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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @marciok So it may be that we end up with a forced buy for 4k video, wich does no surpruse me. It was to perfect to be true.

    typical corporate bullshit.

  • @Ze_Cahue No, I mean like $1300 for camera and $1000 for recorder. $2300-$2500 total for the 4k package.

  • @bwhitz $1k for a 4k recorder? Which one?

  • @endotoxic's idea sounds sadly logical...fingers crossed that it's not that way!

  • Where did the idea come from that the breakout box is required to shoot 4K?

  • @thorn Required to get 10bit 422.

  • Which isnt the same as 4K. ;)

  • I KNEW IT!

    I'm saying for months, to be careful, that here there is a risk, take the buggered. An external recorder to have 10bit, when the camera have nothing to be so expensive.

    They can die.

  • Seems like everybody is {hindu voice} very excited and has something to say about this coming announcement of a coming new camera. As I'm totally falling asleep, I'll also like to contribute: Hey Panasonic, you are very clever GHnoms, I'm not thinking in not spending the money I don't have in this camera which doesn't exist yet, alraich?!! Jeje just a bit of trolling. I'll se your guys' digital faces with the awesome news tomorrow... not that you care

  • My prediction is $1799-1999 for the body, $1299-1499 for the adapter.

  • @thorn we are talking about all supported resolution included 4k ;)

  • they seem to have recicled P2 hvx stuff and put it on new logic for the module lol

  • Figure #1 Video Recording Format Matrix

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  • The DMC-GH4 is also capable of real-time image output to the external monitor in 4:2:2 / 8-bit*3 via an optional micro HDMI cable simultaneously while recording video. Even 4:2:2 / 10-bit is available which is suitable for the professional video making that requires serious monitoring of the footage. Users can choose to output only the recording content or the content with the setting menus individually depending on a display.

    seems that the answer from color reproduction is finished

  • Looking good, only knock I see is apparently 4k is 100mbs IPB only, while FullHD can be 200mbps ALL I or 100mbs IPB.

  • why put 4k on 100Mbps on IPB and not use 200??

  • @kellar

    im wondering the same. This are the same cripple shit companies does for protecting other products from upper gama

  • You can output the image through the HDMI connection in higher picture quality, but you cannot record it as a motion picture or still pictures. Ideal when the HDMI output is to be saved on external devices. When using 4:2:2/10-bit output, simultaneous video recording on SDXC/SDHC Memory Card in the camera is not possible.

    so who is gonna sell us the "memory recording module" Lol? Panasonic? so we pay another 700 bucks on recorder unit. This is getting expensive.

    *2 HDMI output from the camera is not possible when the camera is mounted on the Interface Unit.

    THERE IS THE TRICK!, also native outout from miniHDMI is 8bit 4:2:2, so footage from camera in card will be 8bit.

  • Please note that specs and PR will be put and updated at first posts.

  • so i cant tell , is 10bit only via the external module which is gunna cost as much as - or even more by the looks of it- than the camera ? also 100mb/s surely thats not enough for decent 4k? sounds to me like the All-I 200mb/s would be lovely but that we have a similar situation here as the gh3's All I codec farce when it comes to the 4k....

    just saw your post @endotoxic i think you've cracked it .... i always knew it was in some way too good to be true ... looks like its closer to $4000 to have 10bit 422 output then ....(which i would rather have than 4k any day of the week...)

  • Do you want 10 bit 4:2:2 native with higher bitrate, expect a new Panasonic Recorder unit module. Now remember that for recording on card you need to buy expensive pana card.

    now it has sense when they said it was gonna be a modular designed camera

  • Guys, less emotions. 100Mbps IPB usually can save more information than 200Mbps I frame.

  • ...On the other hand, optimizing the combination design of new sensor, new imaging engine and low-pass filter enhances the limit resolution by more than 5% while suppressing moire...

    so less moire at 1080p?

  • OK, now price is the biggest mystery. Well, I guess image quality might trump all. ;)