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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Thanks Kob ...I did ...I did , either in the rides and using the new GH3 ...

    @sir_danish right ...the moiré is there. I am doing a lot of tests to minimize it as much as I can . But as we just have seen with the 1.1 firmware we CANT rely on Panasonic for this...

    In my opinion the Panasonic missed the opportunity to release a game changer camera. I like my GH3 . Its so better than my GH1 . But I was expecting more : - 120 fps - no moiré - the same GH2 crop factor - a much better iOS app to control the focus when recording video ....

    I think we´ll have to wait for the GH5 . But something tells me that the GH3 is the end of line for the GH. The next cameras will have to come with 4k when I have no idea how they will implement 4k in a micro 4/3 sensor ...

  • Here is the same shot but from the GH2:

    Compare it to the GH3 version, but please download the original files, the compressed ones don´t say much.

    Of course, the GH2 isn´t completely free from moiré, but it isn´t that obvious. With the sharpness on the GH2 set to 0 and -5 on the GH3, the latter still looks much worse in terms of moiré. At least, this is what my short tests with bricks and fabrics showed.

  • @labalbi: Keep in mind, that none of the "big players" like Canon or Panasonic will give you a game changer, until declining sales or the competition force them to be innovative. "Do what´s absolutely necessary to keep the sales high, but don´t overstrain yourself!" The last game changer was the 5DMkII, but it´s been a long time and this particular DSLR was a game changer "by accident". Now we have 2013 and the new game changer (BMCC) mainly exists on paper. By now!

    As far as 4K is concerned, I recommend you to read this article:

  • As far as 4K is concerned, I recommend you to read this article:

    haha... John Galt. I guess he ended up taking a job at Panavision...

  • what do you use , software-wise , to reduce moiré ? @sir_danish

  • @bwhitz I read the article you posted, some information in there is true but most of it is misleading. It is demonstrated that Bayer pattern with modern technology of interpolation dos not cut more than 25-30% of resolution. So his theory about 4K being 36 Mpix is, sorry to say, bull shit! Take for example the Sigma Meril with 16 Mpix of or red, green and blue photo detectors, they say it is a total of 48 Mpix or a resolution equivalent of 36 of a bayer technology. In reality a good 24 Mpix Bayer sensor may be equal if not superior in resolution to the 3x16 Mpix sensor. So yes, actual 4K may be in fact 3K but his argument of 36 Mpix is very WRONG!

  • @labalbi: There are some tutorials, like this one here:

    I myself didn´t try it out yet, but it seems to be impossible to get completely rid of the moiré in post without making a compromise, because the rainbow party is a permanent feature of your footage, if you don´t manage to avoid it while shooting.

    My formula for the future: if there is anything that can´t be properly digested by the GH3, bring it out of focus so it gets blurred or choose another field of view. I don´t know any other options. I don´t want to spend hours for repair work in post.

    But there are people who say, they were shooting towns and buildings without noticing any moiré. I don´t know, maybe I am too fussy. For them it´s acceptable, for me it´s a pain in the ***

  • @Eno

    I read the article you posted

    Oh I didn't post it...

  • I think moiré can be nasty in footage but i've seen footage on tv shot with cameras 10x more expensive that have much more noticable moiré. (Was surprised to see that actually) I guess with theGH3 we'llhave to work ourway around it. Noticed in my own recordings that sharpening in post and not in camera seemed to result in less moiré.

  • I'm finding the GH3 to be quite a leap over the GH2 for the style I shoot. I like to highlight with lots of hard back light, and shoot low light interiors. I've just been getting terrific results with this camera. My employer has mentioned he believes the visuals have increased significantly over GH2 footage in his opinion.

    I should mention I've only shot studio/indoor, but so far this camera has exceeded my expectation for a $1300 body. Would I rather be shooting Blackmagic RAW with its dynamic range? absolutely. But that is $4000 and a major investment in storage and workstation upgrades, as well as time. Whereas the GH3 was a dropin upgrade.

  • Has anyone noticed how the sensor behaves with stronger ND filters in terms of IR pollution? I wander if there will be an additional IR cut filter needed and which works best... Thanks!

  • Just got my GH3, updating from GH2. Haven't shot any serious video yet (waiting for hacks to come.. Lol) but I did some travelling stillshooting and I have to say that this is so much better than before. Raw quality better, ergonomics better (i love the size of GH2 for travelling and GH3 isn't that much bigger but grip is 100 times better) and battery time greater. I have two batteries and didn't have to recharge during the whole trip, taking around 1500 pics. I do notice some smearing of the EVF, but it's not a dealbreaker for me.

  • Yesterday I made a battery test on GH3 with the original battery; I have a PAL version of the camera. I made 9 sessions of 30 minute of filming on a fully charged battery. The results are impressive in my opinion.

  • New Video, follow link for information. Shot on GH3 with Slr Magic Lenses and others.

    Slr Magic 25mm, 35mm Rokinon 85mm Panasonic 14mm

  • Hello guys!

    Here's a simple IPB 60fps Slow Motion Test I did last week.

    And a simple test short:

  • Just received my gh3 and i wonder if there is some iso bug on the camera or some iso that's more noisy and souldn't be used? Like on the gh2 640 was less noisier than 320 for example. Also how many hours can we record on a 64gb card with 50mps mode?

  • Swiss_Boy, I've been getting about 2 hours at MOV 50 mps with a 64 gig Sandisk Ultra card. But I would not try to record 2 hours all at once! Very big file if something goes wrong.

  • Did some indoor tests with no good lighting and 1600 seems noisy not as clean as i thought it would be. I hope it was because of lighting and not that i got a bad unit. Will do some outdoor shots with high iso to check that. So far everything is better than gh2 i just hope the image quality is better too cause that's the most important thing. Also that info disappearing on screen is very annoying...

  • @Swiss Boy "Also that info disappearing on screen is very annoying..." +1 you are right...! I't really an error from Panasonic..and makes the Manual Mode hard to use. There is a risk of make some sort of bump, of shock every ten second pressing the button to make reappear the info in order to check if the exposure is yet right.. Hope will be fixed with new firmware upgrade (original or hacked..) :-) windsurf

  • I spent a number of months playing around with various bodies and lenses, and of course reading numerous reviews. In the end, I chose the GH3 as the ergonomics of the body felt much better in my hand, in spite of being slightly heavier and bulkier (or perhaps because of) than the E-M5. Buttons and controls were both plentiful and easier to reach.

    Another review

  • Pretty speedy AF :-)