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95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro cards
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  • Chaps, I have my 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-1 Card.

    I've loaded my GH2 with Driftwood SeAQuake, and just for a test used two other cards. I'm using Kae's ColourDeathChart_Denser.png with on my monitor, using a Panasonic 14/2.5.

    1. 16 GB Transcend SDHC Class 6: Fails just after 4 seconds
    2. 8GB Transcend SDHC Class 10: Fails just after 2 seconds
    3. 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-1 (95 MB/s - 633x): No failure (ran the test for nearly 6 minutes)

    The video won't play back on test number 3 though. Unfortunately, I've just discovered that my SD reader doesn't support SDXC, so I'm unable to look on the card to make sure nothing is corrupt. I'm ordering one, but it won't come until Monday.

    I'm fairly positive the files will be OK though, and this card is capable of spanning 176 GOP1.

    EDIT: Just found a local PC world that is open until 8pm, might nip out and get an SDXC reader now :-)
  • @itimjim
    You can use Gh2 as the sd reader , I think so
  • You can, but I had no idea where the cable was :-)

    Anyway, I've been out to PC world, and I can confirm that the card spans with SeAQuake. I just browsed the MTS files and there are two with the same time/date stamp, and both play without any issues. Nice!

    Any other tests to run? 80%?
  • @itimjim Where did you purchase your 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro?
  • £166.69. Expensive, but not too much of a premium over 2 x Extreme III.
  • The 64GB SDXC has extFAT file system that supports a file size larger than 4GB, but I guess it is GH2 firmware creating multiple 4GB files.
  • Great test results I cannot believe my eyes that the bloody thing will span. I was wondering if that card would do the Job but haven't got the cash to try it out.

    Now we can record for a long as we want without it stopping, Wedding anyone?

    Well done guys :-)
  • Wedding? Are you serious? You've gotta do some serious pixel peeping to detect *any* difference between Seaquake and Aquamotion, which spans on cheaper cards. And even then you'll notice the difference only at really high ISOs, which you shouldn't be shooting at anyway if you are aiming for very high picture quality. Seaquake is doing 1:4 compression, and Aquamotion is doing 1:7. That's less compression than a Red One, and close to a Red Epic at its lowest compression setting.

    Why am I in such a foul mood now? I'm yelling at everyone.
  • @Balazer maybe someone ate your crisps?
  • No, my back hurts. I feel better now. :)
  • @balazer honestly I want's the 1:4! And now that it spans... ahhh... Can't wait to get mine in the mail! + New firmware in a few days! This Christmas is going to be sweet!
  • Can i use this cards for my Gh13 ?
  • @simurg I'm 99% sure no.
  • Anybody with the 64gig card able to 'playback video in-camera'?

    (a few questions on other topics re-64 95MB/s)
  • I can confirm that I can playback files that don't span, including 80% (which only lasts 9 seconds). I've not tested again since, and I reformatted that card. I'll try and do spanning and playback later on if I get chance.

  • Can anyone confirm if new Quantum Driftwood patch does span?
  • Does Quantum V2 24H span of the 64GB SDHC under high detail stress such as Stray's extreme dense chart?
  • So just to clarify, is the spanning your guys are saying the 64gb card can do spanning on photo burst. I know this is probably a dumb question since I keep seeing the word burst used. Just want to be sure I understand this.
  • @paglez, just tested Quantum v2 with new sandisk cards and confirm it does span. Filmed bushes of death, television, no problem.

    MY QUESTION: can any one confirm that the new transcend cards also span?
  • @JDN Which new Transcend?
  • Thank you JDN
  • Thanks JDN !
  • @itimjim this one:

    Thought I read reports that it spanned too... most of my interviews don't go over 2 hours so I don't want to shell out for another sandisk card but would like a backup for long interviews (and a cheaper one at that).
  • is there any reason to get the 95mb/s version over the 45mb/s version?
  • Yes. It spans.