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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Wow. They couldn't even use spellcheck. If you're taking the time to trick people at least proof read.

  • APS-C is a little taller and narrower than the s35 Sensor JVC uses in the LS300. It should actually fit the MFT mount better.


    The "up to" high ISO range is possible but how usable will it be? I need really clean 6400+ like my A7s delivers because all my work is in poor/low light and I cannot use supplemental lighting.

    The introduction price is probably correct. I would expect Panasonic to keep producing the GH4 also and maybe even come out with a firmware update.

  • Two of the only things I care about would be better low light performance and internal IBIS.

    I'm quite often forced to use 3200 or 6400 and then neat video to help clean it. Neat video's sole purpose is to save the footage so it becomes watchable, doesn't make it look great at all. It's not a matter of fast glass at this point as I'm shooting at 1.2 / 1.4 and it's no fun trying to keep subjects in focus.

  • I dont have idea about are speaking these japanese boys, but look like speciification -speculation?- about GH5.

  • They are talking speculation about the specs of the GH5. It's more like a wish list, it's interesting enough but there's no inside information here.

  • @dial

    Well, I can tell you about very reliable way to know specs of next GH series camera.

    Get specs of current gen camera, add all wishes from corresponding topic on PV, now as you are full of anticipation and joy, remove or highly degrade top three of wishes and do same with three of highly used current features - and voila, you now have pretty accurate features list.

  • @ Vitaliy Bah Humbug!

    Of course they will meet all our wishes and come out with at least three new features we never thought of and do it for less money than the GH4 cost when it was released and if you are lucky you may find one under your Christmas Tree.

    The GH5 will shoot in the dark or directly into the Sun.

    We will be able to use the new top dial to choose 8-80MP from the new round Organic Sensor that fills the entire MFT mount.

    It will have clean, native 8 to 80,000 ISO.

    Max resolution stills can be shot at 60fps

    You will be able to take stable pictures and videos by hand while walking without a rig.

    All dials and buttons are completely programmable.

    You may dial in any crop you want.

    You can choose how much DOF you want and isolate a subject from any distance.

    The 4 inch fully articulating monitor has 4k resolution and can be used in the sun.

    You can choose a focus point anywhere with a touch and the camera will accurately follow someone or something with perfect focus and color when set for stills or Video.

    The GH5 will have a much faster 12 core processor.

    Everything runs so efficient that the GH5 produces almost no heat and runs for hours on one small battery.

    Well, maybe in 2026 with a GH10 and with equivalent dollars. Dream on.... and please go back to Speculating on what we will actually see next year.

  • @RRRoger ... and it will frame your shots perfectly, leaving you, (the director, camera op, sound recordist & DOP), free to harass the 'talent!

  • Thanks for the answer.

    Im see all the most wish list are hard in only an camera and inexpensive. Only we just need a full frame mode in a M4/3 sensor.

  • I'd like it not to be a 'traditional' shape. The GX8 is their photographers camera, the GH5 could be a new version of the AF100/101 and designed as a video tool.

  • I would prefer a CamCorder, but then I am sure it would have a different name.

    I speculate that the GH5 will have a size and shape similar to the GH4.

  • will the gH5 have 60p in 4k ???

    will the GH5 use the same 20 megapixel sensor released in GX8 with heavy crop in 4k ???

    or will GH5 have a multiaspect sensor with less pixels, same approach of A7S, something lime this:

    will the organic sensor development with high dynamic range be pesent in GH5 ???

    will GH5 have more dynamic rangeand less noise ???

    will the G8 be the near perfect low budget camera in 2017 ???

  • Panasonic is increasing the magapixel count. GX8 is 20 megapixel. G7 released before GX8 is 16 megapixel. Comparing the video from both cameras in iso 6400, G7 is much better in low light allowing a clean footage without tremble after denoise, which is not possible with the GX8. 20 megapixel is better for photo, but not for video, because low light will be worse and because the 4k crop factor will be even higher, so less shallow dof and more narrow field of view with lenses.

    Sony is doing different camera sensors for the same camera model. In the A7 series we can see one model improved for photo with more megapixels, and other model improved for video with less megapixels which allows better low light footage and less crop for 4k video when using 3840x2160 pixels to get a clean image without moire and aliasing.

    So maybe Panasonic will follow this approach in the GH5, two models, one with 20 megapixels using the same GX8 sensor, and other model with something like 11,3 megapixels with the multiaspect sensor for better low light and less crop in 4k 3840x2160 video. Or there will be this less megapixel sensor in GH5 for video and G8 will be 20 megapixel, a cheaper model as G6 and G7 are.

    It would be nice to see Panasonic following this Sony idea of making two models, one with sensor improved for video with less megapixels and less crop in 4k and other model with more megapixels for photo work.

    I think in terms of marketing this model with less megapixels would not hurt Panasonic sales for more expensive products and would be a good competition versus Sony cameras. Time to give people what people wants and deserve, 4k 60p, multiaspect sensor, great lowlight.

    Dynamic range is another history... maybe we will see an increase in GH6, GH7, GH8...

  • I feel confident that either the GH5 or GH6 will get 4K 60fps, as that is how Panasonic will keep its edge over its bigger competition with APS-C / 135 format sensors that are also doing 4K.

  • The GH4 is already successfully optimized for Video. And, although I upgraded from my GH3 mostly for improved Stills, I think Video performance is driving the sales.

    N1 problem is Low Light shooting.

