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35mm F1.4 and F0.95 SLR Magic Cine lenses
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  • Anyone out there to be so lucky as to have tried both the slr magic 35mm f0.95 and any zeiss 35mm f1.4? I´m drawn in-between diving for a 35mm f1.4 c/y (which will, no doubt, work perfectly in my c/y set) or wait around for the slr magic.. It would no doubt be nice to see how out of focus rendition is handled when stopped down.

  • Is the 35mm t1.4 mft out of production? Where can I buy it in the U.S ?

  • Just received my 35mm 1.4. Is it normal for the focus ring to be noisy while focusing.

  • Yes if you twist it fast enough.

  • Has anyone noticed while pointing the lens downward the focus ring is not as smooth and gets little noisier. For $400 the image is good but these issues are a little annoying.

  • The SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 is one bang-for-your-buck lens. At a price point of US-$ 349, you can’t really go wrong. It offers a lot of speed, good sharpness and beautiful bokeh, and renders a normal focal length on APS-C. The only big letdown is the distortion. But if you want a perfect 35/1.4 lens, be ready to dig much deeper into your pockets. There are some tradeoffs you have to make when you design a lens of this focal length and speed ratio if you want to keep it affordable and the size manageable, and honestly, I think SLR Magic went the right way when they concentrated on bokeh, sharpness and color rendering. Geometry is much easier to correct in post-processing.

    Good lens.

  • Looks like they have a Mark II version of the 35mm 1.4, quote "This mark II version has improved focusing and a more robust front section. The latter is designed to allow the use of anamorphic lenses with out compromise."
    But only available in the UK? I guess that's why it is not available at Adorama anymore.

  • @fosterchen

    Thanks for info, I'll ask them.

  • I ordered one 3 months ago from Adorama and this was the description of the lens on their website "SLR Magic 35mm T f/1.4(II) Lens for Micro 4/3".

    Dont know if the (II) means Mark II or if its any different than the others.

  • @emweb Same optics, they fixed the repeat focus problem. I have the I and it never focuses on the same point when you rack back and forth. I was cool with it as I don't do alot of "cool" rack back and forth shots. Yes, II means MKII

  • So the MKI version will have 'compromise' when using their upcoming anamorphic lens adapter? Should I ask how much it would cost to swap for a MKII...

  • Nice. I'd sell vintage lenses and buy the Mk II. Hopefully they do the similar promotion!!!

  • 35mm CINE T1.4 Mk II is $499.-

  • There's a swap program? @slrmagic Andrew, it's this true?

  • @vicharris

    As I just wrote in the anamorphic thread, it would be great if there was a centralized source for slr magic product info that is up to date. People are finding out stuff through forums and piecing it together between two websites (Noktor and the UK_Ireland slr magic website), and still having a lot of questions about both products and availability (reseller options).

    I understand this for products in development such as the anamorphic, but how is it that everyone is finding out about the 35mm mkii by accident here instead of hearing directly from slr magic?

    As the great Robert Plant sang: "Communication Breakdown!" ; )

    btw, my frustration is mild and actually I love my 25mm and what the company has been producing!


  • @_OZ Yep I agree but they keep things under wraps over there for a reason. Andrew told me one time but I forgot. Think I was drunk! :)

    Have no idea man. I own all of their lenses except the 50mm too and love them. I knew about the new 35 a long time ago but didn't think it was out yet either.

  • Why would you keep something under wraps once it has been brought to market??

    Again, makes sense for the anamorphic, but the new 35mm?

  • Is the 35mm 1.4 or .95 available already? I do not see it listed on the SLR site.

  • SlrMagic seems deloying agile scrum approach. A small and nimble team making each milestone so fast that they might have little or no idea what to expect in the near future, and that's a good sign. It's better than making official statement followed by many revisions.

  • It's also strange that only the MFT version is not shown, while the Fuji X-mount and Sony E-mount versions are still in stock at Adorama...They must be MKI's and not selling as well as the MFT did, and Adorama's trying to empty their stock.

  • In the centre of the image area, sharpness is excellent from maximum aperture. Towards the edges of the frame, there is a gradual vignette of softness at fast apertures, with sharpness reaching very good levels here as the lens is stopped down to T/4 or beyond.


    It is a competent performer, delivering excellent sharpness in the centre.



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    800 x 594 - 109K
  • Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of getting the SLR Magic 35mm 1.4 CINE II lens MFT for GH3 - I'll be doing a lot of street filming at night, including street lamps, car lamps, etc., in focus. Does anyone have night samples wide open and at 1.7 or 2.0 with the background in focus? I'm wondering how bad the CA is for these kind of shots. The lens I'm presently using is voigt 25mm .95 at 1.4, and I want the footage to be semi-compatible.