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Official GF2 hack development topic
  • As I got GF2 bodies, I am making this topic.

    Right now it'll be closed. I'll open it after I get dumping results in about a week.
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  • Got the GF2 dump today.

    Don't have much time, unfortunately.
    But AVCHD encoder implementation seems to be the same as GH2, not like GH1.
    This is very good news.
  • Great. Yes it has B-frames for 1080p30. That was a pleasant surprise.
  • I mean not B frames in ready files, I mean code.
  • Good news. BTW, any chance of a hack to allow a Japanese body to use English? They are cheaper but language locked. I already have one (I can read enough of it with help from the English manual) and would be willing to test.
  • Yes, It is a good idea if it could be possible to remove the language lock.
  • @mojo

    Yes, of course. :-)
  • Great news. GF2 has potential to be a nice little inexpensive B-cam. That said, I've not been terribly impressed with the image quality I get out of mine at the moment. At best, 1080p looks like it's just been interpolated up from 720p (or less). Is resolution something we can expect will improve with patched firmware, or is it (as I suspect) more likely a limitation of the sensor?
  • @KeithLommel I don't find GF2 like interpolated 720p. It is nice step up from GF1. It is not up to GH2 specs, but nice enough. GF2 image does have aliassing problem. Also with low bitrate comes compression artefacts. Image will clean up with higher bitrate.
  • Both the GF2 and GF3 use the same image sensor as the GF1. This sensor design pre-dated the GH1's multi-aspect sensor and the GF1 has significantly more shadow noise and FPN. I really liked everything else about the hacked GF1, but it really could not match the GH1's image quality.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks, very much appreciated!

    As for image quality I am very happy with the GF2. The compact size more than makes up for any slightly lower quality compared to a full size DSLR. For me the subject matter and composition is more important in most cases.
  • @John_Farragut I've not used a GF1, so was not aware that GF2 was so much of a step up in quality despite having the same sensor. But considering VK's finding that AVCHD encoder implementation is better than previous generations, perhaps the addition of the 1080p mode to this model was more than just marketing by Panasonic. I'm very much looking forward to what VK can unleash in this little camera! Agree that compact size is very nice, and subject matter and composition are what matters anyway.
  • GF2 gives good enough RAW photos. I don't expect 166Mbps GOP1 AQ4 from GF2. Of course hacked GF2 can't replace GH1 or GH2. I will be happy with something like 44Mbps GOP10 AQ3. That's good enough for me.

    Also this hack might help GF3, G3, GX1, etc. Those are mass markets and it will help a lot more people than small number of GH1 and GH2 owners.
  • I think if you own a bundle of Lumix lenses, then this camera is a must have for those times you want a lightweight small all metal body that can take a few knocks and handle dust better than the plastic GH series. I'm onto one.
  • Don't you know? That's how GH resolves the heating issue through more air leaks :)
    Ok that's a bad joke since I own GH2. I like GH2, but sometimes I prefer carrying GF2. With 14mm pancake or 14-42X, it looks so much like a super compact that it helps me take video more freely in some cases.
  • Can you confirm 1080 is the only mode with b frame codec, what about 720p?
  • No B frames in 720p. Neither is GH2.
  • Also the Mjpeg mode is attractive in this small package, as a quick edit done on a low spec laptop for same day edits or edits during airplane flights.
  • Ok thanks, if VK can get true progressive out of 1080 mode that will suffice.

  • It is already true progressive :)
  • I meant 1080p30 straight out of unhacked GF2. It was GOP15... I think.
  • Never mind. It's wrapped in 1080i60.

  • Hi, i would be like to paticipate on this project.
    Could be possible remove warning "Accumulator cannot be used. Use original battery" and consistent switching off? I have original Panasonic battery and this screen appears in the winter outdoor when battery is cold (or overheat when is long time recording) and camera will be turning off. This is protection from overheating or damaged or fake battery. Of course battery could be exploding from overheating but in this case its false alarm and camera cannot be using anymore but after warming battery can. Battery is fully charged only termistor into battery give wrong resistance in cold and its serious reduce ability of using camera in the winter. About exploding battery from overheating i dont have worry, because in the most cases they dont do it if you dont ignore tempreature battery and will wait for cool down. Thanks for your opinion.
  • >Could be possible remove warning "Accumulator cannot be used. Use original battery" and consistent switching off?

    Nope, not possible.

    >I have original Panasonic battery and this screen appears in the winter outdoor when battery is cold

    You can try to read any paper about Li-Ion in the cold situations.
  • Ok, its hw thing, thanks.
  • >You can try to read any paper about Li-Ion in the cold situations.

    I know what i can expect from Li-ion but i thought it could be help increase working time in the cold situations because software recognize value resistance on battery termistor and give command to switch off camera even if battery can supply camera because still have enough power.

    It was only for explanation because i got your answer.
    Thanks for your work, i will support this project.