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35mm F1.4 and F0.95 SLR Magic Cine lenses
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  • @mintcheerios

    Thanks for the report. I'm afraid I have to agree, it's a deal-breaker. In all my years I've never seen that issue before. This lens is obviously intended to be used by serious shooters with a follow-focus kit, so the manufacturer's "budget lens" excuse is lame to say the least. Unfortunate, since this looked like a useful, inexpensive bit of glass.

  • At under $300 it is a budget lens. We're you expecting high end precision and amazing speed for sub $300?

    It's a shame but not a deal breaker for the price I'd like to see what else competes.

    I've decided to wait for the 25mm 0.95 as the prototypes are just out and heard it will be sub $700. On the GH3 25 is the focal length I would prefer to 35 with the 2x crop as opposed to 1.8 of my GH2.

  • Can they put out a lens on the first gen that doesn't have a problem?

  • @RatLabProductions, even a cheap lens, should work fine. When you purchase an item of 100 dollars or 1000 as consumers have a right to be respected.

    I believe that to be a generalized problem and with the flare that rare I better still saving for PanaLeica 25 1.4

  • @RatLabProductions

    I was expecting the same focus repeatability as every manual lens I've ever owned (many of which were far cheaper than the SLR Magic). Even manual toy lenses have repeatable focus points. I'm not asking for Leica optics here.

    A big selling point of this lens is the built-in FF gear, but what's the use if you can't reliably focus between multiple points?

    That said, it won't be a deal breaker for people who don't rely on repeatable focus positions. Everything else about the lens is fantastic. It's got a clickless aperture, sturdy build, round and creamy bokeh, and minimal breathing. Regardless, I'm still going back to my Canon 35mm nFD.

  • @mintcheerios Thanks for the heads-up. I was testing it on E-PM2. At first I thought it was a lagging on its LCD screen as I didn't see any change on the LCD as I was fine-tuning the focus. I just verified that it's happening on Gh2, too. I'm going to return the lens. Very disappointed...

  • Which is the better lens ? The upcoming SLR Magic 25mm 0.95 or the Voigtlander 25mm 0.95

  • @emweb

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  • I think that buyers all have different levels of acceptable flaws or limitations in the products they buy. Very few products are perfect in every way but it's up to the buyer to say if they can accept the flaw or limitation of a product. This is especially so with lenses. The SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 may not be perfect, but neither is the Samyang 35mm, which we all know has breathing issues. For some this issue will be a deal breaker and for others not a big deal at all.

    It is an odd thing tho. I wonder what could be the cause of such a problem?

  • I was just about to purchase this lens, but man this is horrible. The whole point of a lens is to maintain the focus on the mark.... What a Shame........

  • I was about to buy the lens in question. I might still because as others point out, it (otherwise) seems very well constructed. And the images people have posted (to me) look quite outstanding considering the price

    Having seen the recent (approx 15min) Andrew gave, the company has quite a few products due to be released. Unfortunately I doubt that fixing this problem will be there first priority.

    Could some of the more experienced shooters out there give me there thoughts......

    1) Is this a "back focus" issue?

    2) Given the choice of ordering the lens "as is" or missing out entirely because it is withdrawn from production. What would you do?

    Thanks for such a great source of knowledge.

    Long term Listener / First time poster

  • 1) No

    2) Nothing

    I'm guessing it's the focus mechanism flaw issue. There seems some sort of internal focus barrel play issue. That is the focusing glass element doesn't seem to respond properly to the focus ring. Suppose there's a play. Then the focus scale will have two different actual focus distances depending on which direction the focus scale has been set. There can be either clockwise or counterclockwise to reach a same focus scale "marking" on the lens.

  • If I were the CEO, I'd have addressed this issue immediately. I was happy with the 35mm 1.4 and pondering about getting their upcoming 25mm 0.95 but this issue totally killed the appetite.

  • Where is SLrMagic to respond to this?

    I want to buy their lenses but with this problem will not.

