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95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro cards
  • There has been various reports from P-V users that the new 95mb/s Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards are fast enough for previously un-span-able PTool settings to now span.

    @Jspatz reported earlier today that he was able to achieve spanning with @driftwoods SeAQuake on a 64GIG Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mb/s. This is HUGE news!

    >Only the 64gb will work.

    >Ed Lee confirmed that his 32gb 95MB/s failed to span. Its safe to assume that the 16 and 8 will perform likewise.
    >Only the 64gb is labeled as 'SDXC'.

    UPDATE 2nd Dec 2011:
    >I can confirm that the card (95MB/s 64gig) spans with SeAQuake


    500 x 500 - 195K
    500 x 500 - 196K
    500 x 500 - 156K
    500 x 500 - 199K
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  • @alcomposer
    So far perfect. The camera reports a capacity of 50 minutes and 41 seconds.
  • @Jspatz can you record with SeAQuake for the 'full' card to confirm that it spans the 'full' card.

    (Watch the news and film it etc..)
  • @alcomposer
    I will try that, but meanwhile, at Sage's suggestion I trued 80% at iso 800 and it crashed after 9 seconds.
  • I filled the entire card, 57 minutes worth until it stopped by itself. 16 files. They do not play back in the camera like the single clips do.Each file loads all the others in Premiere pro. So if I load #1 it is 57 minutes long and If I load #14 it is 57 minutes long. In Windows media player, some files come in as singles, some as themselves plus the higher numbered ones and some as the total length. If I rename the files, they behave as individual files about 3:50 in length each. They all seem OK and usable.
  • @FGCU topic is for 95Mb/s Sandisk only...
  • His point is relevant though - fgcu, was it the seaquake hack?
  • 80% mode should not be expected to work with SeAQuake. 80% mode increases the frame rate and bit rate by 25%. Driftwood made Aquamotion with lower frame limits and bit rates specifically to account for the increases of the 80% mode.
  • Any other 95MB/s card owners out there?

    (Sorry @Sage; @FGCU, I don't want this thread closed- I just want to keep this thread about the newest 95MB/s as the reports that are coming in are CRAZY! In a good way...)
  • @Jspatz, great news I was hoping that card would help with the spanning. I May get that card in future.
    Hurrrrrrray jump up and down.
  • @jspatz
    Does it span on a death chart? If you shot a boring scene, every setting will span on slow cards.
  • @sohus I thought that it also needs to be moving... hence filming the TV... (when I have filmed a LCD screen that was sometimes as good as a deathchart anyway- as there are SOOO many pixels to draw)
  • I filmed a 30" monitor with wildly moving moire producing 150 MBits and it spanned. Also figure eight motion on tree clusters a high shutter speed on pancake. I will try death charts.
  • @sohus, if that failed to f*(#k up the spanning, then I don't know what would have. @Jspatz how did you get this card before EVERYONE else... ?? Who do you know?? I want the number! ;-)

    @chrimsbroome we all should be getting one! But remember that this will ONLY span for 1 day before @driftwood has had his evil way with it... bu ha ha ha! (also - super cheap at B&H- only $190!!- how do they do it SOOO cheap?)
  • B&H has in stock.
  • Just ordered another one for Monday delivery with amazon prime.
  • That's a bloody good price considering Sandisk quote $499 for it. Im waiting for their UK PR company Text100 to send me one still....
  • Interesting... would be awesome if this cards spans @driftwood's GOP1 settings reliably
  • So far, they do except for 80%, including seaquake.
  • Driftwood, this card is king. Perhaps a terraquake-like patch could be made to allow 80% to record seaquake style quality to this card? I personally don't need spanning with 80% (just w/ 24p), but I do want to be able to record 80% in seaquake quality. ;)
  • we are talking here about Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mb/s

    SDHC UHS-1 or SDXC UHS-1
  • @oneday to make it easy all of the 95Mb/s Sandisk cards. 8, 16, 32, 64 (64 being the only SDXC) The only card currently reported to span is 64gig, (I believe this is the only one that has been tested). Personally 64 is great for me and spanning! (As expensive as the 32 one I bought here in Australia! Darn!) :-D
  • Amazon's return policy is easy and liberal. Press a button, print a label. Give to mail carrier. If you don't like quality they pay the return shipping. I have never had a bad card from them.
  • That's fine if the item is sold by Amazon. The problem is 3rd party Amazon sellers. They're no better than random eBay sellers.
  • I just got my Amazon card and it is fine. It even seems about 3-5% faster than the one I received from B&H last week, although my testing is not scientific. The first card clears the write buffer after a full burst of high quality still in about 21 seconds. The new card seems to do the same job in just under 20.