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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • While this mirrorless camera offers a highly capable performance and extensive feature set, it finds itself in competition with larger cameras, including DSLRs and Sony SLTs. The main differentiating factor being video handling and performance. As for photographic performance, despite having a similar size, DSLRs still exceed it in terms of dynamic-range and speed.

  • Well..thats my second video using the GH3. While I am loving the camera , the moiré is here to stay I am afraid. But I ll try something in FCPX to mask it somehow ... Anyway, I ve been paying attention in some TV commercial ads and I can find moiré in many of them even the ones done with RED or other great cameras. Conclusion, moiré is a plague !!!! he he ...

  • why are this poor people sooooooooooo green?

  • @Lambo , great video, what lens did you use ?

  • @feha, the 20mm pancake...

  • Hello nice folks! Today I got around to shoot this one thing which my brother and I had on our minds for a while now.

    Stock GH3, 25p 50MbitMov as recommended everywhere.

    Oh yeah, that fat dude is my brother, so please be kind! :D

  • Oly 12-60 if anyone is interested. And even though this fella on the left called for Jack Bauer, no one cared officially.

  • @JDN have you considered the black magic pocket camera vs GHx? I'm into nature shooting too and i particularly like the 3x crop on the pocket cam. It turns the 100-300 into 300-900mm, it gonna have a great image i'm sure and is extremely small. you don't have ETC off course and i don't know if you can buy an extender for m43.

  • I shot my new short film using the GH3 and I did not have to much problems with moire. It is their in a few shot though. I find shooting with the GH3 over my GH2 much easer to get proper exposure. The added dynamic range is great.

  • Dynamic RAGE!!!!! Kidding but seriously GREAT visual effects on that man.

  • LOL I fixed the RAGE. Im glad you like the visual effects No_SuRReNDeR.

  • can't believe you changed the 'RAGE'. That was the best statement in this whole fourm!

  • Worst about the GH3: The crap factor.

  • I used the GH3 and 2's along with my AC160 for the Republican Convention (also used 3 GoPro Blacks as pigtails on my shoulder rig)

    This was a long event and I filled a few 64 gig cards two days in a row. The GH3 got flakey on me after a while and I started having shutter control issues....lots of Moire too but I was expecting that under those conditions.

    The shutter problem cured itself so I have no idea what happened and the moire isn't bad enough to worry over. I just did the best I could in post and used it. Those two things aside, it did extremely well. I may sent in in for a checkup this week.

  • @AonAnderson So far the first 45 seconds looks great! I'll let you know in 6 months when my internet decides to download the rest, how I like the whole thing :)

  • Yeah moire sucks, if you can't stand it,go with the GH2. Vicharris I'm not sure if its faster to go directly to YouTube or not.

  • I’m definitely more confident now using the GH3 for slow motion and b-camera shots alongside the BMCC. You need to take some extra care with the GH3 to ensure you set the look in camera more accurately, since you have a lot less flexibility in post. But once you’ve achieved the right look in camera, the GH3 holds its own as a solid slow motion/backup camera for the BMCC.

    It seems to have less moire and rolling shutter issues than the BMCC, but is not as clean in low light and has much less dynamic range, especially when compared to BMCC in raw. It’s not the type of DSLR you’ll use to replace the BMCC in low light situations – as the BMCC is actually quite good in low light, and in my opinion pretty under rated.

    The cameras are not nearly close enough of a match to use them in a multi camera environment, unless it’s documentary based and you’re going for that look. But for slow motion, really tight spots and other tricky scenarios, the GH3 holds up exceptionally well and is definitely a camera that compliments the BMCC very nicely.


  • Possibly a silly question, but I lost my GH3 manual and just got my first autofocus mft lens - how do i set it so i can focus with the touch screen?

  • @AonAnderson Great job, good luck in the contest! An ND filter and some extra lights would have saved a few shots though.

  • @ theconformist thanks man, and I did have a variable ND filter. And our generator died on us on a few days of shooting. You can see behind the scenes photos at

  • Just used my GH3 for a 48hour film making competition over the weekend. My first use in anger.

    Very happy with it - it was producing nice images in a much larger variety of situations with less manhandling than my GH13 could.

    A couple of issues though - sometimes if I plugged in the HDMI cable, or there was an issue with the HDMI on the other end the screen would go black and the camera would stop responding - a battery pull solved the issue however but that can be difficult when the camera is rigged up.

    The other issue is that I took a photo about half way through the filming day and any footage that I took subsequent to that could not be played in the camera (and had a rather alarming red exclamation mark on it) it played back find on a computer later on.

  • I've wanted to join the ILC club for a while and after doing a fair bit of research I've settled on the GH3 and various lenses - SLR Magic 12mm 1.6, SLR Magic 25mm 0.95, and Panasonic 12-35 2.8. Rode VideoMic Pro for the audio. Initial impressions are very impressive, though I'll know more with some filming to do over the next couple of weeks. Took some photos over the weekend to test out the 0.95 lens - I'll give some more feedback once I have used the GH3 for filming :)

    1024 x 925 - 491K