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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • Testing how far I can push shadows in post, from Sedna A AQ1 [Smooth -2,-2,-2,-2]. These are identical frame grabs from the same footage, one straight out of the camera, the other with extensive adjustment in Magic Bullet Looks. Exposure raised +.5 stops, fill light added, shadows raised, warmed white balance, blue gradient in sky, exposure gradient in sky, saturation 110%, blacks returned to black, strong diffusion filter added.

    Obviously it got a little muddy, but frankly I'm just amazed I could pull that much detail out of the thistles in the foreground, which on my screen looked like black silhouettes. Note that this is without any noise reduction. Noise reduction could bring this into the realm of usability.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @onionbrain That is brilliant. Reminds me of my time in Loudon County, Hot, humid, fire flies, Goose Creek and a few beers.

  • @Sangye: Yeah, the most obvious is around and at the bottom of that water fountain. And the amount of detail resolved by the hack is significant with the background blades of green shrubs. The motion is much better as well (less macroblocking). Thanks for sharing your stills..

    @proaudio4: Yeah, my site is better then vimeo. But i still can see some difference even on Vimeo. I'm realizing (i'm new to hacking) how much more a big screen environment would totally magnify these flaws.

  • @jshzr @wigginjs You may well experience problems such as non spanning on high static detail or in-camera playback when the bitrate surges up because of the neccessity to decode to target Q. Try the DREWnet version of Cluster v6 if you really need in-camera playback to work more consistently and spanning as its using standard GOPs.

    Can I repeat this one last time. STUTTERING PLAYBACK IN CAMERA/ or on a Panasonic TV, or on a computer with incorrect codecs (or just simply a slow computer) IS NOT telling you the mts files are bad. On the NLE and a decent pute they will come over and edit/play fine.

    I am not prepared to drop the level of quality any lower just because a decoder can't keep up with the data rate - or you may as well use stock.

  • password: green Shot this with SednaQ20. Used a Jupiter 9 85mm, Kowa 16H Anamorphic adapter with Redstan Clamp and a Cokin +2 P Series Diopter. Smooth Setting all at 0. Daylight WB. 160-ISO. No ND. f-stop b/n 5.6-16.

  • @driftwood...Amen. I just got my first GH2 last month, big thanks to all you guys you're brilliant. It's an amazing tool, especially with the patches. Im using V6 Nebular and I love it. Wish I can show you guys what I shot but I'm on an older iMac (07) the playback is just horrendous. The good news is the SD extreme pro 32GB card is flawless. Wish I can say the same for the Mac, however I'm building a new system (pc) in the very near future. I'll be happy to share my footage and if may say, I was very happy to donate here too. Money well spent, I'm learning so much, it's a fantastic community...Thanks again

  • @driftwood Thanks for the reply. Yup the files do work in my NLE even though in cam playback did not.

  • Some Canis Majoris Night footage anamorphic up to f1.4. Watch in original which is 4k. This is a combo of the Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1,5 and the Olympus 50mm 1.4. Nothing else comes close. There are no cropped shots, the anamorphot is capable of resolving well over 4k, but you still get a nice soft flaring from not having Multicoating.

  • @plasmamp How upconverts to 4K that footage?

  • @paglez I edit in 4k anamorphic timeline, do color correction at 4k and a few other things, and export a 4k mp4.

  • Thank you, plasmasmp

  • I've sticked to CM Night since it came out cause i found it to be the best setting so far. It produces incredible quality in low light and is also great in daylight. Only thing is it crashes often after 2-3 min even if the scene is not highly detailed and i know @driftwood said that it will crash so i expected that.I guess i can't have it I've read all the different patches descriptions and i wonder if the descriptions also apply to HBR 25p? Like for example CM Night is the best for low light in 24p but is it also the best for low light in HBR 25p? Day the best for daylight in 25p also and so on... I love the fine grain of CM NIGHT and i wonder if CM Day produces the same grain? I've laso tried the last Flow motion real quick but the grain is not as fine as CM Night.. Also I know that 25p will never be as good as 24p but which setting is the best in 25p? and what are these Crossfire settings made for? Fine grain is a must for me!

