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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything

    ... 40% of deaths from Covid-19 are related to cardiovascular complications, and the disease starts to look like a vascular infection instead of a purely respiratory one.

    Months into the pandemic, there is now a growing body of evidence to support the theory that the novel coronavirus can infect blood vessels, which could explain not only the high prevalence of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks, but also provide an answer for the diverse set of head-to-toe symptoms that have emerged.

    “All these Covid-associated complications were a mystery. We see blood clotting, we see kidney damage, we see inflammation of the heart, we see stroke, we see encephalitis [swelling of the brain],” says William Li, MD, president of the Angiogenesis Foundation. “A whole myriad of seemingly unconnected phenomena that you do not normally see with SARS or H1N1 or, frankly, most infectious diseases.”

  • Mordor news

    • Coronavirus related medical examinations will become mandatory
    • Same is true about vaccination
    • For each time you did not go into vaccination place you will pay high fee

    Looks like very logical thing considering that vaccine will be almost totally untested (if it won't be just some placebo thingy).

  • A few years ago the British medical journal, The Lancet, published a paper touting the safety of HCQ. But this was before HCQ with zinc was found effective if used earlier enough against Covid-19. Covid-19 turned HCQ’s effectiveness into a big problem for Big Pharma’s big profits.

    The solution was another study by medical professionals some of whom have ties to Big Pharma and none of whom, apparently, are involved in the treatment of Covid patients. The study lumps together people in different stages of the disease and undergoing different treatments. It touts its large sample, but many of the patients in the sample received treatment too late after the virus had reached their heart and other vital organs. Most likely the people who died from heart failure died as a result of the virus, not from HCQ.

    To be effective treatment has to stop the virus early. Waiting until the patient must be hospitalized has given the virus too much of a head start. Every doctor, and there are many, who reports success with the HCQ treatment stresses early treatment. President Trump used a two-week treatment with HCQ as a prophylactic as he was constantly coming into contact with people who tested positive for the virus. Many medical professionals who are treating Covid patients also use HCQ as a prophylactic.

    The Lancet study was a rush job as it was essential for Big Pharma to prevent the spread of the HCQ treatment and awareness of its safety and effectiveness. The study’s authors completed the data collection around the middle of April and the study was published on May 22. As soon as it appeared, it was used to close down the World Health Organization’s clinical trial of hydoxychloroquine in coronavirus patients citing safety concerns. Most likely, the trial was aborted in order to prevent an official agency from finding out that HCQ worked.

    The media, of course, used the suspended trial to cast more doubt on Trump’s judgment for recommending and using the treatment, the implication being that Trump had put himself at more risk from a heart attack than from the virus itself.

    The Daily Mail, which is often somewhat skeptical of official reports, even misreported French virologist Didier Raoult’s report ) of his success with treating 1,061 patients with HCQ/AZ as consisting of only a small sample of 30 patients. A small sample is considered to be inconclusive. Thus 1,061 people became 30.

    The Lancet study claims a high mortality from HCQ treatment, reporting a death rate ranging from 5.1% to 13.8%. In response to a journalist when asked about this claim, Didier Raoult said that he and has colleagues have followed 4,000 of their patients so far. They have had 36 deaths and none from heart problems for a death rate of 0.009%. According to The Lancet study, he should have between 204 and 552 patients dead from heart problems. He has zero. Raoult had more than 10,000 cardiograms analysed by rythmologists (a special kind of cardiologist) searching for any sign of heart problems.

    NIH’s Dr. Fauci denies that Raoult’s hard evidence is evidence. On May 27 Fauci said, without showing shame of his ignorance or his lie, that there’s no evidence that shows the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is effective at treating COVID-19.

    The intent is to bury HCQ as a low cost effective treatment and to put in its place a high cost alternative whether effective or not, and to supplement this enhancement of profits with mass vaccination which might do us more harm than the virus itself. Big Pharma could care less. The only value it knows is profit.

    Interesting thingy is that anty HCQ publications and claims spread like organized fire among lefty sites for more than 2 months (EU, US, Mordor, does not matter). Any people discussing HCQ are being declared morons and level of arguments is just horrible.

  • India



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  • Start of June free market archivements

    • Surgical masks, shortages, available in many places due to 10-15x prices rise
    • FFP2 and better respirators, huge shortages, around 5x-10x prices if you could find them, lot fo fakes
    • half face masks, huge shortages in EU and US, almost impossible to find, only from China
    • UVC recirculators, extreme shortages, almost impossible to find, around 3x-10x prices
    • UVC lamps, shortages, hard to find but possible, around 5x-15x prices
    • ventilators, shortages, yet it is big number of them being free around the world

    Total disaster, in other words.

