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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @itimjim Thanks! There's nothing like filming when the clouds are out, makes it look like the GH2 has crazy dynamic range.

  • Testing Nebula T8, using HBR (PAL). I used the Stray Death chart (stray_color_chart_02) - just put it up on the TV, pointed the camera at the screen and started recording.

    Used a Sandisk 64Gb Extreme Pro 280MB/s). The card was formatting, in cam, before recording anything.

    It did span but stopped at the end of the second file. Info from Stream Parser

    File: Name: G:\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00000.MTS └─── Size: 4,294,576,128 Bytes (427,296 Packets) Stream: Mode: 1080/50i ├─── Clip Duration: 0:10:25.720 ├─── TS Clock: 27MHz ├─── TS Duration: 0:10:25.851 ├─── Average PCR Timing Interval: 0.093 seconds ├─── TS Max Bitrate: 102,400,000 ├─── Average Overall Bitrate: 54,895,823 │ ├─── Average Video Bitrate: 54,437,062 │ └─── Average Audio Bitrate: 240,003 ├─── Max GOP Size: 2,410,176 Bytes (19,281,408 bits) ├─── Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B): 15,643 - 2,607 / 2,608 / 10,427 └─── Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 42,240 / 272,179 / 1,068,480 ├─── I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 486,144 / 928,081 / 937,152 ├─── P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 150,528 / 378,602 / 1,068,480 └─── B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 42,240 / 81,596 / 220,992 *Video/Audio calculations based on TS Packets

    File: Name: G:\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00001.MTS └─── Size: 4,289,192,448 Bytes (427,296 Packets) Stream: Mode: 1080/50i ├─── Clip Duration: 0:10:28.800 ├─── TS Clock: 27MHz ├─── TS Duration: 0:10:58.127 ├─── Average PCR Timing Interval: 0.093 seconds ├─── TS Max Bitrate: 102,400,000 ├─── Average Overall Bitrate: 52,138,176 │ ├─── Average Video Bitrate: 54,099,600 │ └─── Average Audio Bitrate: 239,997 ├─── Max GOP Size: 1,798,080 Bytes (14,384,640 bits) ├─── Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B): 15,720 - 2,620 / 2,620 / 10,479 └─── Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 67,008 / 270,493 / 937,344 ├─── I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 897,024 / 934,021 / 937,344 ├─── P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 320,064 / 380,596 / 514,560 └─── B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max): 67,008 / 77,093 / 136,128 *Video/Audio calculations based on TS Packets

  • *** NEW RELEASE ****

    DRIFTWOOD 'SPACE' for Documentary shooters

    Includes spanning on ALL settings inc 24pH/L,720p60/50 SH/H, HBR 25p/30p all settings targetted bitrate 32M-40M. Deliberately designed and kept close to stock settings to enhance 100% spanning possibilities when shooting long duration footage with great quality. Employs considerably better quantisation values to knockout artefacts than that of stock settings that often compromise IQ.

    • Quality QP17 (Q15-19 mid to close ups, Q17-22 Wide detail shots) frame-by-frame quantisation with adjusted stock matrices primed and calculated using Elecard Streameye Studio.

    • Perfect for documentary shooters.

    • Offering you over an hour of recording per 16Gb SD card.

    • Works on all good 30Mbps+ cards.

    • Employs a classic & proven GOP structure for NTSC (15 GOP) and PAL (12 GOP) on all modes

    • Buffers measured to work to the bitrate

    • works at 80% 24p mode

    • Death Chart tested

    • All modes tested for spanning on a simple Sandisk 16Gb SD Card @ 30mbps

    • Playback in camera all recordings

    If you need long recording times with great quality and spanning this is the setting for you.

    PLEASE DONATE to (see top of this page) if you use and enjoy these settings.

    Thanks to VK as usual.

