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GoPro ProTune 35mbps RELEASED + App + now HD3
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  • I noticed that too. I had assumed he had two Gopros, one with protune, one without. Can't wait for Protune, it was one of the deciding factors in finally getting a GoPro. Feels like an eternity lol!

  • Subco, AFAIK, you don't need two different cameras, ProTune is a selectable recording mode within the camera via button push. If you have any doubts how this was done contact the guy in yellow who took the shot, GoPro's Head Editing Manager Abe Kitslevitz.

    This was shot with prototype FW many months ago.


  • Protune seems to be the only reason to stick with GoPro now.

  • Protune seems to be the only reason to stick with GoPro now.

    And 3D!

  • Me bad i did response but it wrong topic, sorry

  • @mozes

    We have separate topic for this cam, use it, please.

  • "Brian202020 Protune seems to be the only reason to stick with GoPro now."

    +1 Waiting for protune this summer... hope it will be there soon.

  • @Brian202020 And multiple fields of view.

  • @subco, exactly how ProTune will engage within the GoPro is not fully known yet, but GoPro are on record saying the high bitrate and flatter profile will apply to all record modes and resolutions.

  • According to David Newman on twitter on Aug. 29:

    David Newman ‏@David_Newman @rodneykiwi we do? Where is GoPro saying it is out? Protune/23.976p is not out, but should be weeks not months away now.

    Weeks... I can wait "weeks" :)

  • @joeschmoe Seriously. I've got a trip that I'm bringing my GoPro along at the beginning of next month. Would LOVE for the firmware to come out before then.

  • Just read this on twitter... "#IBCSHOW Gopro guys say protune update will be real at the end of this month #ibc2012"

  • I only picked up my GoPro a month ago, in part to the upcoming Protune. The Action Cam looks interesting, but I've been having so much fun with the Gopro that I have no regrets. The only things I would want to change are having a higher bit-rate and more flexibility with tweaking colours. Both of which I will be getting with the Protune update, so I'm going to be quite satisfied with my purchase.

  • On Twitter, someone asked David Newman what happened to Protune. His response was: "the firmware update has grown. Soon, very soon."

    Hmmm, it's grown... bug fixes? More new features? Whatever the reason, it's coming "soon, very soon." Looking forward to it, hope it's all I'm expecting!

  • hmmm any day now or next month

  • GoPro ProTune firmware went "live" today but unfortunately only an option for HD2. Also the iPhone App is available as well.

    Update your HD2 camera firmware via Cineform Studio to get ProTune and if required, Download the App from iTunes thru your iPhone for remote control and preview functionality via the wiFi bacpac.

    Enable ProTune under settings/ more menu.

    US site - Aus Site -

  • has anybody tested this yet?

  • I just tried an indoor 1080p shot with lots of windows and the sun shining in from outside... with Protune the image was not as dark... but alot grainier

  • Just goes to show how important 24p is in a POV device, no one has even mentioned it yet but heaps of people requested it. ProTune has high bit rate, log encoding and 24p enabled now.

  • @Rambo Thanks for the great news, Rambo.

    Update. Tried out the app preview. Nearly a 3-second delay. Oh well.

  • Yep, but was intended for preview mostly for framing etc, latency will always be present at this price level of hardware and physical size. Changing menu settings on the iphone is much more convenient than with the camera buttons. Jury is still out on Protune just at the moment till more tests are done.

  • Protune is the reason I'm going back to GoPro, especially 24p. @Rambo is it 24p or 23.98p?

  • Thanks for the update! Will test it out in Vegas (Las, not the editor!) tomorrow.... :-) Any sign of an Android version of the App?

  • Android is still being Approved/Developed.

    I'm away from my GoPros ATM, not sure 24p or 23.98p.

  • how do i enable pro tune?