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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • the 30 minutes limitation is active in europe due to the different (European) import duty rates for still and video cameras. I think in USA there is no such rule so no time limitation...

  • The limit existed for the GH2, so I'd like to know if it exists for the GH3 in the US.

  • The limit existed for the GH2, so I'd like to know if it exists for the GH3 in the US.

    What limit existed? GH2 had limit, same as GH3, in EU version only.

  • Just to keep things on topic, here is a new review of the GH3.

    He's not completely convinced.

    "You’ll see that there aren’t a lot of images in this review: the main reason was that I really didn’t feel like shooting with the camera. This is generally rare for me, but honestly, the GH3 is one of the few cameras I’ve used in recent times that left me completely cold. I’ve never been a fan of the Panasonic UI; it’s actually gotten worse with the latest iteration, as in the interests of making the design look slick, it’s now not very clear what’s been selected, nor is it very intuitive to figure out how to move between menus and submenus – especially for those overlaid on the live view screen. However, credit should be given as there are at least ‘buttons’ marked out on the screen which makes touch navigation easy; the screen is also more responsive to a finger than the Olympus. "

  • @ahbleza I saw that, he doesn't like pana camera, GH3 didn't make him change his mind.

    I have the GH3 for a few days now, and I have to agree that the button layout using the EVF is far from optimal, the only Fn button easily accessible are fn2 and Fn3. Too bad they didn't make the video recording button a Fn one...

  • @Ahbleza that guy seems to have some facts wrong...starting with the price!

  • Here's a more favorable GH3 review from veteran National Geographic photog Ira Block. On a recent trip to Bhutan, Ira chose to use the new Panasonic GH3 to create and shoot a video. (Note this is a LONG video.)

    Ira Block's Work

  • Just got the GH3 ! Will test it with the GH2... The camera has a more conventional style than the GH2 (I would say less "fashion", less authentic). However, I really like the OLED capacitive screen ! This and the evf should help you getting some nice shot...

    The burst mod is quite incredible... The burst rate by default is good. 2.3k at 20fps, over 80 FPS ! If a hack can increase it to 25fps, having 1752p during 3s would be awesome !

    I am planning to do some micro macro test shot this week end. Wait and see !

  • Interesting thing. GH3 sensor as the same sensor size than the GH2...

    GH2 : Image Sensor Size 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio) Total Pixels 18.31 Megapixels Camera Effective Pixels 16.05 Megapixels

    GH3 : Image Sensor Size 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio) Total Pixels 17.20 Megapixels Camera Effective Pixels 16.05 Megapixels

    Not sure if the Multi aspect ratio can be added via a Hack...

  • @joss1 In fact the GH2 does have an over sized sensor, hence the higher total pixel count, but the same effective pixel count in 4:3 mode. 17.3 x 13mm is the standard m4/3 sensor size, and it's the size of the area used from the GH2's sensor in 4:3 mode. The GH3's sensor is standard size. By the way, sorry Vitaly for going off topic :)

  • Lens: 14-140mm sorry Vitaly: i have a cross post in Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3 with this video.

  • It may be my cheap monitor, so if that's the case please let me know, but doesn't the skin tone look bad? It almost looks like a green hue and not totally natural, to me at least.

  • @tenpoundpillow, yeah I see it the same way. I've definitely seen better skin tones from the GH3 myself, so I wouldn't let this turn u off.

  • Nice footages !

  • Hi guys,

    I've done some more tests to see which settings should I use for long periods of recording time (on weddings for example).

    You can download my test here:

    The settings used where: M Video, Standard color profile, ISO 6400, f/6.3, 1/50 sec and 25 fps. The noise reduction was set to -5, 0 and +5 respectively for both AVCHD and MOV files.

    The interesting result was that AVCHD has less noise than MOV setting ( IPB 50 MB/sec), has a grater DR, but as expected a little bit less detail. to be honest I find the standard color profile on AVCHD to have the same amount of DR as neutral profile on MOV IPB. I also find the colors more natural (less magenta) on AVCHD, the MOV IPB has a magenta tint.

    My conclusion so far is that for general purpose use, the AVCHD codec is quite good, especially on standard profiles. Don't get me wrong, man can always use MOV IPB for the best image quality, especially for grading in PP.

  • @Lambo

    I suggest to use Showcase category for your videos, not opinions topic.

  • i did not found showcase topic .... oprosti mi vitaliy ovo je novi video od mene

    This is my new test GH3

  • yo guys, Here a gh3 test from me. Probably I'm gonne use it for a new shortmovie (stil have to do grading, voices, audio,...)

    But what do you think about the image? Is it to dark? gh3 standaard -2-2-2-2 Nokton 25mm and lumix 12-35 lenses Iso 640 max. Pasw: gh

  • dark scenes, doesn't mean that you have no light at shooting. The right way is to shoot with lot of light (so you dont have too much grain) and then you use "day for night" post techniques.

  • "dark scenes, doesn't mean that you have no light at shooting." I know, I had 2 ledpanels. But day for night is in my experience not the ideal solution. I did the lightning so I don"t had to do a lot of work in post. But, on the gh3 screen, everything looked brighter. And btw, my maximum iso was 640.

  • @conscius can you share your workflow for shooting night? Do you have any footage as examples?