    Driftwood 'Space' - All modes Spanning Setting -
    720 SPACE.jpg
    2556 x 1440 - 1M
    HBR Space.jpg
    2556 x 1440 - 1M
    24p Space.jpg
    2556 x 1440 - 1M
    80percent mode 24p i frame 4x4 partitions.jpg
    2568 x 1440 - 2M
    80percent mode 24p p frame 4x4 and 16x16 partitions.jpg
    2568 x 1440 - 2M
    80percent mode 24p - Space b frame showing 4x4 and 16x16 partitions.jpg
    2500 x 1440 - 2M
    playback spanned recordings - this example was stopped at 40 mins by me.jpg
    3436 x 1716 - 1M
  • Thanks to YOU Nick

  • Damn you @driftwood...just when I think I've got a patch or two that suits me....... you go and release another one!!

  • @JayUKB 'SPACE' is for specific tasks requested from people - spanning and better quality over stock settings for long takes.

  • Reading some of the posts, from others, regarding videoing/filming weddings. 'Space' appears to be the sort of patch that could be perfect for 'locked-off' shots at the service (and the like).

  • Hey guys i post in here a lot and wanted to let you know that I'm selling my entire gh2 setup if you're interested in anything for your gh2 i have then hit me up thanks.

  • off topic .. but is it posible to add cinema like d to the gh2??how?

  • Yesterday i was shooting all day with my gh2. Then I noticed some strange red spots on the footage. Does anyone know what this can be? Dead/hot pixels?

    1188 x 391 - 338K
  • Hi there, Re: I.dynamic and I.Resolution with these patches (T7 & T8), how are they meant to be set? Low or Off? Thanks and appreciate your input.

  • I always shoot with them off, but more because I don't like what they do than because of the patch I'm using.

  • @driftwood - From new 'SPACE'. I try this today. Bitrate remain more costant and different to the approach of Sanity 5.1. With 16 GB i have 1h 09min. Nice work.

    SPACE - Driftwood - 24p.JPG
    1307 x 1011 - 208K
    SPACE - Driftwood - 25p HBR.JPG
    1302 x 1016 - 216K
    SPACE - Driftwood - 50i FSH.JPG
    1306 x 1010 - 206K
    SPACE - Driftwood - 50p SH.JPG
    1303 x 1010 - 206K
    SPACE - Driftwood - 25p ex tele HBR.JPG
    1310 x 1008 - 210K
    SPACE - Driftwood.JPG
    1842 x 1034 - 208K
  • I shot this wedding with Spizz T7 and I have to say it impressed me!

  • Nice Spizz T7 shots , but why does it look like a double layer tights are put in front of your lens? Filmconvert, right? This is not a flat image style, it looks more a la dust image style. IMHO it needs a serious grading!

  • Fast grading with FilmVision Pro v7.1:

  • the original grade was vastly superior in everyway. the mist effect was clearly a conscious choice.

  • @producer nice color :) what lenses have you used here?

  • @AlbertZ: Ask Gardner about the lens.

    @chauncy: Just find even one movie production with such a blown out picture from Hollywood or wherever. I definitely wouldn't call this a "mist" effect. The image should be better even if 3 or more LowCon (UltraCon) filters were applied :)

  • @producer It's a wedding not a "Hollywood Picture", so the look of the wedding was a conscious choice. Also take down your video before I report you as I'm sure you ripped the video. This was a paid job and I don't believe you shot the film, thank you.

  • @Gardner: Ok, done! Deleted. If you noticed in the description, I strongly published the link to the original source, i.e. to your video, never wrote it's my job. Only a grading test with my plug-in. Don't know why you took it so jealously weird, but even as a wedding video it's too whitish, out of any even unnatural contrast. It looks to me way flatter than any normal flat image, more defect than effect...

  • @Gardner I like that closing shot on wedding video. Cool idea for the shot.

  • @Gardner Very nice wedding video. I'm very impressed to with the quality of Spizz T7 thanks for sharing. Did you have any problems with the patch during the recording of the wedding? I film weddings too but I found that the most stable patch for me is Moon T5. Will you recommend Spizz T7 for wedding videography?

  • I know 'best' can be a bit subjective.

    But...for those who may use HBR PAL/25p, which patch do you find best? I'm flitting between Spizz T7 and Nebula T8, but as I'm not that experienced with using GH2 I'm hoping that someone with more usage/experience can give their opinion.

  • For PAL 25fps I really like GOLGOP3-12 from bkmcwd. It's very reliable, spans & looks great.