    It it could be much worse if not Chinese goverment programs and special credit lines that allowed to increase production a lot.

  • so much for the herd immunity clowns....sweden has 10x the deathrate of norway

  • "earlier studies found the spike protein of the new coronavirus had a structure that allowed it to enter many types of human cells and bind with them. The same structure was also found in HIV, but not in other coronaviruses found in animals such as bats and pangolins." .... ....these guys will disappear.

  • Economy restoration


    States (lowest one is Washington DC, this guys want to live badly)





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  • Capitalism medicine

    My wife made 3 COVID-19 tests over the last 2 months. We got the bill for the first one today: $18,415 w/o insurance.


    Actual expanses on this test (even with US salaries and for all stages) are below $100 :-) As it is highly automated and mass produced procedure.

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  • @Vitaliy...but it's such sweet revenge when you tell your creditors to jump.

  • So it looks like they're intentionally trying to have a killoff, and then their buildings get burned to the ground. Will they get it ? ""Hydroxychloroqine - a cheap, widely-prescribed anti-malaria drug which was deemed safe for decades until it showed efficacy treating coronavirus - needs to be made "widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe," according to Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch."" ....

  • @kurth

    Hydroxychloroqine is just small accident that happened with coronavirus plan. It is clear that virus had been tested agains big number of drugs. But may be it can become quite big one.

  • More capitalism archievements

  • real point can see from Minneapolis that people have the last word, or if not, things will really get ugly. Get that shxt on the market now !

  • And video above does not match other data

    Due to the serious disruptions in international transport and travel as a result of the Corona crisis, shipping companies have temporarily taken many ships out of service. Worldwide, 11.3 percent of the container fleet is currently unused, according to an internal report by the Association of German Shipowners (VDR) in Hamburg. That means: 524 ships with a load capacity of 2.65 million standard containers (TEU) are not on the world's oceans, but are in front of the ports in the roadstead, mostly in Asia.

    According to various forecasts, container transport is expected to decline by around ten percent this year; that would be the worst development in more than 40 years.

  • image

    Keith Harmon Snow May 26 at 3:55 PM

    So, Apple is automatically "update"ing iPhones /SmartPhones with a contact tracing App as part of what is presented as a routine software update. For many people, millions, this software will -- almost, or certainly -- automatically be installed. Asking people who intend to download contact tracing Apps not to is really a pointless exercise. I mean, arent these, for the most part, the people who are part of the Face Mask and Anti-Social distancing Gestapo already? Why would anyone who believes I should wear a mask, and is willing to yell at me to do so, or is yelling at people already, or calling the police, or arresting (strangling) people (of color) already, with all the shaming and virtue signalling that comes with it, going to honor my request not to be part of their fascistic contact tracing program? If they/ you are willing to hunt people, why would they/you respect my wishes to not be hunted and traced? There's the problem with all this. It is inherently definitively designed to deprive people of their rights and freedoms, but under the guise of being the opposite of what it really is. It is presented as socially responsible, conscientious, caring, being a good member of society, but it is the opposite.

    More contact tracing for non-Covid 19 purposes:

    IOD covid.jpg
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  • origins. If we discover it's designed then it wasn't an accident..... then many scientist are the very least by covering up the origin....

  • @kurth

    I hope Google and Apple already working on special application for their systems to track down and document all the process.

    If you are not pedophile what you have to hide from your beloved goverment?

    Plus they can add some gamification to the process.

  • @Vitaliy ...."Plus they can add some gamification to the process." ...I thought most people already kept score ?

  • so much for the herd immunity clowns....sweden has 10x the deathrate of norway

    @kurth The game is not over. You are counting too early. Currencies as %infected might become valuable :-) later

  • @mitkoo....really....ask if I'm counting too early to one of those dead family members ! And what does " Currencies as %infected might become valuable" mean ? Are you insinuating that money is a tradeoff, because I doubt if los suecos are dying from being out of work on lockdown.

  • Brazil death causes in May


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  • Mexico is coming from behind...she's rounding the's a dead heat, neck and neck. Let's see who wins the most stupid latin american country race ? A couple of days before she locked down, her president Lopez Obredor told mexicanos to go out to eat with your families. Mexico is not testing, it has no fuxin idea how many cases it really has ! And now it's opening up....with no peak in sight. And it still is blocking access to hydroxy !

  • @kurth

    Real fun will start in September-October.

    As it'll be almost impossible to close things again and it'll be again huge shortage of masks.