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Nebula 4000 lite, mini gimbal for GH4, A7s
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  • I just got this thing for an overseas shoot I just had. I have to say even though its not 100% smooth all the time (I have yet to play with PID settings) it paid for itself in terms of getting those shots on the go when your traveling light. I found the 12-35 was on its limits and useless if you can't zoom in and out on the fly so I just stuck to my small 14mm 20mm 25mm and 45mm primes. I'll be taking this thing to all my shoots abroad cause its so damn small. Really like the bottom hand held form factor too. Just need a monitor solution, no room for straight hdmi cable might need to get that right angle ribbon one. been using the smart phone image app, works ok, lags and low res makes it a guessing game. Other than that I give the thing a thumbs up until the next best thing comes along

  • Hello can you guys help me, trying to do 3 lens in under 5mins but i still think the 45* is not holding would that be because of the weight of the glass? i think my unit is not 100% balanced -

  • 45 degree-stop is the best poistion. You'd better fine turn to know it well for the first time. Later you do not need every time base on power on working effects.

  • There's a lot of talk about how the 32 bit board is better, but can anyone spell out why exactly? Is it something that you'd see in the stability of the image? Genuine question.

  • @austinchimp Here is what the developer, Aleksey Moskalenko, has to say:

    After upgrading their 8bit/1IMU Came 7000 3 Axis gimbal to 32bit/2IMUs, ... CheesyCam says: "the new options in the software and dual IMU sensors improve the performance of these gimbals more than 10x in my opinion."

  • @DMZ Thanks for the info. It'll be very interesting when we have some side-by-side comparisons of devices using different boards to really see the difference.

  • Right now, I'm doing about 60-70 percent of my documentary shooting with Nebula 4000. I only need tripod for interviews. I'm using my Sony A7s and a 15 mm Voigtlander lens in aps-c mode, which keeps everything in focus. It's very easy to grab shots with this setup and it's light weight too. This has been a great step up for my production.

  • After very good tunings by very experienced gimbal's doctor I have real pleasure to work with Nebula 4000 and GH4. My top list of AF-C working lenses with good autofocus at wide open aperture : Olympus 12 2.0, Olympus 45 1.8, Olympus 25 1.8, Lumix 7-14 4.0, Lumix 14 2.5, Lumix 12-35 2.8 @12, Lumix 20 1.7 too, even GH4 shows message it can't make focus at AF-C. It takes me about 30 sec to move camera apart or forward on base to set GH4 with another lens, I remember positions with each lens. Autofocus won't work so fast as I expected but good enough for professional work. AF-C with face detection of GH4 not for running, dancing, running people. But very acceptable for lot of wedding situation. Noktons unfortunately too heavy for Nebula 4000 with GH4, and it's too hard to focus 0.95 without external monitor. I tried Olympus 75 1.8 and Sigma 60 2.8 on Nebula with AF-C, both great lenses, but regular mode1 I use most of time, not gentle enough to move around object, but not moving shots looks borrowing, exactly like monopod shots. I think to make dedicated mode for tele lenses .

  • This is a video I done for a university, shot with LX100 on Nebula 4000 and GH4 handheld. Going to change to Pilotfly once it's available, not sure if I should do a compare before I sell the nebula off since I am still pretty noob on those things lol

  • @ntsan, do you have used both gymbals?

  • I am still waiting for pilotfly to release theirs, though thought of one on gh4 and one on lx100 is tempting.