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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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    393 x 639 - 52K
  • Thx, has this making a difference by you?

  • @Mozes Thanks for all the answers. Thing is that this has always worked for me, I have done probably over 60 different updates and tests, always worked great, and now all of a sudden I have trouble with it. And the trouble did not begin after an update, but in the camera while shooting....

    Only difference I've made is that I have an HDMI monitor plugged in and some times I forget to unplugg it in order to get 720 50p and it results in 1080 50i and the camera crashes... So if that could have done something... Anyway, thanks for your tips, I will try another clean start and hope for the best!

  • @cinemon yes i did, not that there is no noise or grain, but its not .. well what you have now, looks if the noise is in a group off blocks ...
    If i am not mistaken, driftwood had updated his settings....

  • @cinemon

    That looks great to me! I mean yeah I can see the noise, like for example in the face of the guy crawling away from the axeman in the last shot, but you're in a forest at it looks like you were using just available natural light. At 640 ISO in that light you're gonna get noise.

    Unfortunately I think this is just a case of fact (and remember you're shooting on a cheap consumer camera). The footage looks great though, well done. You can clean up quite a bit of that noise in post without significant softening/losing too much detail.

    All the best

  • what would be best quality/stable hack for a 16gb 95mbps sandisk extreme card.?

  • @jclmedia Most should work for that card.

    @ALL @Vitaliy_Kiselev is about to close this thread as it it now too long. It is continued over on Series 2 at;-

    Next series


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