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Nebula 4000 lite, mini gimbal for GH4, A7s
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  • Well, I prefer see more test, mainly from users.

  • I see three types of people interested in a product like this:

    1. Enthusiast video shooters.
    2. Professionals who really want a DJI Ronin or Bridycam but don't want to pay that much.
    3. Solo live event shooters who are looking foremost for a compact gimbal they can toss in a bag to replace sliders/steady cams.

    I think the setup on the Nebula 4000 will be too much for group 1) and the feature set (lack of (decent) field monitor mounting, joy stick, replaceable batteries) and performance will be lacking for group 2).

    As someone who falls into group 3) I think this guy still holds promise. I mainly solo shoot weddings where there is no time to setup a full sized gimbal and portability is paramount. I don't mind spending time getting it setup for the one body+lens combo I will be using before hand and 2 hours of runtime should be fine given I don't fly a camera the whole event.

    I placed an order with Goodluckbuy on 11/21. No confirmation email or shipping info but the funds were withdrawn and the order is marked 'processed' on the site. I paid for 3-5 day shipping so it might be on its way.

    I will be sure and post my thoughts once I have one in hand.

  • Hi @grisnjam

    What made you go for Nebula 4000 vs J69 Gimbal? I'm trying to decide for myself and your input is very appreciate it.

  • Got this from Goodluckbuy today after asking about my order:

    "hello sir the order has not been sent out yet we will urge to speedup the shipemnt ocen the gimbal back to stock we will send it out shortly regards THE GLB TEAM"


    The J69 looks interesting, had not really checked it out. I like that I could remove the handle and mount it on my Glide-cam HD-100. I think that would help with the up and down motion when walking.

    I did find the start/stop motion on the J69 to be too jerky though. I think I will give the Nebulas a week or so as I would like this for a Christmas time gig.

  • FYI, some folks has received and are reporting on this gimbal

    First impressions after a quick and dirty balance. I mounted the Gh4 with the 7-14. Got the tilt and roll decently balanced. I have not even adjusted the pan axis. took me about 10 minutes to get the roll and tilt at a good balance. So the 50 minute set up video should not scare you. Turned it on (without pan adjustments) and flew it around for a bit. Lets just say as an owner of the Dji Ronin and Defy G5 (I will be selling my G5 coming up for a great deal) I'm pretty darn impressed with the Nebula. It works and it works quite well. I think once I get the pan balance adjusted I might just be blown away with it's performance. Then getting in to the PID should put the device over the top. But my impressions with the unit 10 minutes out of the box are strongly positive!

  • @grisnjam Have to agree... the inverted mode with an LX100 and smartphone would be great, especially for low shots. Looking forward to seeing some more reviews of this device.

  • In that price range near, what about the Came-7000 ?, look interesting between US$850-980.

  • Good test chef, but is evident the bounce, not so pronounced, but it shows.

  • Yeah it seems like these lightweight gimbals will always have trouble with up/down motion when walking since they are so light. What keeps the bigger ones from having this issue is their weight. It is a trade-off. One would need a 5 axis gimbal to avoid it all together:

    Also ... Looking at this page:

    There is some text on where to get the software near the bottom which leads here:

    Seems to be a zip for Mac/PC/Linux and then a Android app ...

  • @Manu4Vendetta it's not me…lol just found on vimeo… just thought the same it's kinda bouncy but if u read in vimeo description he says it was a quick balance just out of the box … havin trouble w yaw set up and could not dwnl the soft to get in the pid...

  • Another portable 3 Axis gimbal by the guy who made the original Funnygo for gorpo, it is still prototype stage though.

    720 x 960 - 63K
  • Some more videos of the nebula 4000 out in the wild. These are not mine, just ones I found and posed here -

  • A couple more -

  • Seems (to my eye) that only the video from "FILM...SOUND...COLOR" has been able to avoid the vertical bobbing issue. I know from personal experience that this can be a tough issue to overcome with light cameras and stabilizers, whether analog or motorized (I had the same issue with the Merlin Steadicam).

  • It could be a wonderful PV deal ! I dream I know ! but it's Christmas Time ,Vitaly ! And personnaly, interesting shoots in china in last movies seems to me very good for documentary ...

  • Winner for funniest title -

    "BMPCC with Nebula 4000 after some beers in Kitchen.. mode 2 and 3"

  • What about adding additional weights to the handle? That in IMO would at least make it more fluid at least with the up-down bob.