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Nebula 4000 lite, mini gimbal for GH4, A7s
  • this looks interesting

    very little information, specs but at that price and with Paypal I'm tempted to try one out.

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  • Heh, I was just about to post that link and found this at the top of the thread chain. Hope it's a good unit. Looks promising.

  • Please post your review and sample footage

  • @ tired: thanks for sharing this! I have been on a search for something similar. If this works as demonstrated and does not turn out to be a cheap piece of unreliable crap, it will be super useful at a fair price. Some videos of it in action below:

  • How can you monitor with this though? The screen will be completly obscured. The video in front of the mirror shows a lot of micro vibrations as well, yeah this could be skill or lens OIS but most likely the kit itself

  • We had mention of it in GoPro gimbals topic.

    I am not sure if it is in the wild yet.

  • I think the jitters are maybe streaming issues. Monitor using wi-fi? I'm hoping we see a lot more of this type of gimbal

  • I had a wild thought that 2 of the arms could be reversed allowing the fold out screen on the gh3/4 to be used to monitor - but then there's the software reprogramming which could be a nightmare if possible at all.

    Another thought is angling the handle but that effects 1 axis

    where would you fit a monitor? goggles?

  • @tired

    I think best idea is to go with bigger gimbal for now and wait for Chinese to master smaller ones. I personally talked to some manufacturers and persuaded them to make such thing as Nebula for long time.

  • @tired

    Looks like you can run a field monitor on this buy running it in low profile mode and using a tripod mount on the bottom of the handle.


    Even lighter weight would be a smartphone running the Panasonic Image app and this little phone tripod mount:

    I might just have to be the first to buy this and post a review. My only concern is barebones manufacturer website; no contact info, no manuals or software downloads ...

    This with a GM1/5 + 12mm F2.0 or the LX100 would be so handy for shooting weddings.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.53.48 AM.png
    953 x 633 - 621K
  • I'll probably order one today, so I'll let you guys know.

  • From watching the videos I think the Nebula is not able to compensate for micro-jitters. You'll probably need in-lens or in-body OIS in addition. Still, it's no small feat and a very interesting product.

  • Weird, when going to check-out using PayPal, i get the warning "PayPal gateway has rejected request. Account is restricted (#10002: Restricted account)." Got it from 2 computers, not even being able to log into paypal.

    I'll hold off as the PayPal safety net was one of the reasons I was gonna risk ordering from an unknown.

  • I bought one from Goodluckbuy. I'll report back once it shows up.

  • This just went up on youtube. Balancing video for Nebula 4000

  • 55 minutes!

  • @grisnjam

    Nebula 5000 user manual:

    "Please take day off to perform proper balancing and tuning for your gimbal."

  • @sdewitt: I hope I only misunderstood in this video that they expect the videographer to put work at rest every other hour because the battery cannot be removed and needs to be charged inside the tool... WTF?!?

    (And let's hope their firmware was more thoroughly reviewed for mistakes than the subtitles of this video...)

  • In this test, shows a slight shack each time the operator walks frontally

  • After last Manu4Vendetta's video, it's clear that Nebula is NOT my gimbal

  • It is just a test. Any stabilization device, when not adjusted/balanced properly, will have problems. The question here is whether it can be adjusted with tweaking of the firmware parameters. It looks to me that the hand movement response of the gimbal is too "direct." A slight delay in the response and then a gentle speed increase should fix it. That's assuming that the setup is well balanced and a PID controller is used and properly designed.

    The setup was GH2 with 14-42mm at 24p. It is quite possible that GH4 with 7-14mm at 30p or 60p, or in slow motion, after optimized parameter adjustments, would look acceptably well.

  • @DMZ

    You are right, partially.

    Most of gimbals differ exactly in this small things like used drives, calibration adjustment design, firmware and controller hardware. And distance from "working mostly" to "really useful on set" is huge.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    "And distance from "working mostly" to "really useful on set" is huge."

    I cannot agree more! Nevertheless, I do not think that Nebula 4000 has reached its potential yet. And not all of us need a "set" quality. Usefulness for, let's say, wedding videography, may satisfy many.

    Edit: after emailing with the test author, it came out that though he balanced the gimbal, he did not do any PID parameter optimization. Both are necessary for good results.

  • Here is another test of Nebula 4000 3-axis:

    In this one the gimbal looks solid: