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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev hauaahaauahu , nice good humor he he ...anyway ...I think I live in Brazil where none of these cameras are currently sold. In august I ll be in Boston , USA. I wonder if I ll have better options than the GH4 or the 2x-the-price A7R II . Its will be the worst time to buy a new camera with the GH5 and the A7S II around the corner , dont you think ? If only we had the V-log firmware confirmation ...would be so nice ... Thanks !

  • @labalbi And the A6100 or A7000, Sony can put it 4K for compete with the NX500.

  • Might not be called GH5, Im wondering if they like that number over in Japan.

  • Hi Driftwood numbers 4 and 9 are the unlucky japanese numbers, that is why I was surprised when the gh4 came out. Pretty sure 5 is fine, but as always I may be wrong

    In Japan, certain numbers are lucky and unlucky. It's really important to know these numbers because if you don't, you could be accidentally telling someone you'd like them to suffer a slow agonizing death when you're giving them omiyage (お土産 – souvenirs) from your trip to Kyoto.

    First, let's get the bad ones out of the way. Four is an unlucky number in Japan because it sounds like shi (死 – death). This is why there are two readings for the number four, shi and yon. Whenever possible, people try to avoid using the deathy one.

    The same is true of the ku (九 – nine), which sounds like ku (苦 – suffering, agony or torture). Similarly to four, there are two readings for nine – ku and kyu.

  • 2016 will be about camera companies mergers and deaths. This is for sure.

    so who's merging and who's dying? oh, blackmagic is dying, you predicted, right? so no bmpcc ii ?

  • GH5 (or whatever the model number is)

    Has to have 5axis IBIS - All the players have it now, and to rely on the MEGA OIS of the lenses, just won't cut it for 2016, especially with Panasonic seemingly happy with people using Speedboosters for Anamorphic and the like. The difference is night and day.

    They need to fix a number of functions, which still don't work:

    1. Changing ISO - removes ALL exposure aids from screen (Zebras, Meter - the lot)

    2. While is P/S/M modes. Display all of the shutter, aperture & ISO values. So we can see what it's doing.

    3. Ability to assign a Fn button to do one touch WB (useful in movie mode)

    4. Enable AutoISO in M mode (movie) + plus enable upper ISO limit

    5. While in A mode (Movie) with AutoISO on, limit shutter to 180' shutter angle

    6. Assign ISO control to wheel without need to press ISO button

    In-body 10bit 422 would be killer, but I presume their Varicam department wouldn't allow it, even if the GH5 would use the new faster SD Cards

  • Vitaliy Great suggestion. That is what I did when forced to use a 5DII for Video and I used black Sigma lens.

    Now. I wish I could get a prototype GH5 and do the same thing (for Panasonic's sake).

  • What everyone seems to miss is that the GH4 and the announced Sony A7rII are in completely different price categories. Even the A7s, with recorder, is 3 times the price. Thus the GH4 doesn't compete directly with the Sony. Look at the changes from GH2 to GH3 to GH4 and you'll get a better sense of what is in store for the GH5. Each change brought a more robust codec with increased resolution with the same MP (but improved) sensor.

    Panasonic could go to 6K, or more likely 4:2:2 internal 4K to improve IQ using faster SD cards. They will also improve low light a bit, but not as much as everyone wants. Autofocus will take another huge step forward, especially in video. Improvements in ergonomics, buttons without changing the refinements that have worked so well. If V-Log extends the life of the GH4, they'll likely release the GH5 within a year of that.

  • Well, now details of the GX8 is trickling out we can easily guess at some minimum improvements it will have (everything the GX8 has?).

  • It will be improved in every way over the GX8. Three things for sure. 1. 220+ minutes of Video Recording 2. Larger battery to record that long. 3. Better Sensor

  • Just a question: I know it is absolute speculation in the article:

    But 8K recording means, that every frame is roughly 32 mexapixel large if I am correct.

    That will be hard work for a 16 megapixel sensor :-)

    In other words either they double the megapixel in the GH5 sensor (which I doubt) or 8K recording is pure science fiction in the GH5.

