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35mm F1.4 and F0.95 SLR Magic Cine lenses
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  • Not sure if it's fixed length barrel. The distance scale from 1.5m to infinity seems as short as still lenses. I really don't get it. How difficult is it to make long throw lens design? Helical thread needs to be more non-linear, right?

  • lens looks interesting, really decent quality, build and image quality.

  • @Stonebat

    My guess is that it takes a larger housing in general to do that, and it's not exactly on everyone's wishlist (photographers wouldn't need or want it). It's okay, you could always get a larger gear to exaggerate the throw, and honestly I've gotten accustomed to both Cinema Primes (PL) and Stills to the point where it doesn't matter.

    As long as it turns smoothly, or as nicely as the 12/1.6 then it's all good.

    I'm impressed at how nice the photos are wide open. Take a look at those nasty Samyang lenses at 1.4. Yuck. Wide open IMO is not an option with those things yet here we have an 0.95 and it looks like it's a wide open beast.

    UGH. Man waiting on these things is such a mind killer. But excited.

  • What are you waiting on? The t1.4 is available right now, although the t.95 wont be available till february

  • I'm definitely waiting on the 0.95. The closest I can get right now for MFT Blackmagic's going to be PL Mount, and that's not ownership that's rental.

    It'll be worth the wait, though.

  • Why not get the T1.4 in the meantime and then sell it off in two months? just dont need it?

  • That T0.95 would be killer with a Kowa on front.

  • Maybe that is a dump question but where is the 35mm f1.4 for sale? Haven't seen it yet on the site.

  • email them directly.

  • The 35mm f1.4 available at Adorama. Me or the price is excellent? :O

  • Crazy price for a 35/1.4 -- good stuff.

  • Just ordered it from Adorama. Hope it's the one that has the declicked aperture and gear. I just went back and looked at the picture and it doesn't look like it.... :(

  • whats the actual focal length when taking in to account the crop factor for that 35/1.4?

  • @tcarretti Are you sure about that?

    It looks like clickless aperture. Yes the gear, too.

  • Yeah, there's no pic on their website. What are you looking at?

  • Also this is 35mm T1.4 lens which is prolly equivalent to F1.2. It might work nicely with SLRMagic 12mm T1.6.

  • @stonebat

    I was looking at the picture that is on the item at Adorama. I guess the gear is not as noticeable in that pic as much as the one that you referenced. I feel better about it though, thanks!


  • Andrew from SLRMagic said 35mm T1.4 is designed to perform well at 1.4. See the video at 11:00. Also at 6:00. According to him, it is a cinema lens and has minimum lens breathing and clickless circular iris. Yes gear, too. Some other reviewer said it's not as sharp as Nokton 25mm 0.95.

  • Can @igorek7 or @slrmagic on anybody else who knows these lenses please confirm if this is correct:

    SLR Magic lenses get delivered:
    - always in native Leica M-mount
    - plus with an adaptor for µ4/3 or Sony E-mount
    - all SLR Magic lenses always have full coverage of APS-C sensors?

  • Is there anywhere I can get hold of this in the UK? It's $80 shipping from Adorama.

  • Someone with the 35mm T1.4 could do some night shots with portraits? I find it interesting the lens.


  • @tetakpatak Nope, the 12mm comes in MFT mount as well as the new 35mm according to adaramas website. Where did you get that info?

  • Hmm, well that's not right. Not sure why there's misinformation. I'm pretty sure the 34 1.4 is MFT mount too. Doesn't Andrew even say it in the video above?

  • Maybe those .95 lenses only come in that mount.