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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • There is so much extra bullshit in this bill as well, its insane.

  • Issue with fast mass testing is that it is ideal place to spread the virus


    In reality we already can have 50-70% of virus spread to be via medical workers and during mass testing.

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  • Little more "optimism" for US


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  • @Vitaliy.....""In reality we already can have 50-70% of virus spread to be via medical workers and during mass testing.""'....of course...that was in china. That was probably done on purpose. You heard china has clandestinely destroyed all copies of the virus in unregulated labs, or labs not under their thumb. How convenient. So nobody can trace the path back to the origin.

  • @kurth

    You need to say big thanks if in present trade war with US they did not blow up entire lab :-) Can be quite smart move. Just little accident and nothing left.

  • @Vitaliy....."Just little accident and nothing left." ....yes, looking more like chernobyl everyday.

  • @kurth

    Chernobyl is very interesting story on how west prepared and organized accident using their infiltrated people. Nice books on this exist. Had been important stuff, especially paired with tons of lies on how it had been handled.

    Here we can have very close thing.

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  • @Vitaliy...and had nothing to do with human error and soviet bureaucratic incompetence whatsoever ?? Occams Razor says no way jose ! The cia connection is flimsy theory .

  • @kurth

    Good books on the subject exist based on precise facts and documents. Event had been precisely organized.
    Event had been used like trigger to explain to people so fast turning of elite (1987 is year of first openly capitalist laws).

  • Truth is comin' down the tracks....Just like the amazing coincidence of bsl4 lab 10 klicks away.... ""instead 'cultured' to evolve"".... ....""but this is clearly a virus still created by human intervention." -Nikolai Petrovsky""

  • US improvements

    A new GDP forecast from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for the three months through June estimates an unprecedented drop of 42.8 percent.

    More than 100,000 U.S. businesses have already permanently shut down during this pandemic.

    Real rate of unemployment in the U.S. is now 30.7 percent.

    One study has concluded that 42 percent of the job losses during this pandemic will end up being permanent.

  • @kurth

    Petrovsky suggested that SARS-CoV-2 may not have been 'spliced' - which would leave fingerprints of genetic manipulation - but was instead 'cultured' to evolve.

    Btw, it is one of the small myths that this people like us to have, I mean here "fingerprints of genetic manipulation". As far as I checked papers, new methods used by top labs allow you to not have any traces, none. Of course it takes some volume and some skill, but it is 100% possible.

    I better ask Petrovsky and similar guys on why people paid them billions and their vaccines research results are horrible.

    This guys still provide us almost exactly same vaccines we had 40-50 years ago.

    And at the same time almost all of them (even not telling publically to avoid issues) are making artificial viruses.

  • Trouble came to the city film (based fully on real thing). Based on rare induced smallpox accident and extremely good medical scientific based response.

  • Checked few papers and interviews

    It seems like coronavirus is one of the viruses that use antibodies to help spread in the organs and whole body, so called ADE (antibodydependent enhancement).

    Common though that antibodies are always good (and as they start to form and actively participate) is wrong view and not match modern virusology.

    Especially it is true with viruses with such long period without any simptoms (as well as very slow recovery). Coronavirus and similar viruses actually start to damage and cause major symptoms as soon as they get formed antibodies and use them to their help (HIV is doing similar stuff).

    This thing can also explain some parts of grand plan, as total vaccination and new wave of slightly changed virus can lead to 15-30% fatality rate (and up to 50% as soon as medicine will collapse).

  • Now This is no good man. This is no good.

    I went a second time. To make Mother’s Day job to 3 hospitals, yup I’m alive I will upload the photos later.

    What vitally says it’s true to the core. No symptoms and severe organ damage is a consequence of this virus on long term. Cirrosis, Kindney failure, heart in bad shape strage reproductory organs failures, and all kind of mixed bag of antibodies being used for bad stuff like aids but more quick and ugly.

    This shit is really well designed. I say 100 million dead in 2 years easy. The second Wave when the medical and sanitary system is collapsed, well it will be like the movies that’s a fact. No food, no light, no services.

