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25mm F0.95 SLRMagic topic
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  • @stonebat Nice find sir. Thanks again

  • Notice the longer throw toward f/0.95. After f/4, the aperture ring has very short throw. I kinda like the aperture ring design for this particular lens.

    1523 x 1523 - 474K
  • @vicharris Thanks for those links but I don't think that'd work either. I searched too but setup down rings are male to female, stepping from high mm to low mm, so a 49-77 is really a 77-49 with male 77 and female 49, which would be good for the 49-49 coupler but then you're left with a 77mm male end, and that's no good for filters. You'd then need 77-77 female to female, which I'm not sure exists. This is getting kinda ridiculous haha.

    Looks like @vicharris, you're getting a free step up anyways! I wish I'd known about that and ordered sooner.

    A diff option would be a 49-49 male to female extension ring like this -

    There are other photos of it if you google image it, but it's hard to tell if it'd work. In theory, you could use one (or two) of those extension rings with a generic 49-77 step up. As long as the built-in lens hood can clear the fat part of the extension ring, it should work. Hard to know if you'd need one or two to give the hood enough room. Thanks for all your input guys!

  • @EricSF I don't know man, I think that step down is female to female. I have one in another size here thats female to female. It's amazon prime so if it's wrong, you can always return it for free! Or maybe I can since I have Prime.

  • @vicharris The whole thing's a headache and thanks for exchanging ideas. I don't have Amazon Prime, but if you feel like checking it out, cool, but if not, not biggie either. I think the approach with the extension ring should work. I still need to order the lens and it'll be at least 2 weeks before I get it, so I'll think it over. If you get any new info on this, def share. Thanks, man. #burntoutresearching

  • Sold my Voigtlander 25 and one of my gh2's to buy the 12mm 1.6 and this new 25mm .95 from SLRmagic. Shot this video for a contest and was very impressed with the performance of both lenses.

    Wide shots are obviously the 12mm and everything else is the 25mm with both lenses from wide open to around T2. A few ex-tele shots that were also cropped by almost 200% in post that don't look bad at all.

  • So it seems like mine shipped already so on a positive note, anyone who purchases one might only wait a week and it got to CA overnight so that is pretty cool of SLR but for some reason it went to Alaska next! :( It was only 30 miles away, why!!!!!! :) Oh and they threw in a step up ring so I made the cutoff.

  • "but for some reason it went to Alaska next"

    Sarah Palin has to do a Quality Control Test. Probably shooting video of her Russian neighbors with ETC mode.

  • @vicharris

    Mine said Ontario, CA and next was Anchorage, AK. It's because the UPS HQ is in Ontario and what you saw was the customs paperwork getting approved. Mine is arriving Mon, woot!

  • Yep, mine will be here monday too.

  • Photos of SLR Magic 25mm f 0.95 uploaded by Clifton Toblalado:

    Adorama will have them in stock in a month or so. They didn't indicate if there's a rebate, but current stock of the 35mm f1.4 ( E mount, X mount ) still has the $70 instant rebate. The MFT version is now at regular price.

  • @vicharris, @griplimited Do they send shipping confirmation through email?

  • @albert_ang yes, i just emailed and asked for it

  • @albert_ang They give a UPS tracking number so you can see exactly whats going on. They did the same with my 12mm lens.

  • @griplimited

    With all shipping talk - to PM.

  • @vicharris

    I don't think that anyone sawr your posts as stirring up trouble, and there were solid counterpoints to your concerns here in the thread. Glad that you got the official SLR ring, this will allow you to do some comparisons as well so you can judge the quality.

    Personally, I wish I could get similar step ups for the rest of my glass, this coupled with XUME adapters would be great.


    So I did notice something with the focus wheel that I've only really seen on older Nikkors and some odd ball newer primes, it's not a big deal to me but the focus ring DOES have a VERy slight bit of play when switching directions, you basically have to look for it to feel it because you won't see it having any effect on the image.