    The GH5 needs to be at least twice as good in poor light. If it takes 12MP or APS-C/s35 Sensor, that is what they need to use in 2016.

    When the 12MP A7s came out, it sold for a premium over other A7 cameras. And it is still the "King" of low light, even over the A7sII that I sent back.

    We do not need any of this "up to" hype. We need "Hands On" performance.

    The future Panasonic "FlagShp" Stills camera can be a ReBadged FullFrame Lieca.

  • The GH5 needs to be at least twice as good in poor light.

    Here you mean that it needs to break physics laws :-)

  • Here you mean that it needs to break physics laws :-)

    What do you mean? Twice as clean at twice the ISO breaks phyics law? Is really clean ISO 6400 too much to ask for? Is it not possible to produce a MFT or APS-C Sensor that can do that?

    The Nikon D5300 did that with "old" technology. Problem is that it is not near as good for Video as the GH4. Of course my A7s performs better yet at higher ISO, but is is FullFrame and cost much more too.

    The GH4 is a much better camera in every way but high ISO, this is where the GH5 needs to improve most. If it is not usable in the poor/low light that I shoot, I will pass on the UpGrade.

  • What do you mean? Twice as clean at twice the ISO breaks phyics law? Is really clean ISO 6400 too much to ask for? Is it not possible to produce a MFT or APS-C Sensor that can do that?

    Let's just make it simple.

    To be real and compatible to lenses park it must be m43.

    Is it possible to increase sensor sensitivity by 2 times (from current value)? Nope. It is physics.

    The Nikon D5300 did that with "old" technology.

    Nikon has different size sensor.

    We are in the age of diminishing returns, and situation on camera market shows it.
    Each new step will cost more, will bring less and will lead to next dramatic fall in overall sales.
    Same as deflation spiral.

  • Surely the big issue Panasonic have is they stopped doing new sensors for a while (they are just restarting sensor design) so they are quite possibly limited to whatever Sony has, which currently just seems to be the 20MP sensor. (Relatively few m43 cameras are sold, compared to say crop sensor DSLRs, so the market for sensors is limited.)

    Also as you get the best 4k at one sensor pixel per video pixel (or several sensor pixels, just not 1.2-1.5) they might prefer a 16MP sensor, which will stop them doing 4k/50-60p unless Sony have a new one they aren't talking about.

    Personally I see the obvious things for a GH5 to have is: (1) 1080p that doesn't skip pixels, so the moire/aliasing improves. (2) 4k/50-60p. (3) Internal 10-bit VLogL (4) Internal 422

    What I'd like and I think is (maybe) possible: The above plus better low light performance (which isn't all coming from software), a higher res and larger EVF with less lag (as per the new Leica) and better still and video AF. Also USB3 and H.265, which is down to shoving someone's IP into a new Venus Engine iteration so not difficult (possibly their pro video people for the codec). A better high frame rate mode (so the quality doesn't dip so much) would also be nice, but I suspect sensor availability will again be an issue.

    Anything more I suspect is wishful thinking, plus #2-3 will probably sell a decent number of cameras.

  • I like the idea that someone mentioned before: 12mp sensor variant optimised for video. The larger pixels would mean better low light performance which is good for both photo and video.

    The Nikon D3S had 12.1 megapixels, so if 12mp is good enough for nikon d3s then why not for m43. Of course these pixels would be smaller as they are fit on a smaller sensor but the lower pixel count must have its pro's and not just on the video side of things. (I'm sure the pictures out of that D3S looked stunning!)

    In any case, it would be a camera I'd be interested in buying.

  • I saw some videos from cameralabs review about the G7, and the iso 6400 from G7 looks pretty good after denoise in post production. If Panasonic decrease the pixel count to 11.3 megapixels and restart to use the multiaspect sensor the low light performance will improve 1.55x compared to the G7, so it will be very good.

    Also Panasonic did improvements in sensor which can make low light to be ok in iso 6400 if the GH5 uses this technology together with 11.3megapixel sensor, and it seems this sensor is not BSI yet, a back side iluminated sensor can improve low light even more, see:

  • Personally, I do not believe we are even close to the potential of getting cleaner images at higher ISO.

    "Nikon has different size sensor." Yes, the D5300 APS-C Sensor is larger.

    If you believe it is not currently possible to get clean high ISO out of an MFT sensor, then Panasonic needs to use a larger one in the GH5.

    An APS-C or s35 Sensor will fit inside the MFT mount. JVC proved that.

  • Panasonic will never use aps-c or s35 sensor in the lumix cameras. the reason is the lenses. they have large amount of lens models which uses m43 sensor. due to this they need to improve the sensor using multiaspect, backside iluminated, large photocells, better microlenses, and the organic thing in the future.

  • True, most current MFT lens produce a small image circle more suitable for a small Sensor. But I would rather use a Lumix than (not that much larger) Rokinon because of the AutoFocus capabilities. I am sure that Panasonic could/should make a few lens with bigger glass that could be used more effectively with a larger Sensor. I know, I would be a buyer and I expect they would sell many to current MFT camera users who want faster glass with better light collecting capability.

    As for the future, I would like to see a Round Organic Sensor that fills the entire MFT mount.

  • @apefos all of Panasonic's (and Olympus', except for their body cap lens) are electronic lenses. Thus it would be a piece of cake for them to implement a dummy proof feature that automatically scales down the sensor when a Panasonic lens is put on the camera by your typical average idiot consumer. They wouldn't even know it is happening quietly in the background! :-D