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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @ilia310101 That was a fun little video to watch thanks for sharing!

  • @driftwood is there any way i can get a moont8 with a higher bottom bitrate? it seems like the bitrate fluctuates to greatly all the way down to 50 up to 150+

  • This seems really stupid, and is really stupid, but iPad vs GH2, here it is:

    I noticed the iPad was just as good as GH2 in terms of detail.

  • it's not even close

  • My latest "Short-Film" all shot on driftwood Moont7/8

  • Can anyone help?

    Is there a way to 'mix' the settings into one hack/setting? What I'm thinking is Moon T8 for 24p and Spizz T7 for HBR/FSH....and something for 720p50/60.

  • Moon T8 test results - shot in 24P. Spanning works - I tested for 15 minutes (one 4gb file and another 3.6gb file). All files played back in camera perfectly.

  • @TATZU you have the best quality lookin videos on YouTube. Great job

  • @tymeorama & @studio2010 Thanks so much guys! Means A Lot! It amazes what the GH2 is still capable of with the new release of great cameras like the red epic dragon and the gh4, a7s etc. It still holds it's own! Thanks to hackers like Vitaliy and Driftwood this camera has definitely given me some awesome footage.

  • Drewnet T10 is the best setting ever.

  • @frullaccia better than T8? Quality Wise?

  • WOW! @TATZU, that was the best work I've seen from you by a wide margin!!! Phenomenal shots, and your editing has gotten to be fantastic.

    And by the way, that was the best looking Moon T8 footage I've seen so far too. Most of what I've seen posted looked great to me in the darks, but strangely I have noticed a lot of noise in the bright areas (is that luminance noise?). Anyway, for that reason I've been playing with the Driftwood Classix (Drewnet T10 I guess), and so far it is pretty interesting. I need more time with it to say anything more helpful than that, but so far I like it.

    To date though, I really liked Moon T7 24L. :blush: I'm not sure it graded or rendered as well as 24H, but it looked great out of the camera, and for me it was 100% reliable.

  • so classix is drewnet t10? and I was waiting to try t10 lol

  • I think so, but I'm highly skilled at misunderstanding this stuff, so maybe someone who actually knows what's going on will clarify. Lol

  • Spizz T7 re-visited

    Working in AVCHD 1280x720 (50P) PAL. (H). Card 64Gb 95Mb/s sandisk

    Procedure. Load hack & then format the card. OK on all short clips but falls over on spanning. Will write 2 spanned clips and always fails/stops recording after writing the second. Camera locks up. Reset by removing battery. Can continue recording small clips but will again fail after 2 spanned files. Provided the camera has not 'fallen over' all clips playback in camera. Spanned clips will not play back in camera unless a brief clip is written to disc.

    Same setup using moon T8: Fit full battery re-load moon T7 & reformat. Spans until battery is down to 1 'bar' when recording is manually stopped. Write short 'safety' clip. Playback OK in camera.

    For me moon T8 is the obvious choice

  • try this modified spizz t7 to perceive quality/stability:

  • @apefos I can tell just by looking at it your modification wont be stable. Try running 720p60 against a death chart, you'll probably get to around 10 seconds and it will fail.

  • @ driftwood I've translated the hacks onto a spread sheet and on the face of it Spizz t7 should be less stressful on the cam/card. However when I look (under testers) at the differences between T8 & Spizz (testers) there appear to be big changes within the GOP related table.

    Big thank you for all your good work

  • this seth is the spizz t7 modified to try to make it more stable and avoid diagonal noise (rain). similar settings used in my top modified flowmotion version 02.

  • Hello, here is some moments captured with moon 8 to 720p,

  • @kris Some real nice compositions here and some cool editing choices. Liked the music. Cool and unique. I'm sure couple was ecstatic when you delivered the end product to them. Very cool.

  • Hi, is there any chance to see a new hack with the 'Smooth Cinema' Matrix?


  • @matt_gh2,thank you for your words, and most of all team PERSONAL view y Driftwood