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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • I made a non scientific test between Panasonic GH3 and Nikon D5200:

    The .mov files are D5200, and .mp4 files areGH'3 files. The first video was at ISO 200, then 1600, 3200 and 6400. Default neutral settings on both cameras and the same shutter, iris etc. Gh3 films are a little bit wider, sorry, and the WB was left to auto because of the several light sources.

  • please help...

  • Hey Eno, I have a quick question. Do you know what settings you shot the GH3 at? Specifically, was it 24p 50mbps? I know there is an .mp4 option in the camera, which is like 12mbps, or maybe low 20's, but the point is it's much lower quality. When reviewing the files, I see that the data rate for the d5200 is about 20mbps (which is correct), and the gh3 is only 11mbps. This could also be because of exporting maybe?

    I'm curious because it might not be a fair comparison of what each is capable of. I actually tested a gh3 recently, and on my system it has a data rate of 49mbps, not 11, as was with the videos you posted. I'm not saying you're trying to purposely make the 5200 look better, just curious if you know for sure you filmed in 50mbps mode. Thanks!

  • Eno why would you shoot the GH3 for a test without using the best codec option?

  • @Eno mp4 modes are vastly inferior to the IPB mov modes.

  • @Eno Thank you for your test..just a question.. You say that both camera have the same settings (shutter..iris..).. may you please specify what are these values..? Aperture and ShutterTime.. Thank you very much for the time you dedicate in reply..

  • Vitaly, driftwood… If you auprés of the influence of the equipe of Pana… Thank you for suggesting them a list of modifications for the frimware that they are going to correct in a few weeks

  • @tenpoundpillow I used 24 Mb/sec on D5200 and 20 Mb/sec on GH3, full HD 25 fps. But this could be deduces from the video properties. I tried to mach the bit rate as closed as possible. I know that 50 Mb/sec IPB is much better but I wanted to compare them on similar bit rate. Anyway even on 20 Mb/sec GH3 is clearly more detailed, and the noise structure is more pleased than D5200 (GH3 has a more film like noise).

    @windsurf I used the same settings, this is the only important thing. I forgot what, I had 5 minutes to make the test or so...

    By the way, I have 2 GH3's so I don't think I cold have wanted to make D5200 look better.

    I think D5200 on default stings has a strong NR applied because at high ISO it generates ugly macro-blocking in the shadows, but I didn't had time to do more testing.

    For my needs, I like GH3 a lot more than D5200, and 20 Mb/sec, 25 fps, .mp4 seems to do decent job. I will use this format a lot for wedding work; the 50 M/sec IPB will be reserved for documentary's, because I can not cover 10 hours of filming with it.

  • you are thinking very wrong !!! You have to shoot with THE BEST settings for every camera. MP4 is a bad codec, not only a lower bitrate codec…. You could also use AVCHD .

  • I started with the D5000, and my kit immediately became too large for me to care to bring along anywhere. When I decided to try again and bought the GH3, I ended up with a kit I no longer need to think much about bringing with me - I bring it if I think about bringing it. The house, 12-35, 35-100, 7.5mm, VND, polarizer and mini gorillapod fits into the Lowepro Event Messenger 100, the smallest in the series. If I need a flash and a proper tripod I am of course back in thinking-trouble again.

    So if you are just a lazy hobbyist like me, wondering between those two options, the picture/image quality is just a small fraction of what should be considered - those two cameras are in this case apples and oranges. If photo/video is your profession (or you aspire to use this gear to make it your profession) I see however that things are tipped in this direction of course, and DR, moire, and other IQ characteristics could or should be overriding factors.

    (just wanted to remind the few other lazy hobbyists like me that read here or drop by here from google to not get so caught up in the IQ pixel peeping investigations that they forget about the other aspects which may be just as important)

  • @toxotis70 I also tried AVCHD and it is OK, thanks. I also compared all the 25p options: mov 50 MB/sec IPB, mov 70 Mb/sec ALL-i, AVCHD 50i (from 25p), and mp4 20 Mb/sec. The best of course is the mov IPB.

  • For long shooting thats a fair point @Eno

  • I was mislead in the beginning about AVCHD 25 fps because of the 50i name, but after some dinging I found that it is a 50i from 25p and has no sacrifice of resolution. I'm inspecting the shutter speed behavior now. If 1/25s can be used than it is better than mp4 option.

  • Hi,

    I own Gh3 since xmas and have done several jobs. Picture quality (MOV IPBmodes) is a little superior to any DSLR I have worked with (5D, 7D, GH2). Extras towards video work (mic input, headphones output, manual audio, codecs, etc) are very welcome and now testing it for ENG work:

    -Zoom lens Olympus Zuiko 12-60 f2.8-4-->probably the best lens for ENG work? (b4 mount ENG lens not tested) zoom lens is quite fast, very good quality, good zoom range, quite good handling... overall a excelent compromise of all features.

    -Audio: I am starting to test ETSLAN PA912 ( audio cable that converts Balanced mic signal to unbalanced minijack. If it works as promised, it could be a far better solution than separate recording (zoom H4n, tascam dr-40) or audio mixer (beachtek, juicedlink). Here I will keep informed of audio test and evaluation:

    I would appreciate comments, other tests, etc, on ENG solutions to Gh3.


  • I've done more tests and I found the AVCHD 50i from 25p very sharp (no obvious resolution loss due to i conversion), man can also use a shutter 1/25 sec in M Video mode, so low light is OK, but the files properties are displayed wrong in Windows, the AVCHD 50i from 25p is displayed as a 720/480 at 25 fps.

    I also compared the same file to the 50 Mb/ IPB mov and the IPB has grater color deep and greater detail, but the AVCHD has a grater DR with Kmplayer and VLC. I run the files in premiere and the DR looks the same (probably a player misinterpretation). The only thing curios is the color tint, with the same WB the mov file is more magenta, the AVCHD looks more natural (for my yes better).

    AVCHD setting is better than mp4 setting. Mp4 trays to compress the video very much, for example if it is static, I found a bit rate of 6 Mb/sec instead of the 20 MB/sec as written in the menu (manual).

    So, for long recording time events I think AVCHD is the way to go. Thank you @toxotis70 that you make me dig.

  • sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought this was a useful review of the GH3's photo capabilities.

  • @pospotime Have you looked into the iRig Pre Hack?

  • @pospotime @Henry

    With all this talks, welcome to proper Gear subcategories and proper topics in them. Do not turn camera topic into gear discussion.

  • For fabulous sound I use a CMBI preamp 48V schoeps with a cardiod head schoeps mK4 or mk41

  • Skezin nice work!!! Can u tell more about ur settings and what prog do you use for editing. and what lens etc... thnk you

  • This is my GH3 shoot... Edited in sony vegas pro 10 ... Used 72mbs mov file exported as 12 mbs for youtube .. 14-140 lens .... built in mic...

  • @pind thanks. Standard profile 0,0,0,-5; 1080P 60fps 50mbps IPB MOV; Lens is a canon ef mount 70-200mm f2.8 using fotodiox adapter; nd vari filter; Edit and graded in CS6 Premier Pro; (forgot to grade the very last shot)

  • Hey guys, I'm doing an interview for a film tomorrow, shooting indoors. What are the best setting? I see people using -5 on contrast, that makes sense in terms of maximizing range. What about settings on NR, Sharpness, and Saturation? I might do minor color correction in post, don't want to sharpen in post. Is -5 contrast, 0 sharpness, -2 color, -4 noise reduction work the best?


  • I've found many refs to the 30 minute time limit for PAL GH3s. But does this mean that the NTSC version, here in the Sattes, can record for longer than 30 mins?