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95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro cards
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  • Very interesting development. I might wait for these cards to come down in price. The cheapest I found is around 200 EURO here in The Netherlands (64GB), while a 32GB 30mb/sec SanDisk HD Video card is 55 EURO. So that's a 90 EURO Premium. How much does 64GB hold? Around 100 minutes at 176M/GOP1? I think that will do for most Interviews I shot which would be awesome. SD cards tend to come down in price quickly, so I might wait a few months (they will most likely cost 150 EURO by then).

    Thinking of it... if the Spanning is solved by faster cards, do these faster cards also support a higher AQ, i.e. AQ4 for Driftwood's settings or are they hammered by internal camera buffers?
  • About 57 minutes
  • That is some very interesting news indeed! Opens up new possibilities!
  • Am I fucking hearing this right, the 95mb/s Sandisk Extreme Pro SD 64GB card spans?

    Has anyone shot Stray's Extreme Dense chart under high shutter and ISO condition, then see if it spans?

    Hmm.... This is very good news. The GH2 hardware write speed may be faster than we thought.
  • @proaudio4, @Jspatz is currently the only one of us that has a 64gig card... lets hope when more reports come in this is verified and we can see how much it can be pushed... BTW @Jspatz has shot I believe most of the death charts, and has confirmed a data rate of 150mb/s at spanning point.
  • This is the very best card you can get right now.

  • @Sage, I am assuming that you have the 64 95MB/s.
  • @alcomposer
    I don't have it yet, I've been collaborating w/ Jspatz to complete the patch.
  • If this is the case, and based on what I'm hearing here, this is a game changer.
    Thanks for the replies.
  • @Sage cool... (was wondering how you knew so much!)
  • I'm about to pick one of these up.... same price as amazon so I might as well get it at b&h since nyc pays tax either way.

  • Any more news on this? Anyone who's tried without success?
  • I have done a number of jobs and it has been flawless. I have 2.
  • Good... I'm getting one as soon as I get paid. :)
  • Just bought one from Amazon UK to be delivered Wednesday. Will let you know how I get on.

    Where are the test charts by the way?
  • Only the 64gb will work. Ed Lee confirmed that his 32gb 95MB/s failed to span. Its safe to assume that the 16 and 8 will perform likewise.

    Only the 64gb is labeled as 'SDXC', which is a standard that not only specifies increased size, but 2x speed. The cost per gb for the 64gb card is the lowest of the lineup.++
  • At last, Ive got one coming this week from their PR company... finally! They sent me a compact flash version the other week... must try it out in the 5Dmk2 and 7D... For now, can @jspatz try the experimental patch 'Quantum' found below. This is AQ4 on 24p top setting, and bigger 720p60 and 1080i. If this patch works as it is, try taking up the 1080p24 frame limits 1000 at a time until it fails. Ditto 50fps/60fps. These also have higner encoder settings for better qp confirmed on stream analyser. Thanks mate.
    Driftwood 'Quantum' - beta test
  • @driftwood the anticipation is killing me!!!! 64gig at 2x normal speed??? Can't wait to see what these babies do... (anyone for 300mb/s + ?)
  • Nice. I knew you would. ;)
    I hope that some form of 80% (burst ok) might fit into this final spec. Maybe with the lower bitrate option?
  • @Sage, SDXC doesn't imply higher speeds. SDHC and SDXC support all of the same bus interface speed modes. SDXC is differentiated from SDHC only by size and file system.
  • That's right, its sd spec 3.0 that bumps up the speed. Conflation
    I wonder what the cause of this is.* People waste money to discover these minefields, the label should be accurate..
  • @Sage this is why I started this topic so that we could quickly get reports in and discover what was going on. As there has been quite a debacle with many other memory cards this year. I would safely assume that the current price of the 64gig card is within everyones reach given that it (hopefully) allows spanning and increases reliability!
  • @driftwood
    Quantum seems OK on casual observation. What tests do you wish me to carry out. I am packing for an assignment tomorrow so I may have to continue tomorrow night.
  • Alcomposer, I didn't mean to imply your label, this thread is great. I refer to Sandisk's deceptive labeling of 95/45
  • @Sage, the English language is horrible for message boards. We should all type in Chinese!

    I didn't take your comment the wrong way... I just wanted to clarify whty I started this thread, and that there needs to be conclusive results. Otherwise some noob comes around and asks these questions 10000 times!

    Lets just work out what works- why- and just "GET THE CARD". Simple.