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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • @driftwood Hi! I had a realworld test shoot (Rocket v2) today at a snowy winter scenery. Now I was checking the footage and there are gray/corrupted frames on some of the files (24H). I am posting a link to .mts file soon, if you need to analyze it. If you are familiar with this problem, then nevermind, but I havent seen it before(and it wasnt even cold -+0 temp. tested camera with severe -25c temp and working fine before.) So this might be a glitch in a patch, or my SD card. (SanDisk Extreme HD Video, 30mb/s class 10). I dont care about random freezes at the start of the record, but this worries me a little bit, if it corrupts files. :/ what do you think? Quality is phenomenal, though! 8)

    Edit 6.45: Thank you, @JPB1138 and @ignatius! 8) PROBLEM SOLVED! All is good! ;) Corrupted frames occur only in VLC Player.

    Heres a little clip, using (v2 Rocket) :)

  • @blackspot

    Same thing happened to me regarding Grey Frames/files... Once I injested them using 5dtoRGB they played back fine. So if you are converting, give it a try and see how that works!

  • @driftwood, Just tested QuantumX_v1 against QuantumX_v2 in the following modes: 24H, 24Hext, 25HBR, 25HBRext, 720p50, 720p50ext, and QuantumX_v2 also in MJPEG and MJPEGext. It all looks fine, i'll post soon the results. But: in QuantumX_v2 at 25HBR, it dropped frames. confirmed after export with 5dtorgb. details soon. Amazing quality by the way. thank you so much.

  • @blackspot

    This also happens to me when I view back in vlc directly off the gh2. Once files have been written to internal hard drive on my computer playback is fine, and also everything is fine transcoding to DNxHD/5dtoRGB etc

  • Nick Nick Nick!! You gotta slow down! I can't keep up. I literally just uploaded my Q v9b +4 test from the weekend! Love the work tho!

    password; nickisdabomb

  • can't find the right thread to ask this question, so i'll do it here, since this is the hack i've been using:

    is there a way to recover the recordings that "disappear" when the camera freezes and a "battery-pull" is required or when the third party batteries suddenly die? or are these shots lost forever? the mts-files are on the card but have only 0kb, although in some cases i had been recording for several minutes.

    thanks j

  • Mostly worked fine yesterday, except late at night in the city (HBR 25p) where on ISO 5000 it froze up at 1m 39s and lost the clip. Where as Seaquake, Q7, Q9b.. never had that prob on 24H.

    Don't have time to upload right now, will have to wait till tonight.

  • hi jide, i think these 0kb files are really gone then. if someone know more please correct me.

  • @freestylez that kind of hurts.. but thanks for the reply, anyway. j

  • @freestylez @jide @all Have anyone tried to recover lost bits using "low level" kinda recovery software? or similar... I can try that next time a have a bad luck... That would be great to have some "backup plan" in case something really valuable is lost.

  • Everyone do NOT post comments saying "card error" or "camera froze" without telling Nick what type of memory card you are using. It doesn't help him much.

    Some cheap memory cards won't be able to handle it - 95mbs Sandisk cards work well with Quantum X2 for those looking to take advantage of his patches.

  • @troyjason, the question is if it is possible to recover the recordings that seem to be lost when the camera freezes. not whether or not my cards can handle the hack, because they apparently can't. i'm using transcend class 10, 64GB, 32GB & 16GB.


  • *** HACK NEWS UPDATE **** 720p50 INTRA a REAL possibility on Quantum X (v3 Rocket) ... at 70+Mbps...coming soon. Info will be released on top of page one.

    Quantum X V3 (Rocket) 720p INTRA screengrab.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    Quantum X V3 (Rocket) 720p INTRA streamparser.png
    1292 x 682 - 302K
  • Looks like someone needs to do the dishes. :-)

  • You offering Mac? ;-)

  • @driftwood So (v3 Rocket) looks te right setting for me.
    But do i still need to record in HBR first if i shoot in 720?

    By the way, i am very happy that you read those bedtime books/story .... ;-)

  • @driftwood I know you are a busy brittish person driftwood but could you tell this ignorant belgian guy what intra means? =) love from the land of chocolat!

  • Thought all Belgians knew this! Intra quite literally means within itself, and in terms of h264 avc - inter is prediction from others. P and B macroblocks can predict from i/p/b macroblocks. Intra macroblocks holds all the info it needs within itself. Are you on the Internet right now ? Or are you on a intranet? ;-)

  • And now my usual question: Nick, when it wil be available this new releases?

  • Most of its finished for both, just sorting out INTRA on 720.... :-)

  • INTRA 720!....damn!

  • i'm still very confused but thanks for the info ! ^^

  • Thank you, sir.

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