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35mm F1.4 and F0.95 SLR Magic Cine lenses
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  • @P13DM, well here in the US we can walk on the tracks of some train lines. There are so many old train tracks running thru the countryside. No gates or anything to restrict a person from walking up to them. Perhaps in the cities near electric powered tracks, but not out in the vast expanses of the USA.

    I may go out and shoot some trains come to think of it. Maybe if I get a SLR Magic 35mm. That could start a new trend instead of Cats.

  • I compared the Voigtländer 25mm 0.95 and the forthcoming SLR Magic 25mm 0.95. Here's the full review:

    voigtlander versus slrmagic1-1 crop 95.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1013K
  • @beeldlab This would be a wrong topic for the comparison, but the HyperPrime looks sharp at the max aperture.

    You said "tiny bit of slack on the focus ring". Can you elaborate it please? I'm wondering if it's the same issue I experienced from SLRMagic 35mm 1.4.

    It seems the HyperPrime has deeper DOF than Nokton at the max aperture. Can you try to match the DOF? I don't know... maybe 1.2 or 1.4 on the Nokton? I really wanna see the sharpness comparison at similar DOF. I use 0.95 mainly for the crazy shallow DOF, not for the low lighting performance. But YMMV.

    Anyways I think the HyperPrime definitely has advantage on the declicked aperture and the built-in gears. I just hope that SLRMagic makes the focusing mechanism rock solid.

    BTW don't get me wrong. I just wanna get good assessment before making decision. Thanks.

  • I've seen a few people ask for a breathing comparison for the SLR 35mm 1.4 and the Rokinon 35mm 1.4.

    Here ya go and hold on to your seats!

    Password: boring

  • @vicharris can't watch it somehow.... I can see the cover pic and then it goes black. :(

  • Are you in a GEMA censored area? Get one of the proxy workarounds!

  • Yup, but how can they censor Vimeo? Thought they have no access to that platform.

  • @nomad What's GEMA censored?

  • It's about music rights in Germany. They block videos if you use music without owning copyright.

  • @Tobsen and all

    Use PM for such stuff, as this is not chat board.

  • Interesting since I paid for the music. Seems you're getting screwed somehow.

  • Wow, thanks for sharing that one, @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    That was a good variety of clips. The 0.95 seems to be a very well-designed lens. The out of focus areas are very smooth. They don't have any funk dots or swirls in them, and the rounded aperture looks fabulous. Add to that the fact that this lens is metal, has gears, a click-less aperture, is 100% manual and covers APS-H, I'd say this is a lens that will last. Looking forward to being able to try one out in person.

  • I found this quote "there is a very odd transition zone immediately on either side of the focal plane that is both slightly nervous and displays bright edges on highlights." from Leica 45mm 2.8 review Search for the quote and see the photo of a clock surface. Notice the sudden transition from in-focus area to out-of-focus area.

    Yes SLR Magic 35mm 0.95 has quite good sharpness on the focal plane. And the transition out of the focal plane is a tad bit nervous or rapid. I'm not saying that's either good or bad thing. That's just how it's looking to my eyes. In some scenes the lens gives almost 3D feel. Bokeh circles looking pretty. Also the purple fringe. Some will like it. Some will hate it.

  • Ah yes, the purple/blue "lightsaber" (as I like to call it) highlight fringe. I did see that. My experience with other lenses leads me to suspect that it goes away once stopped down from full-open by 1-2 stops. Most extreme speed lenses have this going on, and I suspect it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to get rid of (thanks a lot, physics).

  • I did a quick follow focus test of the 35mm T1.4 with my cheap Fotga follow focus, and think the repeatability is pretty decent:

    The test was a bit hurried, and my tripod was on a carpet, so there is a LOT of camera shake. The unstable tripod surface and backlash play in my follow focus contribute more to focus issues than any limitation of the lens. Compared to my focus-by-wire Lumix lenses, this is a breeze to use with a follow focus. The lens fits pretty snug on my GH2, which is also a benefit over my adapted legacy lenses.

    I'm sure more discriminating people will want a higher quality lens than this, but for $280 I can't complain.

  • @davidp158 Interesting. Looks good to me. I'm going to try mine again with a FF and marks on the disc. As for how the lens looks, I think it's fine and throw it with the 12mm and it's a match. Grab the 25mm and you have a nice little compact set of primes with character! Also you're right, for this price what more can you ask for.

  • Odd, just tried mine and it's all over the place for sure. Looks like another QC issue with SLR. :)

  • The SLR Magic Hyperprime 35mm T0.95 Cine Lens is still not out yet. Anyone knows when it will? I've just contacted SLR magic about it, will hear their answer soon.

  • BTW, I kept my 35mm 1.4 for shits and giggles. Its a nice image,small and matches the 12mm pretty well.

  • I just received a mail back from SLR Magic which goes as follows:

    Thank you for your interest in the SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 35mm T0.95 lens in M mount only for use via adapter for M to mFT mount, M to E mount and M to X mount cameras. This lens has APS-H coverage and it does not work on the M mount cameras.

    The lens retails for US$ 1,349.00 with a manufacturer's rebate of US$ 100.00 at the start. Delivery of lens with M to mFT mount adapter would be around middle of May.

  • At the start: US $1,249.00 for the 35mm, and US $650 for 25mm...? You have to explain me.

  • Better ask slr magic themselves, they mailed this to me. I questioned for the 35mm F0.95 only. Don't know about the 25mm.

  • Now you know LOL! Anyway no, i'm not going to ask this to Slr. This price is out from the real world, for the 35mm. And look to the 25mm one, i'm not satisfied, not so sharp i was expecting

  • @Renovatio @lonely1

    Keep it to lens discussion, not slrmagic sales and prices.