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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @tinyrobot, at previous page(last post) I posted an example. But maybe it is a little to dark

  • Don't have a GH-3. Am I coreect, the Gh-3 no longer has Dynamic B&W? One of my favorite features of the Gh-1/2.

  • Scarlet, 5D III, GH3, GH2, one lens:

  • Can anyone help? Im having all sorts of problems getting my new GH3 to look half decent, i was using a GH2 before with Sanity hack. The out-of-camera was awesome. I was hopeing the GH3 would be the same. I have seen other footage and it looks wonderful, but im haveing no look. It's like i have tha Canon 600back and have to colour correct every shot. Im trying real hard to do everything in camera and concentrate on composition and story. I have done a lens comparison to maybe help me find a solution. Anyone have any pointers, I do think that the GH3 is not as sharp as the sanity GH2.

  • @appyinau Try and raise sharpness to +2 and change recording to 50 ipb. I find gh3 colour better then gh2. Gh2 always a little greenish.

  • did you try 1080P25 mov 50mbps (shutter 50) or 1080p50 mov 50mbps? (shutter 100) Both have good quality

  • @appyinau

    Yeah, just remember that the GH2 is a little biased towards green and the GH3 will go more towards magenta. If you want it to look more like the GH2, try dialing in a bit more green.

  • I was using 1080/24p 72Mbts All Intra. I thought about adding some sharpness, but all the really good footage i have sean used -2 or -5

  • don't use the 72mbps, it's no good. Try 50mbps long gop

  • But isn't the 72 all intra the best setting,(so confusing)

  • No it isn't, 72mbps is a little bit low for an Intra frame codec. The 50mbps is a long gop codec, seems te be far better (a lot af people said and tried it on this forum, also driftwood said it).

    Hopefully if the gh3 get hacked, we will have a good Intra frame codec on a high bitrate.

  • shoot only in IPB 50 . And if you are using manual lenses, try not to lower the sharpness. Leave it at 0. Only in Pany-Oly lenses you have to lower a bit.

  • Has anyone tried the firmware update for the GH3 yet?

  • @lumixgeorge

    With all firmware talks go to main GH3 topic.

  • I always shoot at -5 sharpness regardless of lens. I've tested pretty extensively and noticed that adding post sharpness in post is just as good if not better than the sharpening applied in camera if ever I need to add it. In premiere, that usually falls between 10-20 sharpness value

  • Has anyone tried the GH3 with the Pany 14-140. mine is vignetted until about 20mm

  • Scratch that (i have the lens hood on wrong) how embarrassing LOL

  • a quick test I did, comparing GH3 with Nikon D5200, the short source files. It seems that at ISO 1600 GH3 produces more noise, but it's sharper

  • Must agree - GH3 is noiser. I was thinking skip my GH2 and go for GH3 for weddings, but I think sensitivity for weds is more important than 50p. Perhaps I will survive without normal aperture setting... Going to another topic - D7100 vs GH3

  • We use two gh3s and a gh2 for weddings and we routinely push ISO to 2000 quite happily on the GH3s. Rarely go above 1250 on the gh2.

  • If you compare IPB 50 MB/sec on GH3 with the 24 MB/sec on D5200, GH3 has more noise but much more details as well. Noise can be easily removed, but detail can not be added if it is not there. Anyway, for wedding work I found AVCHD 50i from 25p to be perfect, it is almost a stop ISO cleaner than IPB 50 MB/sec, with a little bit less detail, but almost imperceptible difference if you do not pixel peep, and the DR in AVCHD is grater as well. So if you compare now GH3 wit D5200 or D7100, GH3 will win. Not to mention, that D5200 has a very strong NR for video in the first place, and the one on GH3 is light.

    Remake the test with GH3 with NR set to +5, AVCHD 50i from 25p and you will find that GH3 is cleaner, with more detail and grater DR compared to Nikon D5200/D7100.

  • Gh3 + 25mm f0.95

  • I got my GH3 in January. I had no time studying how to use it ...but I used it anyway in a 20 days Disney trip ... I used with 2 lenses , the great 25 mm f 1.4 and the 14 mm f 2.5 . Here´s a short video of my vacation . The first and the last parts was done using a Sony Action CAM AS15 So far I am loving the camera . There´s is moiré and the EVF has the famous smearing ...but I could not find a better option to replace my GH1 hacked.

  • labalbi, this was wonderful. It looks like that you invested quite of bit of time and effort there - Just wondered if you had time to also enjoy yourself...

  • I love the colors of my GH3, but I hate the moiré so much. Look at my short test and download the original file, because the compression softens the moiré. Have an eye on those roof tiles, but you can´t overlook it anyway.

    I don´t understand why some people claim that the GH3 shows only "slightly more" moiré than its predecessor. I´ve been using my GH2 for two years now and made some money with it, so I can say for sure: it looks MUCH better in terms of moiré. While the GH2 shows some kind of decent but acceptable "waves" or flickering when shooting certain patterns or fabrics, the GH3 turns it into a psychedelic dream party, with rainbows and all that stuff... Really annoying and obvious moré.

    And no, I´m not using a Lumix lens! I´ve got some Canon FDs and a Nokton 25mm, my settings are all dialed down to -4.