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95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro cards
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  • @vtablix Most of the settings have notes in the descriptions about what will and will not work well. I am afraid that with Sanity 5, combining auto shutter with such a high ISO can cause problems. If you want to use that combination, you may still be able to use "No Adverse Effects", which was designed to run with just about anything but is similar in bitrate to Sanity 5.

    So my advice would be to either try No Adverse Effects or retry Sanity 5 after ensuring you are not exceeding the reccommneded settings.

    Sorry that you seem to inadvertently be running into most of the potential problems - I had not anticipated that specific usage.

    Btw, what shooting mode are you using? HBR is generally one of the least stable and 24H or24L are the most stable (depending on the author). If you are shooting 24H with manual shutter, you should be able to get stable performance with Sedna Q20 C spanning on that card, even at ISO 3,200 (and likely ISO 12,800 as well.)

    Here is a list of things that make it harder for the camera to keep up, so you know what to look for in the setting notes.

    • Auto ISO, IA and IR
    • Auto Focus
    • Electronic lenses take more processing power than manual onens
    • Some settings only work well to a specific ISO (e.g. 3200 or 5000 etc.)
    • Some settings have trouble with extremely detailed content.
    • Some settings have trouble with anything other than 24H or 24L.
    • Most of the Driftwood settings from late last year to the middle of this one were almost entirely optimized for 24H.
  • @thepalalias Ah ok I was thinking that sanity V5 was a low level and therefore really easily under the specs of this fast pro SD card. Thanks for that its a big help - I was getting problems with the no adverse before hopefully somethings changed - will do that next. To be honest I doubt I would use the 128000 iso with color much - it is a bit awful but I was just testing the boundaries. And yes I got a 14 - 140mm HD mega iso lens I was trying all the settings too so no wonder I found some errors - its all becoming clearer now - hard when your new to see all thing kind of stuff - thanks! Need to get experimenting tmrw...

  • @vtablix Best of luck - I remember that feeling when I started with the GH2 hacks last year. :)

    The trick in giving advice to people that are starting out is trying to remember the things that weren't intuitive that you start to take for granted after using the hacked settings for a while.

  • @thepalalias Hmmm well I did a 3 pass erase of the sd card for the hell of it with cccleaner - dont know if thats helped and also I went and put no adverse effects back on and it seems alot more stable but only alot - as it froze again but only on like the 15th video so it was alot better - but this still does not fill me with joy as this setting is not supposed to go wrong on any setting surely?! I was on iso 12800 in black and white with 500 shutter speed - it possibly was trying to do face recognition but I am unsure anyway. One final idea I had was to maybe just do the reset - as in uncheck everything like you would with going back to original firmware but then just check the extra things like 30 mins plus and the iso ntsc pal menu - as a last choice ? For now I will carry on trying - its possible I need to try NTSC as I am PAL at the mo...ok well I am on NTSC now I shall see how far I get...I assume the hack only alters video settings - nothing in the still shots is touched yer?

    Edit: just noticed one more thing no adverse effects says V1.0e in the info in ptool when I hover over the settings letter (next to camera icon) were as sanity V5 says v1.11 not sure why this is - anyway just noticed.

  • @thepalalias Ok well switched to NTSC and I have had no faults as of yet! It seems the no adverse settings were tested in NTSC so PAL is a bit unknown to the maker I think and it did seem that was the problem but I have no tested extensively just pretty well now so off I go :D ...thanks

  • hello everyone,

    I wanna try FlowMotion v2 or Apocalypse Now. What kind of cards I have to buy ?

    SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s SDSDXPA-064G-X46

    or SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s SDSDXPA-032G-X46

    I need to record long interviews (+ 1 hour) and outdoor shootings. 1080/24

    Actually, I'm lost. I really don't know what to choose. The 64-GB card is supposed to be faster, but some says it suffers of the "file limit exceeded" error message.

    How many minutes can I shoot with a 32 GB and with 64 GB ?

    Also, I'm planning to try the GH3...

    Thank you so much.

  • @david_d SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s performs the best for spanning.

  • I bought my 32GB 95mb/s Sandisk from B&H months ago when they had the deal, and the latest transfer I did this past week from card to PC was around 21mb/ that a bit slow for this card? I can't imagine that B&H would be selling knockoffs unknowingly...

  • Was the card reader a USB 3.0 device plugged into a USB 3.0 port? Is your computer fast? Only ways you'll get the high transfer speed. If you checked off those boxes and it's still slow then maybe you received a bum card.

  • Did some ""extreme..." testing with 2 new sandisk extreme pro 95mb/sec SD cards. One is the 64GB SDXC 95mb/sec The other the 32GB SDHC 95mb/sec

    Tested with atto and blackmagic speed test, different methods of writing/reading and formatting ended up the following numbers:

    64GB model: 39mb/sec write speed - 61mb/sec read speed (both in FAT and exFAT, same results) 32GB model: 62mb/sec write speed - 83mb/sec read speed (FAT)

    Test was performed with a mac mini 2011 model which has the card reader connected straight to the sata bus (so no firewire/usb limitations).

    Yes, i was a bit amazed about the large difference as well, and the fact that the 32GB was so much faster (around 50% faster writing and 33% faster reading) according to sandisk is was within spec and both cards were valid sandisk products, throughout the tests with different partitioning and ways of writing/reading data results were very consistant, never being being more off than a margin of 5mb/sec off the above mentioned average results, i formatted cards in the mac and also did tests after formatting them on the GH2.

    So,..."95mb/sec".... i don't believe any of these cards sold reach that speed, maybe some but only when you're lucky enough the get a "good card" and only on reading performance, just wanna state again.. my card reader is not the limiting factor here.

    Still 39mb/sec writing speed on the 64GB is still around 400mbit, way better than my old sandisk cards, because the 30mb/sec and 45/mb/sec ones from sandisk rarely got me more than around 20mb/sec writing speed, just enough for the really heavy codecs but id rather have the headroom of the extreme pro 95mb/sec in case of the rare speed drops on the card, something which might impact spanning as well.

    Havent done any spanning test yet but will try to make some running driftwood's Boom V1 first.

  • My showed " Memory Card Error - Memory Card Parameter Error " in GH1

    Same Card work perfect in GH2

  • @tinbeo The GH1 does not support SDXC cards like that, only SDHC cards.

  • Which is the fastest write card for a GH-2? Mainly for fast stills photography.

  • So I ordered a second 64gb card through amazon's main site. Not a vendor one, and this version seems have a different back from my previous one. The front is the same, however the back does not have the "Sandisk" engraved on the back. It still has made in china and the serial number in the same spot however. Has anybody else seen this difference with the latest model?

  • @daisuke I have three of these cards and two are the same as your second one, including my newest one. They all seem to work fine for me though.

  • Thanks Vic, it didn't stop up on me yet, but I was still nervous. I appreciate the clarity.

  • No problem. Not sure if that means they aren't knock offs or anything. I haven't sent my newest one through the ringers yet though. They do look a lot cheaper though.