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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • baby quantum vbr 720 60p works after starting in 80% then switching to 720. Sandisk extreme 95mb sdxc 64. Maxed shutter to 4000 no problems. Ran it @ shutter speed 2000 for 11:33. I stopped it. I'll stream parse when I get home.

  • An example of Driftwoods new Orion (still have some adjustments to do, and this shot was badly lit).


    Canon FD 24 2.8, Cinema -2 - 2 -2 -2

    Sandisk 30MB Class 10 16GB, worked like a charm.

    Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.37.19 PM.png
    526 x 305 - 255K
    Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.37.32 PM.png
    524 x 297 - 252K
  • @Driftwood, with Orion and my Sandisk 8gb 30 mb/s card I have been recording in nothing but 720 60p. I have had no problems so far, but I am not sure if it spans as I never record that long. I will try to test it soon. It looks Fucking great. Love the skies, and clarity on fast moving objects. I am fighting with my computer right now, but will try and link some untouched MTS files soon.

  • @driftwood... considering that this my first time hacking my GH2 I have to give you your props. Using the Pictoris v5b VBR hybrid on a Transcend 16GB class 6 card and so far no problems. Just quick 1 minute tests around the home (interior) in 24P, HBR, and 720/60 (SH and H) and all is good. The only problem I encountered was shooting 720/60 with an ISO of 1600 or higher (shutter 125). The camera reported that the card wasn't fast enough. Will do more tests over the weekend... Thanks for the hard work.

  • Hello, what's the best patch for obtain the best quality image ? And where can I found it ? Thank u all :-)

  • @driftwood one playback error: card read error when playing back the HBR file on a HDTV via HDMI cable. All others played back fine. Guess I got to shell for a Sandisk 16gb 30MB card.

  • How come no one is praising/testing the SpanMyBitchUp V2b? If anyone likes this setting, don't you think it's a bit better in lowlight/detail than the pictoris settings? If I'm alone on this, than cool. Although the pictoris settings are amazing, I just feel bad for SpanMyBitchUp one's praising this big lug;)

  • I am entering the settings for Quantum X v5b Pictoris CBR, but I am stuck when I get to this line "1080p24 Scaling I=0x606, 0xA08, 0xA08, ..." and so on up to "720p50 Opt2 GOP Table=1, 1, 4, 0, 0, 0" Where do I enter these? I can't find it anywhere in the PTool.


  • By the way, I did not enter any of these settings so when I hacked the camera and tried to record, on the very first second, I got "Motion recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card" message, although I have 32 Gb Class 10 card. And the message froze, I can't even turn off the camera. It is still on and the message won't go away. What is the problem?

  • @uzland Hey, why are you entering settings manually? If you have the setting files (the ones you downloaded, and they'll be listed as seta, setb and so on) in the same folder as your Ptools and GH2_V11 firmware, those settings will automatically pop up at the bottom of the Ptools (A-J). You just click on the settings you want and they load for you; no need to manually enter them.

  • This happened on AVCHD 720p, SH. I tested it on 24p movie mode, it is working fine.

  • lunalobo75, help me again please. I have these .ini files in the same folder as Ptools and the firmware. How does it pop at the bottom of the Ptools? Do I open the Ptools first and load the file or some other way. I've tried a few ways, it is not working. Thanks a lot.

  • Got it! Thanks:))) Sorry about multiple post, please delete them, if you wish. I couldn't delete them myself.

  • @uzland with the ini files in the same folder as your Ptools (make sure you have the latest Ptools), GH2_V11 firmware; load the GH_V11 firmware first; once you do that, you'll see 9 red balls at the bottom of Ptools listed as A-J. If you have the ini files in the same folder (make sure they are names seta, setb and so on) the red balls will turn green: those are the ini files loaded into Ptools. Just highlight them with your mouse pointer and they'll say what settings they are. Click on the ball you want and the settings will be loaded.

    You can go into the main interface double-click on "patched for end users, and you'll see that settings are loaded. If you are having trouble, go to this link to learn how to load settings:

    or here:

  • Thanks, I got that figured out. But I am still getting "Motion recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card" message with the 32 Gb Class 10 card. And the VGA mode is giving me only 2 minutes. How is it possible?

  • Hi. First, thanks for everything, and sorry for my english... In my Gh2, with a SanDisk 32gb 95MB/s, when I shooting in Pal with FSH and FH parameters, The Driftwood Quantum X v5c 'ß Pictoris' CBR freezes after 2 or 3 minutes... several times. In HBR mode is ok... Otherwise, in the VBR version everything is ok! works fine in FSH, FH and HBR. thanks!

  • @uzland Some 32 Gb Class 10 or Sandisk 32 Gb Class 10? It does make a difference.

  • Don't cheap out on memory cards and expect Orion to work guys. Driftwood has other patches for you if you don't have a Sandisk 95mbps card. Reread the first post of this thread - he explains why you will get errors if you don't own the Sandisk 95 card. Happy hacking!

  • Ok, to all those with freezes, etc... we'll lower frame limits and buffers even more. @duartix do the same test on ANY testers setting for the GH2 and tell me the Q youre going to get on death charts. Its the SAME. Its the GH2! You can go massively long gop and then youre in other troubled waters. For CBR style you can also use IQ/Q=0. If you want the whole picture macroblocks to be coded with exactly the same Q then raise your IQ/Q to the high 20s. I'm against the same Q for whole picture theory... that means highlights and shadows get the same Q... not good in my book. Death charts can fail even on stock settings - we've noted this. If the GH2 had more memory, bigger buffers, faster cpu it'd be a different ballgame. For most real world filming situations - filming people, closeups, general docu makes these settings work very well. Other than that, buy a RED. Most importantly, get out and film REAL things now.

  • @troyjason, I don't want it to sound like I don't want everyone to enjoy these but I agree with you. I am really enjoying the CBR versions on Quantum (Pictoris & Orion). No problems on a Sandisk 95 card. I think it's a small price to pay for the picture quality.

  • SanDisk Extreme 45mb/s works also very fine with the pictoris/orion patch. this card is not so expensive like the 95mb/s card

  • Been lurking here for a bit, but thought I give my 2c worth: great work Nick (and of course Vitaliy)! Hacked my GH2 with 'Orion', and using both 45Mbs (32G) and 95Mbs (64G) Sandisks and am not having any dramas on either 24H nor FSH. Have recorded as long as 20 mins. No dramas on the death charts either. A slight "stutter" is noticeable on fast pans, but I guess that's not unexpected. Again, great work Nick, and thank you!

  • Cheers @driftwood !

    I'm not lobbying for constant QP, I know highlights and shadows are perceived differently and thus can take on different beating. Although I haven't tested other settings, yes, you're right about the other issues (at longer GOP it's easier to get constant QP). But the major issue I was raising was about uneven frame IQ. Even though I understand why the QP might not be equal across all the frame content, I can't defend the quality being A+ on the top of the frame and being B on the lower end on something that was not even close to a death chart. That was the "meat" of my report.

  • @duartix You really must get your Timelapser working. pm me if you need help. The thing about Intra it takes its prediction from 'within' itself ie its own slice - it doesnt need to sample from other ref frames - like P frames - made up of references from other i frames like Long GOP. And although Long GOP is excellent for using less memory... for me, I just believe in the original! Thats my own personal view and I dont give diddly squat what others say.

  • :) Still learning the basics... Thanks for the help.

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