage looks good, considering it has been taken for a ride on the Tube.

  • @Driftwood, wow, I really had all but ruled out Cake, but it is was definitely on my camera recently, and I don't doubt your wisdom. Thanks allot for the help! Over to balazer's thread I go. your patches are still king, and I will be back as always.

    @whiterabbit, again thank you. I really appreciate the compliment, as I am striving to get good fast as possible, as I would much rather be doing this than my current job. As for the shutter speed, I have noticed the crispness too, and specifically noticed a sweet spot with this lens at .095 to about 1.4 at 1/3000 to 1/4000. I know allot of people have said higher shutter speeds are pointless, and in the past I have bit my lip, since I am a baby in the world of film, but with the voightlander it was very clear something was going on. I do have a Marumi ND 8 I will be trying to duplicate this look with, without the higher shutter speeds just to be objectionable. But I think this really is a sweet spot with this lens.

    @GravitateMediaGroup I was shooting slower f-stops for awhile, but those shots in comparison are lifeless. This was my first day out with this lens, and I did enough tests at different settings to know I liked these settings best for these conditions. I am sure with more practice I will learn how to use more range with this lens, but I am very satisfied with the above video.

  • @mee Just use whatever pleases you. Make films!

  • @driftwood Best Advice ever- Make films!

  • Canis Majoris C, no ND at hand so very high shutter here. . Thanks for all the amazing patches!

  • help please. your opinion what pach are best for GX-1

  • This video was shot with Driftwood's Quantum 100Mbps: still a very reliable patch.

  • @DFuture Sweet! Love it man.

  • @valpopando Was that Apoc Now Boom or Apoc Now Intravenus? Thanks for posting.

  • @matt_gh2 thx

    AN Intravenus 24H ! very nice for post processing , original files were dark and totally orange

  • Wow - would've never guessed you had applied an extreme grade to footage. Cool. Music sounds pretty good for using camera's own mic. Sync looks a bit off - but Vimeo is probably to blame. (I switched to YouTube because of sync issues). Yeah, Intravenus holds up nice when grading.

  • Thank's Matt original sound was recorded with a H2 zoom , but something got wrong , fortunately built in mic works very nice so I use this ,

    On My computer no sync issue ? anyway , is a nice patch ! Thx Driftwood

  • Never heard of sync issues with Vimeo. I see them all the time on YouTube. Possibly a browser issue, or choice of HTML5 versus Flash player?

    I host dual pages and, starting with the same source file, Vimeo quality beats YouTube hands down. They could certainly change that but quality isn't job one there, it's ubiquity.

  • @BurnetRhoades Yeah, there's a lot of people getting sync problems on Vimeo, but most people are okay. It may have something to do with what types of files you upload, and other factors, so some people get hit, while others are fine. Didn't realize people had trouble with YouTube sync. For me YouTube is working great, and my image quality is the same. I've done tests in past where Vimeo had better quality, but for whatever reason, the last month when I tried YouTube because my sync issues on Vimeo, I'm seeing video quality same as Vimeo. Might just be type of stuff I shoot.

  • @matt_gh2's about time they turned up da'juice. Hopefully they'll implement being able to file swap at some point as well, like you can with Vimeo.

    edit: hmmm, just looked at my "Night Call Round Rock" vid on both sites and not only was the Vimeo version noticeably better and closer to looking like the source file (same one used to upload to both places) the Vimeo version played back without stuttering and buffering, though that's a catch-as-catch-can issue. Still, it's rare that I get buffering on Vimeo and rare that I don't with YT

  • hey everyone! just wanted to share a trailer for a tv pilot I'm wrapping up.. mostly shot on cluster V6. let me know what you think :) -Armando

  • Canis Majoris Night Matrix using for daytime shooting buy with some low light situations. Made specially for Valentine's Day ! Thanks for the awesome software @Driftwood !

  • @uninexus Very good - like what you did here. Thanks for posting.