    Basically, it doesn't move the picture. My only thought was that it may not have been tightened down so I asked SLR and that's just how it's designed. Having used the voigt, I can say that it's a very different mechanical design and a lot of people will feel that the Voigtlander is much more mechanically sound.

    I think they're just different... the Voigtlander is really a 1200.00 lens and you can bring this comparison up when deciding on the glass, but the SLR does everything I need it to do and I actually REALLY love the way it feels and behaves despite the small flaws. For the price, I'm more than happy overlooking or getting used to these things...

    And it's damned sharp wide open and bokeh is great at all apertures, did i mention that? xD

    Can't wait for the 35, really hope they consider something wider than 12 and something in between 12 and 25 to round out the HyperPrime lineup.

  • @kholi Yep, I might be eating crow when the lens gets in. I really didn't understand that there was anything different about the step ring unlike the 12mm one. On a separate note, I bought one of the 35mm 1.4 ones just for fun and will go shoot at the pier with all three to see how they match. I know it's not the .95 one but it's still pretty darn nice for the price and it would be nice if this 25mm matches well with it and the 35mm 1.4

  • @vicharris -- You still might think that it's not worth it, but at the very least you'll be able to really quantify why with the experience. xD

    Me thinks the 35/1.4 is a pretty good purchase, to be honest. From what I've seen IQ bests the Rokinon which I Believe is the only other modern 35/1.4 available near that price range. Just hanging on for the 35/0.95... X_X

  • @kholi, yep, I did a breathing test between the SLR 35mm and Rokinon 35mm Cine and it's really hard to see an IQ difference but the SLR beat the Rokinon in breathing for sure.

  • So I've gone out and shot some stuff just to see what it looks like on the screen and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Especially for the price. I'll wait till I get back out at Santa Monica Pier and do a shoot with the 12mm, 25mm and 35mm SLR lens till I post something. The iris ring is really smooth as is the focus, though the focus is dampened heavier than my 12 and 35. Might just need to be used a bit but no big deal. As everyone say it's built like a tank. I'd feel alot safer dropping one of these on the ground as opposed to a Rokinon. The one thing so far far that I don't understand is the "Hood" that slides up. I don't think it's really large enough to do any real good and because of this design, they sell the custom step up ring. Maybe I'm just not understanding why you need it, especially since they offer the step up ring. It seems like they knew people were going to be putting filters and what not on the lens, why else sell a $50 step up ring. If this is the case, why have the hood? I don't know. Other than that though, I really love the colors coming out of this lens. I'll have to do a side by side with my Rokinon 24mm Cine but the SLR seems less clinical in my eyes. Could be just a placebo.

    On another note, I received that 49 to 49 mm coupler in the male and it seems like it will work just perfect. Now I have to make sure the 77 to 49 step down ring is female to female. If so, that would be an option for people who don't have the step up ring.

  • @P13DM Not sure the focus ring in the front is really a new idea :)

  • So I decided to shoot a cute little fluffy stuffed animal with all three of my SLR lens so people can see how they cut. I've used the 12mm 1.6, the 25mm .95 and the 35mm 1.4.

    All three of the pics have a file number on the top so people can try and pick out each lens. I must say I'm really impressed with the cheap 35mm 1.4 lens.

    Shot using Moon 5, 200 ISO at T4.

    Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.36.59 PM.png
    1080 x 605 - 965K
    Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.37.15 PM.png
    1080 x 606 - 990K
    Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.38.54 PM.png
    1080 x 607 - 937K
  • Maybe this 35mm is just fine, focus would be very critical with a 0.95 WO.

  • @nomad That's what I'm thinking. I'm going to add my Nikon 50mm 1.4 AIS to these three and I think I'm good to go for low profile shooting for sure. A 17.5mm would be nice but I'm probably just wasting money that can go into production elsewhere.

  • @vicharris you can see your reflection in the eyes of the stuffed toy, so it's pretty easy to pick out which is which based on how far you are away from the subject :). 12 and 25 are very similar in terms of contrast and colour. 35 subtly different, but still nice.