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War: Chronicles of 22.02.22 war
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  • We are first now:


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  • Sanctions map:


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  • EU can face big trouble

    Putin signed a decree on the application of special economic measures in the field of foreign economic activity to ensure the security of the Russian Federation.

    Putin instructed to ensure a ban on the export of products and raw materials outside the Russian Federation until December 31, the list of which will be determined by the Government.

    Putin instructed the government to determine in 2 days the lists of foreign countries where the export of certain products and raw materials will be prohibited.

    As EU is dependent on thousands of raw materials and unique items from Russia. It can be not big amount but it can force stopping of entire economic sectors.

  • Poland to supply the U.S. with its entire stockpile of MIG-29 jets, free of charge.

  • News from freed territories

    The new government freed all residents from all loans to Ukrainian banks, and announced that now all utilities will be supplied at domestic Russian prices (around 3x lower)

  • The '16 doc "Ukraine on Fire" is now censored on YouTube which-- based on recent experience-- elevates its importance and relevance.

    It includes long term history & views from both sides in Ukraine.

    Was until recently available here:

  • The West openly admits that it is "pumping" Ukraine with weapons and military equipment - Britain for the first time confirmed the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine

    Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that the UK had provided Ukraine with "lethal aid" for the first time, meaning that the kingdom had acknowledged the transfer of arms and military equipment to Ukraine. In addition, Britain will actively help other countries to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.

    It is not clear why the Minister of Defense admitted this only now, because the same NLAW grenade launchers have been supplied to Ukraine for several months. Apparently, in this way the Minister of Defense announces the delivery of not only weapons, but also equipment - this is also evidenced by the flight of four Airbus H.145 helicopters at once in the direction of the Ukrainian border.

    The West clearly does not like the fact that the Russian army controls the airspace over Ukraine, which Wallace said when declaring Ukraine's need for air defense systems.

    WW III starts with "good intentions", and ends with big craters from nuclear blasts.

  • Once upon a time, in 2015, "Do you realize what you have done?":

    But the clip excluded Putin's typical trashing the policies of the Soviet Union just before this part of his speech starts:

  • Position of the DPRK:

    “The origin of events in Ukraine lies entirely in the hegemonic policy of the United States and the West, which resort to arbitrariness and self-will in relation to other countries.

    The US and the West, ignoring Russia's rational and just demands for legally binding security guarantees, pushed hard for NATO's eastward expansion and stepped up efforts to deploy offensive weapons systems, which systematically undermined the security environment in Europe.

    The US and the West, which have reduced Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to rubble, are now talking about "respect for sovereignty" and "territorial integrity" about the events they provoked in Ukraine. Well, it's just ridiculous to talk about it.

    The biggest danger the world is facing today is the arbitrariness and willfulness of the United States and its satellites, which are destroying the basis of global peace and stability.

    The reality again clearly shows that peace will never reign in this world as long as the unilateral policy and the policy of double standards of the United States, which threaten the peace and security of a sovereign state, are pursued.

  • Evidence suggests US may have supported neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

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  • Photos from 81 Ukraine Brigade former headquarters. still no Nazis?


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  • The White House said that the United States is concerned about the coordination of Russia and China.

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  • Why doesnt Zelensky agree to Russia's terms to save his population? Why are we ecouraging the Ukrainians to commit suicide by supplying them more weapons? The stunning idiocy of this position is equally immoral and perverse.

  • Three stooges of war.png
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    Three stooges of war.png
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  • @AndrewReid_EOSHD

    I specially posted and warned you, please think that you do.

    It is very tempting to post something that BBC, Guardian and such are full of, just remember the laws and that lot of this is propaganda. It is two sides now that are blaming each other of being inhuman. War is inhuman, live with this horrible thing.

    Don't do this again.

  • Neo-naciz organizations are all around and in Russia yet. And fake photos still. You was in Ukraine few days ago? See it in yours eye?

  • I think in this situation it is best to delete all my past posts and entire account, please do so as the least I wish for is for trouble for you. Also I advise changing the title of the posts from War to Special Military Operation.