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Nebula 4000 lite, mini gimbal for GH4, A7s
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  • I got one 2 hours ago, it went dead an hour ago. I hope filmpower can sort this out!

  • Oh no! Dead as in you flip the switch and does nothing?

    Mine will be here on the 24th ...

  • Yeah nothing happens. Connecting the charger - no indicator light (should be red or green).

  • I want to thank everybody who ordered this. You are the brave early adopters, explorers who bring us news of distant unknown lands. And you perish in great numbers, peace be upon your souls. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Me personally, I'm a coward. I am not an early adopter of gear. I wait cowardly, until I figure the water is safe to dip my toe in, never jump in. To my cowardly eyes, this gimbal is not ready for prime time. So I will continue to wait, but watch with great interest all you guys and your reports. Thank you again!

  • The next: Nebula with a steadi?

  • The Nebula on the Fig Rig does look pretty good. Would love to see more of those examples

  • There is a big question that nobody has yet answered: What lenses can be used with this and Sony A7s?

    For example, can I use my Voigtlander 15 mm (156 g) with VM-C Leica M adapter (125 g)

  • I dont understand the great mystery, somemetimes goes fine and sometimes it shows bounce.

  • I dont understand the great mystery, somemetimes goes fine and sometimes it shows bounce.

    A 3-axis gimbal doesn't correct for bouncing. Bouncing will show if the user is bouncing. It comes down to technique: walk smoothly and glide with your steps.

  • i like to think it's a bit like trying to sneak up on somebody without making a sound! I'm waiting for the first little niggles with this kit and then pull the trigger and combine with LX100. I think it has some really good potential if set up correctly.

  • I'm excited about the possibilites! There's finally a way to make shots that I used to dream about as kid.

    I've got a documentary shoot coming soon. The topic is visually boring and involves a lot of sitting down. I figured this will be a perfect tool for sparking a little life into the mix.

    So I ordered one. I will report my experience once I get it working with my A7S.


    That jason guy modified his Nebula 4000 gimbal to look like traditional one and with shogun attached to it, look really interesting!

  • I got one delivered today, balanced in under an hour and seems to work very well

  • @Tired "under an hour"... is that just because it's the first time setting up and there was some figuring, or does it really take that much time every time to balance this thing? Looking forward to hearing more about the experience!

  • I was able to balance my GM1 and Olympus 12mm in about 10 minutes. Not hard at all.

  • That was a 1st time setup - out of the box and read (or try to read) the instructions. I did some test shooting and it seemed to work pretty well. I've changed lenses and rebalanced pretty quickly but I've been tinkering and now have a few shakes - my fault.

    I'm really impressed with the unit - for weddings I think I'll have the g6 and a 20mm lens set up and ready to go and corporate or short films will depend on the situation. I can see this replacing the glidecam for short crane or pan shots

    I've got a problem with the software not recognising the firmware but There is a solution so I just have to get the time to sort that out. for the price it's a great buy