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    April 2011
    • pierrock86
      Hello David,

      Pierrick, I'm French from Lyon and passionate about 3D.
      I got your coordinates through the dvxuser site and Personnal view the forum discussionson Rig 3D with GH2.
      I really enjoy working on the 3D videos that you put online and being passionate about 3D and I try to put myself in 3D video.
      As I have a GH2 I would like to mount a RIG of 2 GH2.
      I was wondering if you would agree to answer me a few questions because this is an area where there is little information and you have already gone the way (on GH2 rig) and on GH4 rig.
      Thank you in advance for your replies
      ribo.pierrick at

      My questions are:
      On the shooting:
      - How to realize the synchronization of the launch of the recording? : I saw that there were methods called "single battery" but how does your? Must we absolutely have the system with the electronic card and the analysis of outgoing video streams and measure of disparity?
      What is a "battery-eliminator"?
      - I read on the forum that the technique of Mr Cole and the matérile only worked with objectives "manual" with fixed focal: I have 2 objectives ZOOM 14-140 do you think that one can use them and how ? Will not you dare pbs?
      - How do you do to have the same zoom settings and focus settings? manually?
      - Should you prefer a shooting format and choose a specific Ptool firmware hack?
      On editing: I'm looking for a 3D editing plugins for First pro but I do not find them (much does not exist anymore) how do you do?
      Do you have resources on these topics?
      Sorry to take a lots of questions on you ;-)
      Thank you
      Best regards
      February 2019
    • pierrock86
      My Email : prpierrockvoila at gmail . com
      March 2019

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