    I know that's a lot of questions at once but thanks in advance for responding.

  • password: boat

    • Anamorphic Mysteron Burst Footage I shot just days after getting my camera. Used a KOWA 16H, Redstan Clamp, Helios 44MC, Fotodiox M42 Adapter. No ND. f-stop b/n 5.6-16. ISO160. Vibrant setting, all at 0. PPro CS6 to SpeedGrade CS6, Output 3840x1080, Crunched and Scaled with Handbrake (X264) down to 1920x540 for Vimeo.

    I was using a Lexar C10 16GB card (hadn't got my EXPRO64 card yet). Surprisingly, it only froze up a few times because of big water splashes combined with quick reframing. My girlfriend is very happy with the results and we will probably have another boat party next year with all her crazy Brazilian friends.

  • I just noticed some nasty aliasing that I believe was caused by the downscaling in Handbrake. I'm going to try and resolve a fix and replace the file. I'll report back with what works. I'm thinking downscale in AE then encode to X264.

    • I made a 422 from my 4444 in mpegstreamclip, the. Ran it through handbrake for the x265, and it didn't produce the same nasty mosaic blur looking effect on the sharp edges between blue and red objects that it had before. I think it must have to do with crunching the extended bit depth footage into the super slim compressed file. If I feed it smaller bites than it poops out better looking footage.
  • @exilenorth

    All my thanks! Seems like we've been everywhere together. I lived in downtown historic Leesburg for a decade! That was filmed where you also lived -- east of Harrisonburg.

  • @johnnym Thanks for the kind words -- but -- comments like that will get me in trouble! You and everyone should have fun with this challenge! I was simply contributing -- and the real joke is that I intended to film a bland normal sunrise with the intention of adding CG elements just for fun. So -- my contribution was an accident.

    The truth is that you and everyone else here can blow that away!

    @gib Beautiful composition!

  • @Swiss_Boy It is my experience that the patch with the finest noise grain in low light (ISO 3200-5000) is Cluster v4 final (GOP6). Write errors to a Transend class 10 are rare however it really taxes the GH2 processor to lock-up when panning or zooming with HBR 30P. I see it as a blessing as I'm trying to break myself of those shooting temptations but be ready to pull the battery from time to time. I use a SpeedCarry strap with a bottom plate adapter and a tripod mount on top of that so it can get kinda cumbersome doing a 'hard reset'. BTW: This is the 1st time a 'hard reset' has been hard for me :-)

  • Used Mysteron- 14-42 Stock Lens. ND Fader, Circular Polarizer. -2 -2 +2 -2. Corvette- Ride- UK Version

  • @Bonzai It is my experience that the patch with the finest noise grain in low light (ISO 3200-5000) is Cluster v4 final (GOP6).

    Really! I've been using CM Night. I'll have to try V4 this coming week.

  • This is a short film I made with the "skintone soft" hack.

  • I've followed this thread from the beginning, and then been away for several months. Instead of wading back through everything, I thought I'd ask first: what is the current best patch for absolutely stable long recording (30 mins to over an hour) with a 64GB/95MB? I'm trying to stick to GOP1. Thanks!

  • @Joshua_Cadmium Sedna A is still king of all-around best performance, but Canis Majoris Night outperforms it in several ways (esp. low light performance and ISO grain profile). My only hesitation with using CM Night over Sedna is that it's newer, and its stability isn't quite as well established as Sedna. But I've never had any issues with either on my 64/95 card.

    I haven't used it myself, but Mysteron is another top-tier patch worth checking out.

  • @Jazzwalker impressive! Was this advert commissioned by Chevrolet? If so, cool that you decided to shoot it on a GH2!

  • @scatterbrain Love it ....Absolutly brilliant , a little masterpiece !

  • Fantastic! It's all about the shots. Thanks.