  • IMO people should use a product for it's strengths, if the product meets a need you have. But, if a products limitation or flaw is a problem for how you work then don't use it. I don't really have an issue with the flaw in the SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 for how I work, but I would have more of an issue if the flaw was in the basic image. It all depends on the user and how they work or what they're willing to put up with. Goodness knows I live with tons of limitation on my GH1, T2i, HF S21, HG 20 etc. The unique lens flairs of the SLR lenses actually don't bother me either, but for some it may be too much.

    I'm hoping SLR Magic makes more budget lenses like this, cuz I need Cine Lenses with quality and character for a low price. I think it's great that Samyang and SLR Magic are giving such a small niche market such products. I can actually afford to have not just one line of the lenses but both SLR Magic and Samyang Cine lenses for the variety of looks. No one in my area uses these lenses, it's all Canon down here. So I know i'd have a different look from everyone else. It already started when I got my GH1 so I might as well continue being unique :)

  • This is what I want to see . . . but with the f0.95. I have a Kowa as well, and as 35mm is juuust about as wide as I can go in terms of a taking lens, I'd like to get as fast of a 35mm lens as I can for it. The f1.4 looks nice in this video, hopefully the f0.95 plays nice with anamorphic adapters as well for some dreamy oval out of focus shallow DOF.

  • I paired the SLR Magic 1.4 together with the Kowa Prominar 8Z. It's just as wide as you can go without vignette

  • To follow up my previous post, SLR Magic got back to me a couple of days ago and let me return the lens.

  • I just received my 35mm T1.4, what can I say, I couldn't resist just checking this thing out for the price and I can always return it if I don't like it this time. I need a replacement for my Rokinon 35mm because there's no way to pull focus without it looking crazy. Anyways, first impressions, way to go on the packaging SLR! This might be the best packaged lens I've seen in a long time. Not sure how Voights come but I hope they come like this. Second thing, breathing. That's the main purpose for the purchase. Compared to the Rokinon, this thing looks like a real damn cine lens! Now don't get me wrong, there's movement but I'm just comparing to the Rokinon here. I'll throw up some test with each one as soon as I get a chance. I'm not sure if I'm concerned about the repeated focus issue here. Not for what I intend to use this lens for so it might be a winner and for the price, it's well than worth the chance.

  • Mine does have the tiniest bit of jiggle when mounted on my GH2, kind of the same with my SLR Magic 12mm T1.6, but it does not bother me. Only if it fails me on a shoot for that particular reason...

  • Mine is tight as a drum. It has just a microscopic hint of movement in the lens itself but leaps and bounds better than my 12mm 1.6. Can't wait to go play with it.

  • I was just about ready to recommend the 35mm T1.4 to a friend, until I read about the problems with multipoint repeat focus here. It really is a shame. I think SLR magic needs to step up there customer service game and offer fixes for these things immediately. I have been following them in threads for a year or so now, and never bought their lenses because it seems to be a crap shoot. If they could just jump on these chances to make it right I think they would start selling their lenses faster than they could handle.

    Assuming they will not do what we all hope they will do, Would the play in the focus be something one of the third party cinelens/lens doctor types companies could fix? I am guessing this would double the price of the lens, but for some this may be the only option to get the results they are looking for.

  • @P13DM LoL. That's not near miss train footage. That's just a framing technique. Setting the vintage point on the corner and low camera angle would do that. 35mm is slightly telephoto range, too. And who says .95 is more professional? :) It is just what it is. One is 1.4, the other is .95.

  • @stonebat, the T0.95 version is a more substantially built lens and that's what I believe @P13DM was referring to. Not the T stop of the lens, but the quality of the lens itself. The T1.4 is a budget lens as it's price point would suggest. I think it's a great value. In fact i'm very happy with the recent new Cine lenses we have from SLR Magic and Samyang. Not to mention the fabulous Voightlander lenses for m43's. I hope these companies keep these lenses coming cuz we stand to really benefit from more options.

  • True. Plus MSB :)