    Still it would be interesting whith what innovations Panasonic will come up in the GH5

  • cant push 8k until 4k tvs are selling well. simple marketing

  • I'll throw in some of my own speculation and guessing on the GH5. I think it will still record 4k. I don't think 6k/8k is at all likely. H.265 seems plausible if there is a cheap and easy off the shelf chip for it that meets the needs of the camera, but it isn't at all a sure thing. I am still holding out hope for something better than 8 bit recording. I'd prefer RAW recording in camera, but something like 10 bit H.264 or DNXHD seems a lot more likely. Shooting to a log picture profile may come out of the box rather than being a silly late expensive firmware update like on the GH4, once they realize that almost nobody has paid for the separate firmware update for the GH4. I also think that 4kp60 is a plausible upgrade.

    For the questions at the start of the thread... At least mid 2016 before it is released, no release by Feb 2016. No larger sensor, but an update from the GH4 sensor, a bit better in low light, nothing mind blowing, no organic sensor. If they ever make an s35 camera, it won't use a u43 compatible mount with extra coverage lenses, it'll be a different mount. No specific cine lens release in sync with GH5 release. H.265 is a maybe. Probably similar body size to GH3/4. No revelation in programmability of the buttons - Panasonic still doesn't have a culture of end user customisation in that way. No 6/8k internal or external. 1080p120 seems plausible, if it can hit 4kp60 it'll have plenty of bandwidth. GH4 will be available for another two years, you can still but a GH3 and GH4 has been around for almost two years.

  • I know most people here think 8k is crazy talk for gh5- but Japan loves 8k. Also TV's have become obsolete ways of viewing footage. Think retina PC displays. And then there is simply the benifit of more pixels. Also panasonic looks like they are wanting to compete in stills world with gh line- which is easy right now with nikon and canon. An 8k sensor which utilised photo-video mode would make super sense!

    Then again mostly every rep I have talked to says it will probably be lower resolution. So who knows!

  • 4k is what, 8MP. A 12MP sensor would benefit the GH5, especially if they can put the latest tech on to the sensor with full sensor readout. The only problem I see arise with the GH5, is that will it cost more than the initial price of the GH4 as the GH4 price was higher at launch than the launch of the GH3.

    Will the GH5 hit $2,000?

  • @alcomposer Define Lower resolution.

  • @Mckinise 4k resolution max. But I don't buy the whole 8mp 2016 thing. Japan companies have been given mandate from government to make 8k happen. This is for Olympics 2020. They will be transmitted in 8k- so this means they want to get content ready. (Maybe we will see Driftwood gh6 RAW footage in Olympic teaser!). I'm not joking.

    8k is happenening. If not GH5 then GH6. But GH6 is too far away for 2020.

  • There will be a bunch of cameras ready for the 2020 Olympics from all manufacturers. Perhaps a few revolutionary CamCorders as well. Most of them will be announced by February of that year including the GH6 but only a "select" few photographers will have them in time for the games.

    I personally doubt if you will see 8k Video in a DSLR style camera till then. However, a CamCorder has more room for more processors and bigger heat sink etc.
    Typically a higher price point, you can expect more performance.

  • IMHO, "8k" is nonsense. Not because of display technology or because people wouldn't like to buy it, but simply because it's so unlikely to record material in that quality. 8k x 4k pixels = 32 M full color pixels, as for cameras they count each red, green and blue pixel separately, you'd need something equivalent to a "96 Megapixel" sensor to record an "8k" image in full quality. And even if you had a 96 Megapixel sensor that is sensitive and quick enough, you still need a monster of a lens to deliver the light to it.

    Have a look at the 4k material available today: Apart from some sports events shot in bright daylight with very expensive equipment, existing 4k material hardly ever pushes the limits of 4k resolution. A Red Dragon or Sony F56 deliver "indoor" or "night" shots in 4k that certainly look somewhat better than 2k, but are far from utilizing full 4k resolution. If the same scenes were filmed in "8k", there would be no difference in actual, measurable resolution.

  • I talked today with one Panasonic guy. He had had a GH5 prototype in his hands and he knew about specs and menus too. He said that it was already too much to tell all that. I didnt ask any details but i was teasing him by telling my predictions of some features. He was silent but smiling and told that my quessing was very good.

  • @Vesku

    I am NOT smiling because you didn't say what guessing you did! Ha.


  • @rNeil

    I was guessing about 4k60P, the very same body than GH4, same menus only some added items, far better EVF, not very specific after all.