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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • GH5 with clean ISO 6400 and 1080P120 would motivate me to hit the buy now button

  • @Vesku

    If the GH5 specs are settled and the prototypes are out there, 2016 NAB seems likely.

    This is a really crucial release for Panasonic. They need to go all out. I'm expecting to be disappointed.

  • @Vesku

    Thanks ... to me, improve the vlog to make it a bit more 'solid' in application and give a stop or two more ISO, a bit better noise & cleaner color ... and yes, a couple steps higher frame-rate, that would be ok. I'm not as demanding as many ... ;-)


  • For me the most important improvement would be internal 4K 10 bit recording thus saving all that money and bother for an external recorder!!! Is this even possible, if so god what a no-brainer! I would even practically settle for 1080p internal 10 bit ProRes recording. Just look at the quality of the BMPCC recording at ProRes 422 or higher, although I have both, I always choose BMPCC over the GH4 for superior close up Skin Tones.

  • Now there is Sony A7s II with clean iso 100 000. I think Panasonic is doing something with GH-series noise :)

  • Yeah man couple that with internal 10 bit recording and I'll buy several!

  • A bigger sensor would certainly help higher ISO noise. Even if having to buy new lenses, otherwise A7S II is very tempting.

  • "If the GH5 specs are settled and the prototypes are out there, 2016 NAB seems likely.

    This is a really crucial release for Panasonic. They need to go all out. I'm expecting to be disappointed."

    I am wondering if clean ISO 6400 is even possible with a GH4 size sensor? Perhaps they will use an s35 like JVC did and still retain the MFT mount?

  • Asking for clean ISO 6400 before M43 has brought us clean 1600 feels like jumping the gun a bit.

  • You are sorta right. Maybe I should ask for clean 12,800? Then maybe I could get 6400.

    Because the GH4 cannot produce clean Video at high ISO, I am forced to use an A7s. Nearly all my Video is taken in poor/low light at 6400 ISO.

    I am aware of the limitations of a MFT Sensor and that is why I keep suggesting a new low megapixel s35 Sensor (optimized for 4k low light video) with MFT mount for the GH5.

  • Since Panasonic didn't want the DVX200 to record to 10 bit and 422 internally for any recording mode, it would seam very unlikely for Panasonic to allow the GH5 to do that. Same with H.265.

    As for 4K 60p, that's something I'd like to see but I don't know if Panasonic would be willing to do that. Perhaps it would overheat in such a small body or perhaps it would take away one of the advantages of the DVX200.

  • I have 3 GH4s and a great selection of lenses which I love but am awfully frustrated with the low light performance and not having IBIS. I was never interested in the A7S because of the lack of internal 4K recording but now with version two it's looking more like the perfect camera to have in that price range.

    While it's a strong possibility that a GH5 would have IBIS, I just can't see the low light performance coming anywhere close to good enough. Even a clean 6400 ISO would be far below what the A7S II is able to do. I was excited for the DVX200, I love the form but the low light performance is a joke.

    Do any other GH4 owners envy the newly released A7S II?

  • "Do any other GH4 owners envy the newly released A7S II?"

    It depends what you do. If this is for a ready gun and shoot "making of/commercial/institutional/documentary" camera then it's certainly better.

    But if this is for film or more artistic project, where you use light, reflector, flag... and all that kind of stuff then GH4 is a perfect companion.

    Same difference with Manual and Automatic Focus lens. Each is better suited for something.

  • @GeoffreyKenner In that case then I defiantly fall until the run and gun category. I agree in a controllable situation there is nothing lacking in the GH4.

  • I envy A7sII because it shows what exposure numbers it is using when shooting video (camera is designed for video) and some better noise handling too.

  • Not at all. My projects are all DCI 4k for projection. AS7 II doesn't have it. If it did, I'd have one. Even then I would light my scenes.

  • I have a GH4, A7s, and A7sII The GH4 is a much better camera but it will not shoot in the dark nor do 1080P120

  • I sent back my A7sII because the 1080P120 was so poor in low light due to the 2.2 crop. All my Videos are in poor/low light. At the necessary 8,000 ISO you can barely see the image thru all the moire. Reminds me of LA on a smoggy 1962 day when I could not see across the street clearly.

    There were other reasons as well that I went back to my A7s for low light Video. Internal 4k would overheat the camera and not as good as the external recording. The new body is NOT more ergonomic for my use. The locking mode dial is a hindrance to quick changes. IBIS is of no use on my TriPod. Both dials do the same thing and buttons are not fully programmable. Adding menu items only makes it more confusing and slower to change set ups. Still no touch screen and it does not pivot out like the GH4. When you add most FullFrame lens the A series camera are bigger and heavier than the GH4

    The GH4 is still better in every way except low light performance. Unless that is fixed in the GH5, I will have to pass.

  • First, thank you for posting some great suggestions. Let's hope Panasonic survives, unlike the Samsung's photo division that got sold to Nikon.

    I hope for:

    • A full sensor to 4k read out in 60p.
    • 10 bit. internal codec option.
    • Auto ISO in manual mode.
    • IBIS, including for video.
    • Phase and contrast detection AF with tracking, eye and face detection.
    • AF ramping and speed adjustment, for smooth auto focus transitions, think focus pulling by tapping on the screen.
    • +2 stops DR

    I'm also interested when the Olympus will have 4k video; then their camera's gain 4k+IBIS they will be more attractive then Panasonics 4k without IBIS. Only the faster panasonic ergonomics may keep me with panasonic.

  • Although Nikon might acquire some of Samsung's technology, I am sure they are not interested in the camera division. Merging the Panasonic camera division would be a better fit as they are both Japanese companies. However, rumors will continue and we have little else to talk about until the next camera release

  • Interesting and expensive. Some questions: Does APSC Sensor mean, that the m4/3 lenses do not fit any more? What is ISO 50 - 1,04,800? 4:4:4 10 bit internal?

    It leaves the classical GH price segment to compete with the A7s, D7 and D5 Mark III etc., at least pricewise.

  • BULLSHIT! this camera can't have an APSC-Sensor. Its like you put an mediumformat-sensor in an Nikon D5 or Canon 1D-mk-X

    and 45 crosstypes AF-sensors? this camera has NO seperate AF-sensors ... That is just a timewasting.

  • Probably bullshit, although they may have gone the JVC road... (which would be pretty cool to be honest)

  • 43rumors calls it fake and there are lots of illogical facts. 4:4:4 for 4k/5k but only 4:2:2 for 1080p?!