    I think, when those technicians that operate that 60 year old hydroelectric plant with updated components in the 90s that only he knows with other 3 more guys to properly operate it, you know those who knows the tricks of the real deal not 1000 bar limit pressure just 890 is enough. When those kind of guys die in coronashit all over the country shit will get real cos I see a young guy trying to get it to work to what spec sheet says but at the practice is never like it, and the citizens will demand their electricity and the new guy will fuck it putting 1000bar where 890 was the real limit. Booom!!

    No more light in months.

    I’m not afraid of dying I’m not afraid of living either, I’m afraid of this new era the new things you know the new bad stuff.

    Such a frenetic age and so much to do and see, such strange dangers arise and new pandemics bringing control. Obligatory vaccination and check points everywhere every time. More control. And those who won’t cut it may be killed by the system or the virus or other ways but you must die, is the message beneath all this.

    Living like this is a new type of stress I think it’s gonna crave deep on the minds of those who make it to the new system, A transition of crisis in a different era. Obligated practically forced to accept this new shit, if you make it.

    Now I see technology as some bad joke as being used for anything else than damage.

    Coronavirus well made plan. Nothing more than follow on and move on forward.

    The initial part of the game of living is knowing first you will die eventually. The rest is secondary, do as you wish.

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  • On biggest issue with vaccines

    The ADE phenomenon is a critical problem in the development of CoV vaccines, including against sARS-CoV-2. Under experimental conditions, by using an optimally selected vaccination schedule and under controlled conditions, it is possible to achieve a protective effect for a short time even with such antibodies, if their concentration in the blood serum allows blocking most CoV spike proteins. However, if the concentration of antibodies drops to sub-neutralizing over time, ADE will inevitably manifest itself. And those residual amounts of antibodies to protein S epitopes that will be present in the blood serum for decades will become a kind of trigger that starts a severe infection process when the human immune system re-encounters CoV.


  • A friend sent me this. It applies everywhere. It's simple and articulate...

  • @kurth

    The entire reason for a government's existence in any society is to solve problems and protect their citizens in an emergency situation. Sometimes this means military defense, sometimes it means gathering and stockpiling vital resources, natural disaster relief, etc. In this case, it means protection from the illness and the security of life's necessities, while the battle is ongoing. This is the system's primary job at the moment, the very definition of its function, and it is failing miserably.

    No, goverment in capitalism is just committee in charge of some ruling class business, not biggest part of it even. They do not have task to make living of opressed class better or anything like such. Only if it happens as byproduct or it is sole existence of ruling class that is in danger.

    These things aren't happening in the U.S. because every system that could help make it happen has been stripped, dismantled, and defunded so that those tax payer dollars could be funneled right into various private bank accounts. There simply is no money to do what needs to be done.

    Money have nothing to do with it at all.

    or decades and decades the amount of your tax money available to this country for emergencies and necessary life-saving programs has dwindled, and dwindled, and dwindled.... while the bulk of that lost money has been shifted straight up to the highest of the elite, where they sit on it and put it in tax free accounts in other countries, hoarding it and never putting it back into the country. It's a slow and steady siphoning effect that has sucked the country dry and is now literally killing people.

    Bad way to explain that ruling class is in charge and did all things right (for them).

    Look at the wage gap. Look at the trillions in debt the country is now in. Look at the poverty level and the unemployment. Even in the best of times over the last few decades, most jobs couldn't even pay a living wage. The general populus makes less and less, while the stock market goes up and any programs or systems put in place to help the average person are killed and that money goes straight to corporate contracts and subsidies.

    So, now what happens when there is a crisis? SORRY. We don't have the money. It's not there when we need it. Why? Not sure exactly, maybe ask Boeing... or Amazon... or your bank. Well, we can go further in debt and borrow a metric shit ton of money for a stimulus bill to keep the economy happy but, GUESS WHAT?!? Most of that is going to those same corporations and you get a few scraps, but not much else. We have to keep big business happy over any other concern. That's what's best for everyone, right?

    Here comes famous "commong logic" :-)

    It is fully right that all goes to corporations and their owners. Just because this is that goverment must be doing, they are saving their ruling class emmbers and their enterprises.

  • @Vitaliy....different world views

  • @kurth

    Most importantly that "commong logic" one is just useless rant. It is useless as it won't allow you to predict anything in future (may be we need to put good people in goverment? will be obvious conclusion :-) ) and it won't allow people to change anything to better outcome.